Friday, 31 May 2013

I'm about to get all political so this could be a little boring if you aren't politically minded. Possibly frustrating if you hate the concept of social benefits.

If you haven't heard of the Bedroom Tax I wouldn't be too surprised really. Its a little change to social benefits in the UK that could really mean a lot of people can't afford to live. The government doesn't like to acknowledge it but people have actually committed suicide over it.

To give a brief explanation its a change in benefits brought about by the government. We have something known as Housing Benefit. This is where people who can't even afford to rent properties are given a little bit of money to help them along. The Bedroom Tax means that if people have spare bedrooms then they get less benefit. I'll admit this doesn't sound too bad until you consider a few things.
1)There aren't enough places with less rooms around. Its all well and good telling people to move into single bedroom places but they genuinely cannot.
2)They're also cutting benefits for under 25s. This means that people under 25 will find it incredibly difficult to move out. Effectively creating a "damned if you, damned if you don't" system.

I'm probably doing a very bad job of explaining it but I assure you its a very bad thing. Especially for low income families. Like I said, a woman actually jumped in front of a bus and left a suicide note saying these changes meant she couldn't even afford to live.

Well anyway I'm not here to tell you about that, I'm here to tell you about something brilliant the opposition party did. Our country is currently run by a coalition of the Conservative Party and Liberal Democrat Party. They aren't very well liked, especially by the lower classes. The opposition party is the Labour Party. They came up with a pretty clever workaround too.

This thing is very very specific. If there is a bedroom spare, you lose benefits. But they realised if they change the designation of a room, it's a loophole. Basically they've altered the system so that not every spare room is automatically a spare bedroom. Now not as many people are losing out. The department in charge of these benefits have said that it's up to individual councils to designate rooms. That basically means it's a "states rights" issue and it's up to each area to say how many bedrooms a property has.

Unfortunately they were only able to do it in one area but they're calling for other places to do the same.

I have to say this is an incredibly ballsy move by them to just throw a scheme by the government back in their faces.

It's a shame some other changes are probably going to come in, and they probably won't be able to work their way around them, but with any luck they'll be able to fight them.

Thursday, 30 May 2013

The Fragility Of Egos

I recorded this podcast before heading out to see my sister and do some shopping so I was on time constraints. As such I was only able to talk about one topic mainly. That topic is just me wondering about my ego. How it fractures and restructures so easily and how I seem to just have a dual personality when it comes to ego. It's pretty short too, so just sit back and enjoy. Also my voice sounded really off to me and it even sounded like I have a lisp now.

No idea why.

Monday, 27 May 2013

That Ask Me Anything In Full

So last Thursday I asked you guys to throw some questions at me because I was running an Ask Me Anything to commemorate my birthday. I think I only got two or so questions from here, but someone asked me 20 on the site I was originally running it on. As such the video was fun to make and it came in at about 50 minutes. Having said that I won't take up much of your time with text and will just dump the video. I answer the questions you guys set me first, so you only need to watch the first five minutes or so. The rest will give you pretty good insight into me though. If you manage to watch all fifty minutes, I will be supremely impressed.

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Happy Birthday To Me~

I'm actually writing this before really doing anything with the day so I don't have any kind of "this is what I got" stuff for you. I can confirm however I will not be receiving anything from my sister today. Or pretty much anybody else for that matter. Actually the only present I'm likely to receive today is from my boss. This means I will be working on my birthday.


Still the guy promised me cake and cake is a good enough excuse for me to do anything really. You might think it's bad my gym partner has promised me cake but I bought him chocolates yesterday for his birthday. Plus I'm buying myself pizza tonight. Like I said in my podcast, that is how you should celebrate a birthday. Alone, and with pizza.

If you're wondering why I'm not getting anything from my sister then it's because I'm not going to see her today. I would have only gone to see her if I was taking my nieces home but they go home tomorrow instead. Bank holidays and all that. Not to mention it's half term again.

