Thursday, 30 May 2013

The Fragility Of Egos

I recorded this podcast before heading out to see my sister and do some shopping so I was on time constraints. As such I was only able to talk about one topic mainly. That topic is just me wondering about my ego. How it fractures and restructures so easily and how I seem to just have a dual personality when it comes to ego. It's pretty short too, so just sit back and enjoy. Also my voice sounded really off to me and it even sounded like I have a lisp now.

No idea why.


  1. cant see the podcast (school filter) so will be back this evening....

  2. You're not alone. Our numbers for our Monday post were much, much lower than they usually are. I think a lot of people were just taking time off from blogging with the holiday here, as numbers are already bouncing back.

  3. I actually kind of like the fact that you didn't have too long to do this Mark, you were able to condense it more and it just worked better, great job buddy.

  4. You have a fragile ego because you are male. It's the curse of our gender.

  5. I think the blogosphere was at it's height when people thought they could make money from the google ads. Then when they see it's not so easy they give up. Anyway, I haven't been around that much the past couple days because I had this huge migraine and could barely stand up. With regards to perfectionism, there are some things I put more effort into than others. For example, on tumblr and twitter I just post anything. On youtube, I don't re-do the videos that stink. I just try to learn from any mistakes so I do better the next time out. On blogger, I kind of make my post a "best of" everything I have done that week.

  6. perfect is an is up and down...i figure i have no room for ego as i have accomplished little enough and there is always someone who has done more..and hey who am i any way...smiles


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