Sunday, 5 May 2013

Immortal Space Update

I was able to churn out an update yesterday, with space battles. Wheee. Find it below.

The journey passed without incident and Trent and Geoff continued to train together as they passed through the empty expanse of hyperspace. When they weren't training or spending time together Geoff would read his books and Trent would find ways to occupy himself. Five hundred years of life had given him plenty of practice in dealing with his boredom. He checked and rechecked all the supplies that he had picked up and taught Geoff how to do it himself. Geoff wasn't fond of the weapons but he was accepting them as a necessary evil for now.

Soon enough they found themselves coming close to their destination and pulled out of hyperspace to make the final approach. They came out of hyperspace and were thrown immediately into the fray. The planet was surrounded by ships of various sizes including one incredibly large dreadnaught that was at least five times the size of Trent's ship.

"I really hope you know how to fly this thing." Geoff remarked as he gazed out at the veritable army that was to be their welcome wagon. They were not exactly feeling welcomed by the sight.

"Don't you trust me?" Trent replied, looking hurt.

"Considering we met after you were shot down, I think I have a right to be a little worried." Geoff replied. Trent was about to answer when a shot passed right by their ship, nicking the hull on it's way past. The message and the intent was clear. That was a warning shot to show that they were serious and could hit the ship in a second, and the next shot would hit. It would also probably be delivered by more than just one ship. Trent had to admit things did't look too good for them, but he would also admit quite readily that he was one of the finest pilots in every galaxy he had visited. If pressed he would have said universe but he didn't like to make claims he couldn't back up. A determined look an a smile that uneased Geoff came across Trents face as he leaned forward and grabbed the controls of the ship.

Trent waited for just the right moment and gave a burst of acceleration just as the volley of attacks from the ships in front of him came. The ship shot downwards and he was able to avoid the bulk of the missiles that flew towards the ship but some of them tracked him and gave chase. Trent picked up the acceleration to give himself some time and flew straight towards the battalion. He performed various evasive maneouvers to dodge the new missiles that were fired at him. He was hit a few times but the shields held nicely and he wasn't very worried. He flew towards the dreadnaught and Geoff was beginning to get worried.

"You're not going to crash into that thing are you?" he called over to Trent. The various twists and turns meant that he was pinned to his seat by the forces acting around him.

"Of course not! That would be stupid!" Trent called back. Geoff sighed with relief before he realised something.

"Wait, if you're not flying in to it then what are you doing?" he asked.

"Oh you'll see." Trent replied, grinning like a madman. For all intents and purposes "madman" was quite an accurate description of what Trent was. When he was close to the dreadnaught he did something no sane pilot would do in the middle of a firefight; he hit the hyperspace button and vanished from reality. While amateur pilots thought that entering hyperspace was a good idea in a fight, experienced pilots knew better. Leaving hyperspace was a delicate process and you had to be sure of where you were before leaving. There was no telling what you might come out in. In a fight you could come out of hyperspace just to hit another ship, be struck by something, or in extreme circumstances even find yourself inside an interstellar object. It was something that was soon lectured out by every flight instructor. Needless to say, Trent knew the danger, he simply didn't care.

His tactics paid off for him as a few seconds later he left hyperspace and came back in to the known universe on the other side of the dreadnaught and the rest of the ships, which were now also conveniently facing the wrong way. He quickly flew down towards the planet's surface before they could realise where he was and continue the assault.


  1. "Needless to say, Trent knew the danger, he simply didn't care." That line is just amazing Mark, sums up Trent's character just perfectly, he's a badass with no fear and that's what makes for a very good character, great update buddy, I'm glad that you managed to churn one out now.

  2. "A determined look an a smile that uneased Geoff"
    Your lack of D disgusts me. ;D

    You may be forgetting here that there can also be ships underneath and above them, and that if there's a bullet barrage coming from all directions, escaping is hella hard. The part where the ship dove down (weird, since there is no down in space, but it's probably relative to the nearby planet, right?) made it seem as if there were no ships there.

    1. Other than that, cool chapter as usual. Trent gets exponentially suicidal relative to the danger level of the current situation.

  3. You are doing a great job with Geoff and Trent. Their characters have such definition. Outstanding!

  4. nice...great intensity in this section man....ha i like his recklessness, makes for a very interesting i wonder will they now follow him down to the planet and they always have to be looking over the shoulder?


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