Sunday, 12 May 2013

Not Dead But Barely Alive

It was after I finished writing that title up there that I realised it would apply in more ways than one. I am a better writer than I give myself credit for. Anyway, first of all, I'm not dead. But I am barely alive. Which is the first (and I thought only) thing the title applies to. I got all of three or fours sleep on Friday night so I was exhausted all of Saturday. I drank over a litre of coffee too. Actually caffeine has such a small effect on me when I make it personally (this time I was drinking premade iced coffee...I love iced coffee) I tend to use a lot of coffee powder. This also means I use a lot of sugar to counteract the strong taste. What that basically means is that if I make coffee for myself it should result in me having a heart attack. It never has though which is something I've always found a little odd. The same with energy drinks really. They say you shouldn't drink more than two cans or something because your heart might explode, but I could probably drink more than that if it wasn't for the fact that Red Bull tastes vile.

So, how else does the title apply and how does all of this inanity fit together? That would be Immortal Space. Obviously I was too tired to do any writing, in any of my projects (although I did throw a few rewrites into one) and then I realised something; on Monday I pretty much declared that Immortal Space is on hiatus. It may just be my tired and addled mind talking but I'm going to have to make that official. It should only be for a few weeks though, and a month at most. I left it at a non-vital part of the story so I think it's an okay place to take a break.

So that's how the title applies twice. Much like myself, Immortal Space is not dead, but barely alive.

I need more coffee. As a late addition to this post it's a good job I didn't get any more coffee. Kinda made myself a little sick. Bleh.


  1. Try some green tea! :-)

    I think having a writerly hiatus is always a good thing - you return refreshed and eager to press on and the story benefits from a break too!!

    Take care

  2. I think it's a good idea to take a hiatus dude, take some time to think and get new ideas and Immortal Space will benefit when you're writing it not because you feel you have to but because you actually want to.

  3. ha. that is a lot of coffee...but i love my and black....hold the sugar...and i def think your story will benefit from a breather your mind time to think...

  4. I stay away from energy drinks precisely because I AM afraid that my heart will burst like a water pipe. I remember when I was younger and I used to take something called "No-Doz" when I was driving late at night. The stuff kept me awake alright. It's just that my body was buzzing like a little transformer the whole next day. Not a good feeling.

  5. That's how I drink my coffee too. I actually taught one of the workers at a coffeplace on Campus the word "quadruple" because that's how I took my extra large coffee: Quadruple, quadruple.

  6. Breaks are always good......ok not always good as a broken bone isn't good but you know what I mean.......

  7. Yes, I was gonna say you shouldn't just keep adding the caffeine, because that will just poison yourself. It is better to have a little caffeine with a lot of liquid. Otherwise you will get dehydrated. Adding that much sugar is also not good, and probably one of the reasons you feel so tired. Over doing carbs and sugar will make you feel sleepy. Best way to maintain a decent energy level is to take in a little bit at a your body a chance to digest it. Digesting takes up a lot of the body's energy, so when you take in more calories than you need, you will feel tired, because you are giving your body a lot of work to do digesting all that.


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