Although I did actually get something nice from my other sister this week. We were out shopping and I saw this, and she offered to buy it for me because I didn't have any money on me. Originally she said I could pay her back but then she remembered it was my birthday.

I also treated myself to some custom made cups by a nice man who runs a computer store (and deals in personalised things) at the market and didn't laugh at the designs.

Actually I bought myself a lot of presents this year. I guess I can treat myself at times.

Me, celebrating my birthday. Except I won't even have a bag of flour to celebrate with. Or party hats.

I'll be sure to let you know what happens and what I do end up getting.

Saturday, 25 May 2013

For Jimmy Fungus

This post is for Jimmy Fungus who has expressed a desire to know a few things, and I thought get around to telling him. Plus he's one of the only people who may read on a Saturday. Well anyway, we begin some time ago, some time this week or last. I mentioned that one time Jessica got really really drunk and signed me up to an escort agency, and Jimmy said he wanted to know the full story.

Unfortunately that IS the full story. I have no idea what agency it was or anything. I'm pretty sure she doesn't have pictures of me so I don't know what picture she used. She just found an escort agency, asked if she could sign me up, and I was drunk and told her to go for it. I think that's how it happened anyway. She may have signed me up without my permission. Either way it's hilarious.

The other thing was a response to my latest podcast. Half of his comment to it was "Anyway, I was intrigued with the discussion of knowing exactly where a story is headed while writing it vs. not knowing for sure where you will end up. I imagine many times a writer will think he knows where a story is headed and it will veer off into a completely different direction."

I don't know if this is true for other writers, and I've been telling myself it's a sign of a good writer, but this kind of stuff does happen to me. There was a story I originally planned to be 20 chapters, and about 30k words long. That story now has over 30 chapters, 50k words, and like I said in the podcast, I can still do a fair bit with it. I have a vague sense of major events in a story. Actually I typically go into a story with a short list of major plot events to work towards. I then work towards them. Sometimes things really get held off as well. I planned on writing a really emotionally tense part of the story and instead I wrote two chapters of light hearted fluff, and even the emotional stuff didn't go quite how I planned it to. I think that JK Rowling said one of the only things she knew for sure about Harry Potter was what the last sentence, on the last page, of the last book, would be. Not knowing quite where a story is headed really is good for helping you write it too. You start to write it so you know yourself what's going to happen. I realise that most of this is a repeat of what I said on the podcast, but eh. It's a good discussion topic. The way that a story can write itself, as well as you writing it.

Friday, 24 May 2013

Don't React Like This

I'm going to get serious for a moment here. A few days ago there was a very, very sick and heinous, and downright brutal, attack here in England. A British soldier was attacked, killed, and possibly even beheaded by Islamic extremists not far outside a barracks. It took the police twenty minutes to get there, and it was already too late. The event was witnessed by a lot of people, and even some children in a nearby school. While they had all the attention the extremists took the chance to spread hatred and threats to us all, and that is the main thing I'm here to talk about.

America, you're kinda cool, but you take your "security" measures way too far. I am genuinely afraid we are about to take ours too far too. It's not how we do things. The way British people react to things like this is to just keep going. That's what we do. After the 7/7 bombings that took out over fifty people when several buses and tube trains (subways) were taken out by explosives, people were back on public transport the next day. They had jobs to go to and didn't give a damn.

We're cool like that. America...not so much. Now you have people in American airports groping kids in case they happen to be terrorists or have things on them that can be used to make a bomb. You have full body scanners operated by people who probably have a hand in their pants. I love you guys but you can NOT trade freedoms for security and "freedom". I've seen Americans decry it and protest it, so I know not all of you are like that. Good on you guys.

I do NOT want to see England turn into a surveillance state of fear. I don't want America to stay that way. If you have people in airports groping kids then I'm pretty sure the terrorists have won. Show no fear.

Also please, I beg of you, to not judge all Muslims based on the actions of a few extremists. There are is a racist group in England called the English Defence League, and they've been attacking Mosques and Muslims. It's generally accepted these people are racists and do not speak for all of England. Why do you not get that the same is true for ALL extremists? They don't speak for all of their minority. There are Christian extremists too.

