Saturday, 11 May 2013

I Gots Nothin' Really

I didn't write any IS but I'm going to try and get something written for tomorrow. I really don't have anything to put up during the weekends without Immortal Space. It seems I really need the story for the good of the blog. I haven't done much writing since I started going to the gym so it's not just that I'm focusing on other writing projects. I went three days in a row because I went yesterday too and if you checked my Twitter then you know that I was also on my own because my boss didn't turn up. Even though he told me he'd probably be in, I guess I can't really be mad at him though because I told him I wasn't going to go in.

Still the place is closed on weekends so I'm looking forward to having an excuse to not go in. I don't want to feel compelled to go back in. I got quite a lot at the gym done though. I did a five mile bike ride, walked about two miles on the treadmill, used the rowing machine for a bit and did some work on my legs and arms.

You can bet your flank I need some rest. Gotta do some writing though. So I'll be working my mind even if my body rests. Then tomorrow I can embrace the sweet blessed release of the grave. If it's true that I'll sleep when I'm dead then I'll probably be sleeping pretty soon.


  1. My blog posts have become infrequent since I started the gym. Funny how that works eh? Replaciong one thing with another.

  2. Guys get your priorities straight. Blogger is more important than personal health and fitness. Just kidding (sorta).

  3. Gym? What's that? Sounds like a dirty word to me.

  4. I'm alright with no update man, still pretty proud of you for pursuing the gym thing so long as you don't turn freaky about it haha. I know exactly what you mean though, too many time sinks at once giving you next to no free time, every time sink leaves less and less Blogger time.

  5. good on you for the gym time...its good for you...and its def not easy juggling time as well...priorities...priorities...smiles.

  6. You're not the only one who's busting his ass trying to get writing done. That being said, I think you're probably a bit more successful than I've been lately.


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