Thursday, 2 May 2013

This Is Awesome And I'm Insane

This podcast right here goes out to everyone who says I need to be more enthusiastic in my podcasts. THIS is what happens when I do. I go really, really, really, insane. Featured in this podcast are copious amounts of banality and craziness from singing (at the end to close the show) to actually doing different voices. Although the podcast itself is quite fun it's about some sad news really.

I've decided to abandon the Kickstarter project. Well, not necessarily the project but the book. I don't think I have the reach for a Kickstarter project and I don't think the book is something that is worth doing right now. My life story would probably garner interest but that book wasn't my life story. So whilst I've not quite given up on the prospect of doing a Kickstarter in the future, it's not likely to happen any time soon.

Also I haven't heard anything back from the voice audition (this could change) but I have actually also submitted ANOTHER voice audition. The downside is that these are fan projects so I'm probably not likely to get paid. I'll live though. Until I starve to death because I can't buy food.

Anyway, enjoy the podcast. That's just the main stuff there. Sit back, relax, and let your ears melt. Also if you usually turn the sound up to hear me speak...don't do that.

I love this gif way too much. Oh Derpy, you so Derpy.


  1. >he throws away weeks if not months of work
    Yeah no shit of course you're going insane mane, what the hell ):
    But eh, can't tell you off for doing it. You're staying... realistic? Yeah, let's call it that.

    are you even going to lift bro
    ..."pleasure center"? Did I hear that correctly? (probably just leisure center or whatever?)
    stupidly productive is a good thing, right?
    "you're small", is that some shitty joke about my length dude? offensive.
    "get stof don" oh british english <3
    just water em and put em in the sun man, it ain't that hard
    also stop vamping maybe?
    It'll still look good on your portfolio, even if it is a fan project. (unless it's one of those things people don't want to know about)
    This podcast, this fucking podcast. My God, a true work of art.
    yeah it's a mentally heavy activity, duh. It requires just as much bodily maintenance as physical work.
    yes I am a disappointed wanna-be dad

  2. My personal philosophy is not to invest too much time and energy into trying to make money (at least when you're starting out). Like you said, it adds a lot of stress, and that tends to dampen the creative spirit. It's my belief that it is wiser to focus on creating your art, and building a following by putting out good content. But I digress... at the beginning of the podcast, I was saying to myself, "Ugggh, Mark shouldn't try to sound happy if he doesn't feel that way. I don't mind the laid back, subdued Mark." But I have to admit, this podcast was a good one, so maybe this is the right approach after all. Maybe I am weird, but I kind of miss you wrestling with your cats though (I know your other commenters disagree).

  3. ha. a little insane is never a bad thing eh? smiles...if now is not the time it is not...i cant argue with what jimmy says above...and i agree because you can sacrifice one for the other...

  4. As long as you're abandoning the book for the right reasons, that's okay. We've done the same with a few projects we started in the past. Also, don't discredit your fan base TOO much. That only helps get a Kickstarter off the ground. A lot of those who pledge will just be random people browsing Kickstarter. The better your Kickstarter looks overall, the more likely Google is to promote it and advertise it. Remember, if you don't get paid they don't get paid, so they WANT you to succeed.

  5. Kickstarter can be really hard to get into if you don't have something that people are already thinking about. I mean, I only really know about it from a game dev. point of view, and the games that are the most successful on there are definitely the ones that have some sort of association with already existing IP.

  6. That's a shame about the Kickstarter mate but it's your decision and I most definitely respect that buddy. Great podcast too, it's pretty insane like you say but despite that, a whole lot of fun!


    And good on you for getting that pass. I haven't gone to a gym in years. Shame about the Kickstarter project, but hey, maybe you can revisit it in the future.

    I haven't heard back from anything on Project Pitch yet either. Despite submitting 3 more proposals. Durr. Time to focus on my other projects I guess?

    I'll be honest with you, with your voice, the first thing that comes to my mind is an older man. :P


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