Never let the vocal minority speak for the quiet, and quite normal, majority.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

An Odd Mixture

I actually couldn't really come up a title for this post, so I went with what the podcast itself is about, as it's an odd mix of different things.

We begin with how I got my mother her birthday presents thanks to a bit of serendipity when I called my sister asking for suggestions and my mum was there, and I was on speakerphone. Then we get into the two most important topics.

The first one being the blazing speed I've been writing at lately. In nearly a month I've written fifty thousand words. It doesn't really matter what those words are either. Or so I keep telling myself. Ahh I have fun with what I do so why should I care? Why do I care? I think I'm just in kinda a crappy place again and worn down. Well anyway, point being that if I can retain this kind of stuff then when I'm working on original fiction, on Immortal Space, well I'll be doing pretty well.

The other thing is that I'm doing an Ask Me Anything through the fanfiction site I'm with. I don't have too many followers on there, which means I'm not likely to get a good amount of questions, so I'm also throwing it open to you guys. Ask me absolutely anything. As a bonus incentive I'm going to actually do a video blog of me giving the answers.

Monday, 20 May 2013

The Big 703

For once we have a post that isn't written in advance. Although this one should have been as I should be in town by now. But it's something that's not vitally important and I can make my way there whenever I please, I just wanted to get it over and done with early. Anyway I did indeed totally forget to make this post in advance but thankfully for me there is something I can talk about very easily without any kind of preparation or anything. This means I can then apply my blazing typing speed to it and be done very quickly.

Not that I'm trying to just do the bare minimum here. I never do just the bare minimum, as all the rambling and exposition shows. Yet my stories feel rushed and lack exposition. What's up with that?

If you couldn't guess by the title of the post this is actually my 703rd post. I'm not one for celebrating traditional things live every hundred posts, I wait a few more for something odd and random. I might have waited a little longer but when opportunity knocks you answer the bloody door. Why is opportunity a door to door salesman?

My massive thanks and love go out to everyone who is still here, all the old and the new, all the borrowed, and even the blue. You're all lovely people who make this kind of stuff worth doing. A madman without an audience is just a madman. While I have no problems being just a madman, I also like having an audience.

And I think that's me done. Acknowledged the fact it's a high post number: check
Thanked the people who are here: check
Been utterly inane and pointless: check

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Isn't This Funny?

As I sit here with my thighs of fire and pain (don't worry, it only hurts when I move my legs) I can't help but look back at how something has turned out. This blog to be precise. When I originally switched away from the daily posting schedule to posting five times a week I thought to myself "It's not bad really. Three posts and two Immortal Space posts and I'm writing IS during the week anyway, so it's not really extra work."

Then I started writing other projects, and IS had to take a back seat. Now I'm actually close to being back to the original daily posting schedule because under that, I was making five posts a week and two posts of not much. It's just now instead of making posts of not much, I actually take the day off. I don't think I'm likely to start taking the weekends off as well or anything. I'm just thinking about how I'm actually now on a more rigorous schedule than before because I try to make five posts of semi-decent content. Well, two posts of good content, a podcast which is usually two to three posts in one, and then two posts over the weekend that are basically "Well what can I come up with this time?"

Jeez I seem to be doing a lot of work. It's not too bad though. It's times like this I actually consider myself lucky to not have a job. If I had to do all this, and going to the gym, and a job...well I'd have probably killed something by now.

I need to finish this story so I can work on something new but dammit I love this story so much and it's growing of it's own accord, showing just how awesome it is. Meh I'll get by. When I'm a physical adonis and what not I can move into prostitution.

I don't know how to feel that I'd actually consider being a male escort. One time when we got smashed Jessica did sign me up to an escort agency. I got work but she used her own email address and so I never knew about it.

Saturday, 18 May 2013

You Probably Shouldn't Have Asked Me That

Well seeing as there's no Immortal Space still I might as well do something akin to an actual update. I wonder how long it's been since that happened. Probably only a day or two really. It's kind of what I do.

