Thursday, 23 May 2013

An Odd Mixture

I actually couldn't really come up a title for this post, so I went with what the podcast itself is about, as it's an odd mix of different things.

We begin with how I got my mother her birthday presents thanks to a bit of serendipity when I called my sister asking for suggestions and my mum was there, and I was on speakerphone. Then we get into the two most important topics.

The first one being the blazing speed I've been writing at lately. In nearly a month I've written fifty thousand words. It doesn't really matter what those words are either. Or so I keep telling myself. Ahh I have fun with what I do so why should I care? Why do I care? I think I'm just in kinda a crappy place again and worn down. Well anyway, point being that if I can retain this kind of stuff then when I'm working on original fiction, on Immortal Space, well I'll be doing pretty well.

The other thing is that I'm doing an Ask Me Anything through the fanfiction site I'm with. I don't have too many followers on there, which means I'm not likely to get a good amount of questions, so I'm also throwing it open to you guys. Ask me absolutely anything. As a bonus incentive I'm going to actually do a video blog of me giving the answers.


  1. hey enjoy your pizza and cake...happy your mum, and you...i agree with nano, the exercise of writing is good, but oft it takes much in the way of rewrite and editing...

  2. Well, here is an opportunity to promote yourself this birthday by making some Mark the Rambling Person memes. How about a picture of yourself wearing a party hat and eating pizza with the caption, "I CAN EAT PIZZA IF I WANT TO"? Anyway, I was intrigued with the discussion of knowing exactly where a story is headed while writing it vs. not knowing for sure where you will end up. I imagine many times a writer will think he knows where a story is headed and it will veer off into a completely different direction.

  3. I always love being on a hot streak with writing. Keep up the good work, man!

    Also, ask you anything - if you could bareknuckle fisticuffs anyone (1800s style, with big bristly mustache, hair parted in the middle, and pants up to your waist), who would it be, why, and how many rounds would it go for? (I would hope at least 100 rounds)

  4. Fifty thousands words is just awesome Mark, also I love the idea of the question thing, hope that you get loads of good questions buddy.

  5. A video blog?? How nifty!!

    Ok. How do you feel about colonization on Mars? Do you even think we'll be able to do it?

  6. Few things, I think your mouth is a bit too close to your mic. Lots of spikes and static pops in this recording.

    Nice job with the birthday presents for your Mom. I tend to buy all my gifts in advance, like, months in advance. My Mom's birthday present for example is on it's away and I don't need it until September.

    Also, ice cream cakes exist. I used to have them as a kid, they were delicious.

    My writing pace is unsteady. The most I was every able to do was ~1k words a day for about half a week, it was really intense though.

    And for my question, would you rather fight 1 horse sized duck, or a hundred duck sized horses?

  7. 50 thousend words bloody awesome, mothers and bithdays well what can I say I hope yours had a bloody great one, my mums was way back in January finding presents for my parents is not so easy well lets be honest buying for my mum is easier then buying for my dad...........

  8. You are awesome doing all that writing. Well done you/

    Hope you mum had a lovely birthday. Always nice if you can find her something she actually wants and loves


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