Sunday, 21 April 2013

Updates, Updates, And Really Just The One Update

I knew I would have felt bad if I didn't update IS today after taking a day off yesterday so even though I was still busy making videos for that friend, I decided to get an update written early on so I knew it would be covered. This week has actually been awesome for me as far as writing goes because I finally started writing again and actually in the course of just the past three days I wrote about 4.5k words, including two full (short) stories. Anyway, here's your IS update.

Another week passed without much incident and before Geoff and Trent knew it, it was time to leave. The shipment of weapons and armor that Trent had set up arrived a few days ago and he had been giving Geoff a crash course in their usage. They decided to go a little slower than necessary to Lena's homeworld so that they could get in a little more practice. They were still in a hurry to arrive and so plotted a course and speed that would take about two days. Geoff thought it might not have been enough, but Trent reasoned it was better than nothing. Trent had told Lena to stay behind but she wasn't too happy about it. She had protested that she wanted to go, and that it was her home and she wanted to help, but Trent was able to convince her to stay. She had agreed to keep an eye on Lisa for Geoff while he was gone and make sure nothing happened to her. Lisa had teased Geoff a little about that but she appreciated the sentiment nevertheless, and her and Lena had hit it off quite well so they were also happy to be given a reason to spend time together. When Trent felt he had made every preperation he could, he and Geoff prepared to say goodbye and set out on their way.

"I guess this is goodbye." Geoff said as he hugged Lisa. The two of them, along with Lena and Trent, were stood outside of their ship. They had informed Lisa and Lena that they were about to leave and both of them had insisted on coming to say goodbye.
"For now, but you'll be back right?" Lisa replied as she tightened the hug.
"Of course he will." Trent said, patting the two of them on the back. "And so will I." he added as he looked at Lena.
"Remember Trent, that while she can't hunt him down, I CAN and will hunt you down if you don't come back." Lena replied, pointing to Geoff and Lisa as she mentioned them.
"I'm not going to run away you know." Trent said in a rather deadpan manner. He was slightly frightened by what Lena had said, but was in no hurry to show it.
"I never said you would, but if you don't come back I will find out why." Lena replied. Trent took his hands off of Geoff and Lisa, allowing them to break their hug, before moving over to Lena and wrapping her in a hug of his own. She struggled a little at first, as she wasn't keen on public displays of affection, but she relaxed in to it.
"Don't worry about it. I'll come back." Trent said, reassuring her as he stroked her hair.
"You don't know what that place is like Trent. I do. I lived there." Lena replied.
"And you don't know what I'm like." Trent replied.
"Well to be fair," Geoff interjected, casuing everyone to look at him, "you don't really have a very good track record. Every firefight you've been in has ended with you on the ground riddled with holes."
"Yeah but I got back up didn't I? Besides don't you have a similar record?" Trent replied and gave a small chuckle. Geoff chuckled back and after a few seconds Lena and Lisa joined in, letting out all their stress and tension.
"I was serious though." Lena said when the laughter had died down. "I want you to come back, and I know how dangerous that place is."
"I know." Trent replied, giving her another quick hug. "I've been in worse places than that though, and I got out alive. I was surviving wars before I was immortal so I think I know how to survive a few now."
"Alright, alright." Lena replied, slightly exasperated. "Just go already before I change my mind about letting you go in the first place."
"Could you really stop me?" Trent asked. Lena gave a small giggle.
"I could try, but don't tempt me. How about we see how well I can stop you when you get back?" she asked.
"It's a date." Trent said before giving her a quick kiss and heading through the door of the ship. "Come on kid, we got work to do." he shouted back to Geoff. Geoff whispered a quick goodbye and a promise to return in to Lisa's ear before giving her a quick kiss on the cheek and running in to the ship after Trent. Lisa and Lena watched together quietly as a few minutes later their ship rose in to the air, and shot out in to the atmosphere, taking those who mattered to them in to the stars.

You can tell when I've written something new because the quality of IS improves, even if it's only temporary.

Also I might have to take the day off of blogging today. I'm going to do a full six hour day at work and combined with everything I've done in the past few days, I'm going to be mentally and physically drained. Completely and utterly. 


  1. Well I hope today's beautiful day (well in London anyway - sunny blue skies just a tad cold but better, oh much better!) will go in some way to rejuvenate you!

    Hope Geoff and Trent return soon!

    Take care

  2. Great update as usual Mark, seems like Geoff and Trent are off on an adventure.

  3. Enjoyable again Mark, a good read.

  4. I wish I could motivate myself to write as much as you. I've barely written anything since taking a break from college.

  5. Good update another nice it is nice and sunny after a few days of rain

  6. About god damn time I read this, geez.
    Nice update, though a bit short as usual. Oh well, better than nothing, of course.
    ..and now for the epic conclusion? We're there already, right? Oh boy.


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