So I was at the gym on Thursday with my boss and we got to talking about my friend Jessica. Did I mention she moved 200 miles away? Well she did. She also got herself a job, which is pretty sweet. She's also changed her name again now and is passing herself off as a man called Gabriel. Remember, she's transgender, so is a woman in a mans body. She said she's tired of having to explain it and it's just easier to act like a man and have everyone think she's a man.

So, we're talking about her and when I tell my boss about her recent name change I also said that I don't want to call her Gabriel. I don't. I actually don't get a chance to say her name much but I insist on calling her Jessica. I refuse to let her live a lie. My boss then said that this wasn't my choice to make. As her friend I should respect her wishes and call her Gabriel.

Screw that.

I informed him that I know what's best for everyone. To be honest I really do. But only if I really know you. The point of the title is in relation to the question he asked me next. He actually asked me what I think is best for him. I can't really go into detail on what I told him but I don't think it was something he expected. When you ask me a question I answer without hesitation and with the most honest truth I can.

I give awesome advice, but sometimes people don't really want to hear that. He wasn't bothered or anything though, the topic of conversation changed pretty quickly after that and we went back to menial things. It's nice I'm hanging out with the guy more and have a local friend but I'm not very social so we're not really getting close.

Unwarranted advice doesn't help but that's the way I am. God complexes are fun.

Friday, 17 May 2013

Why Are You Alive?

Someone recently asked an open question of "Why are you alive?" and I took the time to think and answer it properly. I really love questions like this that make me think, especially when it's about something like why I do something I do. Or why anyone does anything they do. So for your reading pleasure; here is why I live my life.

Why do I live my life? Simply because I am alive. By my mere presence on this Earth I am alive. There was the longest time I wasn't living and was merely existing. Am I really past those times? Well yes probably really. There's always something more to do and more to see. Every time you think that you have done all there is to do with your life something new comes along. I live because I must. There might be someone out there who needs me, and I have to be there for them.

Maybe even somewhere out there there is someone I need. 

I live really just because every fiber in my being, except for the deepest parts of my heart and mind, tell me to. To see what may come next. If it is going to be terrible then I need to witness it with my own eyes.
Back when I was suicidal what got me through the day was the thought that I would be ending my own pain, but I would be bringing pain to the few people who loved me. In the end my selflessness kept me alive.

Also I love philosophical questions like this. I'm quite good at them. Especially rhetorical ones. Nothing says "smartass" like giving a full and genuine answer to a rhetorical question

So what can you take from this? Well it appears I have a bit of a God complex but I think we all knew that one really.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

A Podcast About...Stuff.

To be honest I'm not perfectly sure anymore just what is on this podcast. I should probably keep my notes or something but I delete them as I speak. Well anyway there are a few things on there that are of import and which I have updates to that have happened since the podcast was recorded.

The first one being that yesterday I did set up full membership at the gym. I'm now an official card carrying member of my local gym and I signed my soul to them for three months. I'm considering changing my name to Chadley Studdington when I get buff. It just sounds like such a bro name, bro. My sister even said I've been losing weight and when someone who sees you a lot notices, it means you really are.

The other thing is that I mention in the podcast that I really hope my sister (this is my other sister) will take me to the Build A Bear workshop for my birthday and how I've been hinting at it. Yesterday she told me that she knows I'm going to love my present and it's something that's probably better suited for a three year old (this was after I told her how old I'm going to be, then she said I should still be three, then I said I still act it) so I'm either going to be very very very happy on my birthday, or ever so disappointed. If she got me a Build A Bear Pony or if she's taking me, I WILL scream like a three year old girl. That is what happened when my last plushie reached me.

Well anyway you've read enough, enjoy the podcast. Jeez it's out of date already.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Not Normal And All The More Awesome For It

I would love to regale you with wonderful stories about things I've done and had done to me but to be perfectly honest those stories simply do not exist. I lead a fairly boring and normal life. I do a lot of writing, I play some video games, and that's about it. I've started going to the gym, sure, but I can sum up what I did there in a few sentences. It hardly warrants a blog post.

