Saturday, 6 April 2013

We Interrupt Immortal Space To Bring You This Announcement

Hey guys I'm really sorry to not update Immortal Space for you today (I'll update tomorrow!) but something so important came up that I had to do it today even if barely anyone would see it. Plus the best ideas guy I have following me is Fang and he always reads on Saturdays to see Immortal Space, or learn why it's not up (sorry Fang).

Basically I got the phone call from the publicist yesterday and he informed that publicity campaigns are...expensive to say the least. The cheapest thing they offer is £400 for a press release, going up to £2000, plus VAT (which is 20% I believe) for a full eight week campaign. I want to do this, I really do. So I have decided to start a Kickstarter.

I've not started the project yet, full details on that are coming on Monday, but I am a bit stuck on ideas for what to offer as rewards. For those of you who don't know on Kickstarter you offer people rewards for their money. I've funded two books on there and the reward I chose was of course the book itself. This is where my problem lies: All I can really offer is the book. This is how I see my Kickstarter;

$1 minimum pledge
$3 you get a copy of the book before it's released
$5 you get a copy of the book and a thank you on my blog

$8 you get all of the above and a copy of my first book "Tulips And Other Stories"
$15 you get all of the above and, an acknowledgement in the book
$20 you get all of the above as well as a personal thank you from me in an email
$25 you get all of the above and a hand written thank you letter delivered in the post (and five dollars for non-UK users
$45 you get all of the above and all the fiction I've written, including all original drafts, emailed to you. This is quite a few things and the drafts and early versions are NOT on my blog. Once again add five dollars for the hand written thank you for international users.

I'm also considering offering the chance to become a character in a book which I'll price at 50 dollars.

I feel like I should be offering more. There should be something huge for a really big donation I might be lucky to get, say a $100 bracket. If I'm all for mailing things then maybe I can consider writing out my old stories by hand and sending that in the post.

So that's where you come in. If you have any suggestions for things I can actually offer to people through the Kickstarter then feel free to let me know. I think for the project itself I'm going to ask for a minimum of £1000 which I'm likely to get, which will pay for a press release and a website, and then have stretch goals of up to 2.5k for the full campaign. If you have any ideas then feel free to suggest them.

Jessica thinks I should offer sexual favours. I don't think you can do that through Kickstarter. Although after that she came up with the good idea of adding Tulips as a reward.


  1. Woah woah woah, hang on a second there. Wasn't Kickstarter 'Murrica only?
    No wait I just checked, the UK is in on the deal as well. Cool, that also means I might be able to run my kickstarter through you if ever needed. ;D

    Kickstarters are cool, sure, but keep in mind that the market there is already rather saturated and you'll have a tough time competing with the brands that already have hordes of fans lined up to pitch in. So prepare to have a nerve-wrecking thirty days (or however long it's going to be up there).

    As for the rewards, may I suggest adding digital copies to the rewards tier? The whole "you can influence/be in a story a write" thing should be the 100 bucks reward, with 50 bucks being the "all fiction ever" thing. If that includes scans of things you've done on paper (concept sketches, too?), then I'd go for that.

    Holy shit though, things are starting to get way real.
    In all honesty though, Kickstarters usually don't raise money for advertising. First and foremost, they are the advertising themselves. On top of that, the people who donate don't need to see your ads all over the place once they've pitched in, that's not what they want to support. The rewards are just a nice tacked on bonus, but in essence Kickstarters are about supporting the creation of something. ie a one-man gamedev team needing to hire artists and musicians for his game, but not having the money to do so.
    I would tell you that you probably shouldn't worry about advertising in such an early stage of your career, but I see how you feel you should, and that'll probably overthrow me saying this.

    Good luck out there, space cowboy!

    1. Things are always real with me. As far as I know Kickstarter is a worldwide deal but they only deal in dollars, so the project would be for about $2100, that pays for the four week campaign (after I invest about $300 of my own money) and it's not really advertising people are paying for, it's promotion. I'll be doing a media tour and everything. I'mma be on the radio! Possibly tv too! Like I said I've funded two books on Kickstarter and the main thing the money was for was promotion. I'm pretty sure that's how most books work on Kickstarter.

