Thursday, 16 May 2013

A Podcast About...Stuff.

To be honest I'm not perfectly sure anymore just what is on this podcast. I should probably keep my notes or something but I delete them as I speak. Well anyway there are a few things on there that are of import and which I have updates to that have happened since the podcast was recorded.

The first one being that yesterday I did set up full membership at the gym. I'm now an official card carrying member of my local gym and I signed my soul to them for three months. I'm considering changing my name to Chadley Studdington when I get buff. It just sounds like such a bro name, bro. My sister even said I've been losing weight and when someone who sees you a lot notices, it means you really are.

The other thing is that I mention in the podcast that I really hope my sister (this is my other sister) will take me to the Build A Bear workshop for my birthday and how I've been hinting at it. Yesterday she told me that she knows I'm going to love my present and it's something that's probably better suited for a three year old (this was after I told her how old I'm going to be, then she said I should still be three, then I said I still act it) so I'm either going to be very very very happy on my birthday, or ever so disappointed. If she got me a Build A Bear Pony or if she's taking me, I WILL scream like a three year old girl. That is what happened when my last plushie reached me.

Well anyway you've read enough, enjoy the podcast. Jeez it's out of date already.


  1. Oh Mark. Once again, I have to say that I am unable to hear your podcast, but I never I thought I would say hi and give you a big GO YOU for joining a gym!!

  2. ha. sounds like you are in for a fun birthday...
    and glad they gave you feedback on the voice trial...if its something you want to pursue it is god to know so you can work on it...

  3. Will try and listen to it later Mr.Studdington!

  4. Okay, so I'm trying to stream the podcast but it's not working. It keeps saying 0:00/0:00 and just sits there. I've already tried four times. I'm not sure what the deal is, but I'll come back later to give it a listen.

    In the meanwhile, congrats on the gym membership, Chadley. It may not be very bro-like to scream over a Build a Bear Pony, but once you get ripped, you can do whatever the hell you want. No one's going to talk smack to the buff guy with a stuffed pony.

  5. So I heard you like to ramble? Anyway, yeah it's socially unacceptable to lick people's faces. Maybe even illegal. But who knows. Ahh well, acting and writing are 2 areas that are notorious for experiencing a lot of rejection. I would recommend you do what I do, and learn how to make homemade prozac. That will help deaden the pain a bit. Just don't do what Sipowicz does. You can't always go with the excuse, "But Sipowicz does it." That is my advice.

  6. Good thing you're taking the voice audition criticism well.

    I have spurts of gym-jaunts. I'll good for a month, then lag out, then pick it back up later. It's a vicious cycle.

    Hopefully you get what you deserve on your birthday!

    But yeah, I've got quite a few Build-A-Bear Workshops around me. They're still alive and kicking.

    Sporadic thoughts are over. This comment likely makes no sense.

  7. The subs are one of the big reasons why I won't join a gym, because I know that (no matter how good my intentions are) I will never use the damn thing enough to justify the cost!

  8. I think that it's going to be Build-A-Bear, that's what it sounds like to me anyway, hopefully anyway because you sound excited for it!


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