To that end I'm going to use this blog not to promote myself, but to promote someone else. Huh, my mental filters are indeed failing, but you'll never know what I mean by that. Anyway I am indeed going to do something nice. I do those kind of things occasionally.

A while back I followed a very nice person who went by the name Kyla. She ran a blog called Kyla's Not Normal (which is where the title of the post comes from) and then one day she vanished. Another day, some time later, she came back with a new blog. It's called Some Are Made and it's about how she is trying to work her way towards greatness.

I realise that I don't have the reach I used to, but I think I can still get her a follower or two. I can at least get some people to look at her blog (found here by the way) and say hi. I seem to be her only commenter and while it's nice to be appreciated, I think it's about time she got a few more. She's really trying hard to change the course of her life and when you do something like that, you need all the support you can get. I should know, you guys have supported me through a lot.

So go support her too. She deserves it.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Not Dead But Barely Alive

It was after I finished writing that title up there that I realised it would apply in more ways than one. I am a better writer than I give myself credit for. Anyway, first of all, I'm not dead. But I am barely alive. Which is the first (and I thought only) thing the title applies to. I got all of three or fours sleep on Friday night so I was exhausted all of Saturday. I drank over a litre of coffee too. Actually caffeine has such a small effect on me when I make it personally (this time I was drinking premade iced coffee...I love iced coffee) I tend to use a lot of coffee powder. This also means I use a lot of sugar to counteract the strong taste. What that basically means is that if I make coffee for myself it should result in me having a heart attack. It never has though which is something I've always found a little odd. The same with energy drinks really. They say you shouldn't drink more than two cans or something because your heart might explode, but I could probably drink more than that if it wasn't for the fact that Red Bull tastes vile.

So, how else does the title apply and how does all of this inanity fit together? That would be Immortal Space. Obviously I was too tired to do any writing, in any of my projects (although I did throw a few rewrites into one) and then I realised something; on Monday I pretty much declared that Immortal Space is on hiatus. It may just be my tired and addled mind talking but I'm going to have to make that official. It should only be for a few weeks though, and a month at most. I left it at a non-vital part of the story so I think it's an okay place to take a break.

So that's how the title applies twice. Much like myself, Immortal Space is not dead, but barely alive.

I need more coffee. As a late addition to this post it's a good job I didn't get any more coffee. Kinda made myself a little sick. Bleh.

Saturday, 11 May 2013

I Gots Nothin' Really

I didn't write any IS but I'm going to try and get something written for tomorrow. I really don't have anything to put up during the weekends without Immortal Space. It seems I really need the story for the good of the blog. I haven't done much writing since I started going to the gym so it's not just that I'm focusing on other writing projects. I went three days in a row because I went yesterday too and if you checked my Twitter then you know that I was also on my own because my boss didn't turn up. Even though he told me he'd probably be in, I guess I can't really be mad at him though because I told him I wasn't going to go in.

Still the place is closed on weekends so I'm looking forward to having an excuse to not go in. I don't want to feel compelled to go back in. I got quite a lot at the gym done though. I did a five mile bike ride, walked about two miles on the treadmill, used the rowing machine for a bit and did some work on my legs and arms.

You can bet your flank I need some rest. Gotta do some writing though. So I'll be working my mind even if my body rests. Then tomorrow I can embrace the sweet blessed release of the grave. If it's true that I'll sleep when I'm dead then I'll probably be sleeping pretty soon.

Friday, 10 May 2013

Not Quite Healthy But Surprisingly Fit

Greetings from the distant past, as I'm writing this on Thursday before what is actually my second trip to the gym. There's a chance I may not survive this one. I would wait until after my second trip to really talk about my visit(s) to the gym but by then I probably would be very very exhausted.