      Digital copies of what? I thought I added digital copies of everything on to the reward tier. I'd rather deal in digital rewards. I'm even offering a digital reward of the thank you letter. As for concept art, I'd like to do that but no concept art exists. No physical copies of any of my writing exist, period. Thats why I think an entire collection of it in physical format would be a good thing, and I can consider adding that as the $100 reward. Although I had best offer limited amounts of it, to conserve my poor hand.

      Thanks for the advice, I knew I could count on you.

    2. Nah, they're US and UK only, as far as I'm aware you have to resort to alternatives if you don't live there.

      I know nothing about the KS book business, so you probably know what you're doing better than I do. Radio sounds sweet, TV would be freaking awesome.
      If you rake in the big bucks you'd better go on a city-trip through Europe so we can meet up somewhere.

      Wait, so when you say "a copy of the book" you mean a digital one? Or what? Might want to be more specific there (ie preface with "physical" or "digital").
      But eh, as long as it's literally every single thing ever, then it's still really cool. Kind of like putting yourself out there, except more like EXXXTREME OUT PUTTING or something.

      No probs man~

    3. Well then I'll have to run a Kickstarter for you and wire the money when the time comes I guess. TV would be awesome but I find it funny that I, an eternal shut in who hates people, may wind up on TV. If I rake in the big bucks I'll take a personal holiday to the Netherlands, put this publicist does also offer a US campaign so if I rake in really, really big bucks then I can do it all again in the Americas.

      All rewards are digital and I thought I said they were but I was wrong, so that's that. I'll make sure to state that they're digital. I actually don't have a name for the main villain in IS yet so I think I can make that something too. Someone always wants to be the villain. It's not literally everything, the My Little Pony fanfictions and the Minecraft story I wrote won't be in there, as I see that as fanfiction, but all my works of fiction will be. I'm probably going to have to make them read only versions so people can't steal them I think.

      Oh bugger there's a whole new set of worries.

    4. Yes, that'd be the plan. KS alternatives aren't even half as popular as the real deal, so yeah.
      US campaign sounds good, though I wouldn't get my hopes up for it just yet if I were you.

      Ah, k. Higher reward tiers could be physical copies of books, eh?

      Main villain? Wasn't the story about 70% done last time we checked?

      Also, read-only won't stop people from copying it. Just make a PDF out of the thing and be done with it. ;D

  2. i would push the character in a book one up a bit...that is a big deal....pretty cool idea on the kickstarter though...sounds like fang gave you some solid feedback there as well...

  3. The character in the book thing is a pretty good idea, it'd be tough for me to resist that. Good idea to start one of these up anyway, might as well try it for sure buddy, best of luck.

  4. This is awesome, I'm glad you're working on raising funds and advertising your work. Kickstarter is a mixed bag, but if you can raise the $ to promote your work (which, as Fang said is promotion in itself) then you should have no problem being a self-published author and growing a solid fan base.

    Good luck with everything!

  5. I have nothing re all that up there /\....

    I just stopped by to say hello but my gosh it sounds like things are definitely on the up and up over here !

    Well done you, sound like fame and fortune are calling for you :)

  6. Let me know when you get the Kickstarter going, I know Brandon and Byran did one and it was successful.

  7. LOL!!! Sorry - Jessica's first suggestion woke me up! LOL! But tulips are nice too! :-)

    I am utterly clueless as to what this is all about (I thought Kickstarters was a brand of shoes! LOL!) but it sounds deadly serious and totally scary in an exciting sort of way!! GOOD LUCK!!! Take care

  8. I think the kickstarter idea is great. I have seen other bloggers have sucess with it.

  9. This is so neat that this option exists for people to fund their works. I had never heard of it before.

  10. I'm so jealous! You're really making this whole thing work for you so well. I can't think of a single person who deserves it more.

    Good luck!


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