Saturday, 25 May 2013

For Jimmy Fungus

This post is for Jimmy Fungus who has expressed a desire to know a few things, and I thought get around to telling him. Plus he's one of the only people who may read on a Saturday. Well anyway, we begin some time ago, some time this week or last. I mentioned that one time Jessica got really really drunk and signed me up to an escort agency, and Jimmy said he wanted to know the full story.

Unfortunately that IS the full story. I have no idea what agency it was or anything. I'm pretty sure she doesn't have pictures of me so I don't know what picture she used. She just found an escort agency, asked if she could sign me up, and I was drunk and told her to go for it. I think that's how it happened anyway. She may have signed me up without my permission. Either way it's hilarious.

The other thing was a response to my latest podcast. Half of his comment to it was "Anyway, I was intrigued with the discussion of knowing exactly where a story is headed while writing it vs. not knowing for sure where you will end up. I imagine many times a writer will think he knows where a story is headed and it will veer off into a completely different direction."

I don't know if this is true for other writers, and I've been telling myself it's a sign of a good writer, but this kind of stuff does happen to me. There was a story I originally planned to be 20 chapters, and about 30k words long. That story now has over 30 chapters, 50k words, and like I said in the podcast, I can still do a fair bit with it. I have a vague sense of major events in a story. Actually I typically go into a story with a short list of major plot events to work towards. I then work towards them. Sometimes things really get held off as well. I planned on writing a really emotionally tense part of the story and instead I wrote two chapters of light hearted fluff, and even the emotional stuff didn't go quite how I planned it to. I think that JK Rowling said one of the only things she knew for sure about Harry Potter was what the last sentence, on the last page, of the last book, would be. Not knowing quite where a story is headed really is good for helping you write it too. You start to write it so you know yourself what's going to happen. I realise that most of this is a repeat of what I said on the podcast, but eh. It's a good discussion topic. The way that a story can write itself, as well as you writing it.


  1. you are right....either way it is

    i think often that in writing we have an idea of where we would like a story to go but once you start writing it a story can have a mind of its own and in the act of writing it takes over...

  2. I think it is really important to have a good idea of where you want a story to go before beginning to write it. Earlier exchanged in a story need to lead up towards the ending, and if you're kinda making it up as you go along then you might accidenatally have characters do/say things that won't fit with your eventual ending... and that will cheapen the experience :(

  3. I have to say that is quite the story Mark, it's pretty funny, you'll have to know if you get any call mate, you never know, it could be a way for getting hold of some extra money haha! Forward planning is always good for writing but in my eyes honestly I don't think it's 100% necessary.

  4. Yes, it is true.. I am available on Saturdays because I have no social life at all. Thanks for reminding me. But seriously folks, this is a great tribute to me. Or at least I will pretend it's a tribute... it helps my self esteem. Anywho, I think you are underestimating this story about Jessica signing you up for an escort agency. If they can make a hit movie about having a Hangover, and then 2 sequels... think what you can do with this story?? I think it must be more fun as a writer to not know where the story is going. I myself am always more excited about writing about brand new ideas. So if you are not sure where the story is going, then obviously you are going to be coming up constantly with new ideas to keep things stimulating. Thanks for the mention. I almost didn't come on the internets today because I have an excedrin headache...but once again the mystical blogging gods seemed to have made things work out for the best, so I praise them for that...and I once again thank you.

  5. It really does help to know where a story is going, otherwise it'll just end up meandering and wandering about without purpose.

  6. I am also around on Saturdays but not every Saturday not the point I know but I thought I would share that before telling you that for some reason it took three trys to get this post I read the words and they started to just fly around my head not making any sense........and I can tell you that I hate it when that happens..........since I don't write stories I have no opinon about that...........


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