So as you know I went to the gym on Wednesday. The induction was pretty simple; the guy showed me a few of the machines and we did a little strength exercise and then he let me do my own thing. I mostly stuck to the treadmill and exercise bike but I did a few more strength things too. Treadmills scare me. Well a little anyway. You see I really hate it when things move underneath me. I can't stand at the edge of the sea because the sand moves under your feet and I get scared it's going to drag me out with it and the same applies to things like treadmills and escalators. I accept them as a necessary evil but I don't have to like them.

Well to get to the point of the title of this post, it seems I do have absurd levels of physical stamina. Definitely far more than someone of my size should have at least. My boss is about half my weight and a semi-regular gym user (although he admits he doesn't go as much as he used to) and I was outperforming him on the treadmills and exercise bikes. I was able to just keep going and going at resistance levels several levels above him.

The thing is, I really hate to lose. I hate to compete but if I feel like I'm in a competition then I'm going to try and outdo you. I wasn't even feeling too terrible when I woke up yesterday (Thursday) as only my shoulders were sore from the weight lifting. Other than that I felt fine.

It seems going to the gym was a good idea. Not that I'll ever admit it to my boss or thank him for suggesting it and dragging me along with him. He's making me work out at 8 in the evening until 10, so I'm allowed to be disillusioned this one time. Well, he's not making me, but you get what I mean. I hope. This is just when he works out, so if I want to go with him it's when I have to do it too.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

I'm The Best At What I Don't Do

This podcast isn't as supremely awesome as last weeks but it's still pretty good. I wasn't over excited but I was still in a pretty good mood. It's mostly about a phenomenon I've only been able to name recently which is that, as I said in the title, I'm good at what I don't do. I'm actually incredibly charismatic and a master at dealing with people when I have the confidence to, but I don't have the confidence to do so. I wasn't very good at writing but now I'm awesome at it.

It's not so much that I'm awesome at what I don't do, it's mostly that I'm not very good at admitting that I'm good at things. When I do get like that, things like this happen. I mean, I really feel sorry for people who aren't me. They will never know how it feels to be this awesome.

I call them mortals.

Monday, 6 May 2013

This Is...A Stark Realisation

I found myself facing quite a stark realisation a few days ago. As you know I used to update Immortal Space a lot and for a while I was actually able to run two updates a week. Lately though I've been having trouble keeping up with one update a week. To be honest my passion for the story has kind of faded. I have a lot of things planned out for the story so I know (for the most part) what's going to happen. I also happen to know that I seem to be having a lot of trouble committing that to document, as I don't write on paper.

The thing is though, I am most definitely not suffering from a writing burnout. Far from it, I'm actually seriously putting out a lot of writing. In the past week alone I've written over 19000 words of fiction. The problem? And this is where it gets frankly disturbing and hard to admit, but that's fanfiction. Stories I enjoy writing and I'm having a lot of fun with. I even wrote two few thousand word one shot stories. One of them is a birthday present for a friend and it came in at 3600 words. I haven't written several thousand words in a day since I went nuts last year and wrote a short story a day. I had fun with those stories too. Plus being insane helped.

I'm not saying I'm going to quit writing IS, I've invested a lot of time in to it and there are people who enjoy it and I want to bring them the story, but right now I personally am not enjoying it too much. I don't even know why really. I do know though that if I could take that insane dedication to writing, that 19000 words a week, I'd have a novella in a fortnight and a novel in a month. If I found a story I enjoyed, then I can sit down and enjoy it.

My fiction is very well received. I actually looked at reviews for my book on Amazon and there was one, from a complete stranger, who said I displayed hints of "writing genius". I'm going to be egotistical for just a second. Just a brief second, so enjoy it. I am a good writer. People enjoy my stories.

I just need to enjoy them too. Right now I'm not enjoying the stories I'm supposed to, and I almost feel kind of bad for enjoying these little side projects that some may disregard as being silly. I shouldn't feel that way either. I should feel comfortable writing what I enjoy writing. I'm not even sure what the point of all this is really. I think I need to go insane again and dedicate a week to writing a book. Jessica says I should consider writing a novella. I have an idea for one actually I just need to flesh out the details and see if it will work. I'm just going to have to stop before I keep babbling inanely.

In case you've not picked up on the stark realisation it's that I'm not enjoying Immortal Space, and the reason I know this is because I wrote 19000 words that were NOT Immortal Space. That says a lot.

LASTLY; I got an email from the guy I did the first voice audition for. I didn't get the part but the guy said he liked my voice and would contact me if something else came up. I'd be sad I didn't get the part, and I am, but I'm still proud of myself for submitting an audition in the first place.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Immortal Space Update

I was able to churn out an update yesterday, with space battles. Wheee. Find it below.

The journey passed without incident and Trent and Geoff continued to train together as they passed through the empty expanse of hyperspace. When they weren't training or spending time together Geoff would read his books and Trent would find ways to occupy himself. Five hundred years of life had given him plenty of practice in dealing with his boredom. He checked and rechecked all the supplies that he had picked up and taught Geoff how to do it himself. Geoff wasn't fond of the weapons but he was accepting them as a necessary evil for now.

Soon enough they found themselves coming close to their destination and pulled out of hyperspace to make the final approach. They came out of hyperspace and were thrown immediately into the fray. The planet was surrounded by ships of various sizes including one incredibly large dreadnaught that was at least five times the size of Trent's ship.

"I really hope you know how to fly this thing." Geoff remarked as he gazed out at the veritable army that was to be their welcome wagon. They were not exactly feeling welcomed by the sight.

"Don't you trust me?" Trent replied, looking hurt.

"Considering we met after you were shot down, I think I have a right to be a little worried." Geoff replied. Trent was about to answer when a shot passed right by their ship, nicking the hull on it's way past. The message and the intent was clear. That was a warning shot to show that they were serious and could hit the ship in a second, and the next shot would hit. It would also probably be delivered by more than just one ship. Trent had to admit things did't look too good for them, but he would also admit quite readily that he was one of the finest pilots in every galaxy he had visited. If pressed he would have said universe but he didn't like to make claims he couldn't back up. A determined look an a smile that uneased Geoff came across Trents face as he leaned forward and grabbed the controls of the ship.

Trent waited for just the right moment and gave a burst of acceleration just as the volley of attacks from the ships in front of him came. The ship shot downwards and he was able to avoid the bulk of the missiles that flew towards the ship but some of them tracked him and gave chase. Trent picked up the acceleration to give himself some time and flew straight towards the battalion. He performed various evasive maneouvers to dodge the new missiles that were fired at him. He was hit a few times but the shields held nicely and he wasn't very worried. He flew towards the dreadnaught and Geoff was beginning to get worried.

"You're not going to crash into that thing are you?" he called over to Trent. The various twists and turns meant that he was pinned to his seat by the forces acting around him.

"Of course not! That would be stupid!" Trent called back. Geoff sighed with relief before he realised something.

"Wait, if you're not flying in to it then what are you doing?" he asked.

"Oh you'll see." Trent replied, grinning like a madman. For all intents and purposes "madman" was quite an accurate description of what Trent was. When he was close to the dreadnaught he did something no sane pilot would do in the middle of a firefight; he hit the hyperspace button and vanished from reality. While amateur pilots thought that entering hyperspace was a good idea in a fight, experienced pilots knew better. Leaving hyperspace was a delicate process and you had to be sure of where you were before leaving. There was no telling what you might come out in. In a fight you could come out of hyperspace just to hit another ship, be struck by something, or in extreme circumstances even find yourself inside an interstellar object. It was something that was soon lectured out by every flight instructor. Needless to say, Trent knew the danger, he simply didn't care.

His tactics paid off for him as a few seconds later he left hyperspace and came back in to the known universe on the other side of the dreadnaught and the rest of the ships, which were now also conveniently facing the wrong way. He quickly flew down towards the planet's surface before they could realise where he was and continue the assault.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

This May Not Come As A Surprise

But I don't have another Immortal Space update for you today. I'm going to try and get one sorted for tomorrow. I spent my week being very busy indeed but unfortunately not very busy writing in Immortal Space and on Friday I was...INCREDIBLY exhausted. I left the house at about ten in the morning to have myself a good long walk and then I decided to go to work and get my boss to go to the leisure centre with me to set up a gym pass. I thought that with him being a member things might go smoothly.

Turns out he wasn't at work but his boyfriend called him up and half an hour later he was at work and the two of us set out for the leisure centre. Things went incredibly smoothly and I now have an induction there next Wednesday, and it turns out that if I do sign up for permanent membership my boss actually gets a month of free membership. Normally when things keep going wrong it seems that it's something you shouldn't do, but it turned out this time I just had to take my boss with me.

After that we were walking home and my boss invited me out to have some lunch with him. I agreed on a whim and so we just kept on walking. It was pretty fun really except for my feet absolutely killing me already by this point. But he bought lunch and I don't turn down a free meal. By the time I actually got home I had walked at least six and a half miles.

Needless to say I was beyond exhausted, and I didn't have much energy left. But I didn't mind it at all because I had a lot of fun in those four hours, and spent three hours on my feet.

Now who says I can't write press releases?

Friday, 3 May 2013

Your Dream Job

Someone asked me recently what I wanted to be when I grew up. I proceeded to give them an incredibly long winded answer, an answer I will now share with you all. It's something I've gone over before, but probably not in this much detail.

My dream job...that really changes a lot actually. I can never stick at something it seems. When I was really really really, stupidly, young I actually wanted to be a fighter pilot for the RAF (our air force) but that soon changed when I gained a fear of heights...I actually have a fear of adrenaline too. I can't go on rollercoasters. When I got older and my love of computers and video games grew I wanted to be a games designer or a programmer. I actually went to college for that but I left as it turned out the work wasn't for me. Other things happened that lead to me leaving but I stayed long enough to learn that.

After that I was struck by a realisation. I have always, always, been incredibly good at dispensing advice and listening to people. I can even get them to open up at times and work out things about them they didn't know. So I realised that deep down the one thing I had really always wanted to be, and the one thing I was really suited for, was psychiatry. I did a very short university course in it and it went pretty well. It was a subject that interested me and something that I was good at too. I didn't have the confidence though to go on and do more studying of psychology and I've never had much money so that stopped me too.

About two years ago I started a blog for the hay of it. Over the course of that blog I started writing fiction stories as well as my non-fiction posts and I've even written one hundred and two hundred word stories. I came to think that really I might have a knack for this writing stuff. All this time later and I'm now actually a published author. So I seem to be a writer now. I'm not really making money, but I'm published and, depending on what I write, I enjoy what I do. For the most part.

What about you?

Thursday, 2 May 2013

This Is Awesome And I'm Insane

This podcast right here goes out to everyone who says I need to be more enthusiastic in my podcasts. THIS is what happens when I do. I go really, really, really, insane. Featured in this podcast are copious amounts of banality and craziness from singing (at the end to close the show) to actually doing different voices. Although the podcast itself is quite fun it's about some sad news really.

I've decided to abandon the Kickstarter project. Well, not necessarily the project but the book. I don't think I have the reach for a Kickstarter project and I don't think the book is something that is worth doing right now. My life story would probably garner interest but that book wasn't my life story. So whilst I've not quite given up on the prospect of doing a Kickstarter in the future, it's not likely to happen any time soon.

Also I haven't heard anything back from the voice audition (this could change) but I have actually also submitted ANOTHER voice audition. The downside is that these are fan projects so I'm probably not likely to get paid. I'll live though. Until I starve to death because I can't buy food.

Anyway, enjoy the podcast. That's just the main stuff there. Sit back, relax, and let your ears melt. Also if you usually turn the sound up to hear me speak...don't do that.

I love this gif way too much. Oh Derpy, you so Derpy.


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