Sunday, 14 April 2013

Updates 'Hoy

Yesterday I found myself in rather a good mood, so despite being tired I went and found myself able to write something in Immortal Space. It's another conversation piece so hopefully this week it feels more natural. I'm also realising just how much of this thing has ended up being conversation. I need to drum up some serious action in the editing room.

"I take it things went well?" Trent asked Geoff as Geoff walked through the door of the ship. Trent was sat on the floor where he had been when Geoff walked out with Lisa.
"Have you been sat there this whole time?" Geoff asked as he sat down opposite him.
"I get bored when you're gone and have nothing better to do." Trent replied with a hint of sarcasm in his voice. Geoff laughed but he stopped when he realised that Trent wasn't laughing along with him.
"Wait, you're serious?" Geoff said. Trent waited a few seconds to let the tension build.
"Of course not!" he exclaimed, throwing his arms in the air for emphasis. "I'm old but I'm not boring dammit. I was looking out the window and I saw you approaching. I was seeing if you'd believe I had actually sat here waiting for you. I got better things to be doing than waiting around for you to get back."
"Such as what?" Geoff asked, mildly taken aback and feeling a little guilty that he might actually have upset Trent. He hadn't, but Trent wasn't about to stop having fun when it was made so easy for him.
"Such as staring out a window despondently and waiting for the time to pass." Trent said with a straight face and as seriously as he possibly could. The effect was ruined a few seconds later when he burst out laughing at the look on Geoff's face. It was a mixture of worry and sadness at the thought that he had left Trent on his own with absolutely nothing to do. Geoff joined in the laughter and soon enough the two of them were smiling at eachother again.
"Really though, how did it go?" Trent asked. Geoff explained what had happened on the date with Lisa. Geoff wasn't sure it counted as a date but Trent was adamant enough that it did that he didn't argue and just went along with it. Trent smiled when Geoff explained how well things had gone and he couldn't see anything that may have gone wrong.
"I'm glad you guys got it all worked out in the end." Trent said as he patted Geoff on the shoulder and pulled him up to his feet.
"Me too, I don't really want to think about what might have happened." Geoff replied.
"Now you just have to make sure you come back." Trent said, a little too ominously for Geoff's tastes.
"Isn't that pretty much a guarantee?" Geoff asked, puzzled.
"What makes you say that?"
"Well it's just a little thing...what was it...oh I remember now, I'm immortal!" Geoff said, raising his voice towards the end and hitting himself in the chest to emphasize his point.
"That's no guarantee that you'll come back. Ain't nothin' in this life that's truly certain. You'll do well to remember that."
"I think you're just overreacting or something. We'll be fine." Geoff said. There was a slight waver in his voice however as what Trent said sank in. He hadn't considered the possibility he might not come back. He hadn't really thought about death at all since finding out it was something he wasn't likely to experience.
"We'll see I guess. You hungry?" Trent asked, giving up and changing the topic of the conversation in the interests of diplomacy. Geoff's stomach gave a small rumble as a response to the question.
"Guess so." Geoff said sheepishly. Him and Lisa had eaten while they were out together but they had stayed out so long his body had decided it was time for him to eat again.
"Come on then, I'll make you up something." Trent said. The two of them walked down the corridor together towards where the kitchen was.
"Say Trent?" Geoff asked as the two of them walked.
"Do you really think there's a chance that I might not come back?"
"I just think anything is possible kid."
"Do you really think I could die though?"
"Die? I never said that. I said you might not come back." Trent said, a little confused. He hadn't meant that Geoff might die.
"Wait, what did you mean then?" Geoff asked. He was just as confused as Trent was at this point.
"You never know kid. What might happen there could change you and make you not want to come back. You don't have to die to not come back. There's no telling what's going to happen there." Geoff let out a sigh of relief he wasn't even aware he was holding in.
"You had me worried there." Geoff said.
"You should always be worried." Trent said, causing Geoff to let out a groan of pain and rub his forehead.
"My brain're a very confusing guy, you know that?" Geoff said. Trent let out a laugh.
"Years of practice. 'Sides, I like to make people think for themselves, not give them the answers." Geoff could see his point, and that it was a good way to go about things, but he still thought Trent was confusing and should make more sense.


  1. Like Francis I enjoyed it as well. Sometimes dialogue is needed more than action, as I'm sure you know dialogue is the building blocks used to build up a character and you've done well here Mark, love this.

  2. Oh Trent!!! Stop confusing poor Geoff! LOL!! Take care

  3. Oh boy, is this going to be another case of Geoff gets way too confident? But then he soon realizes he's still a bit of a pussy and chickens out or something. Who knows.

  4. Fascinating characters here Mark. You really have a way of drawing the reader in.

  5. nice..i agree...not too many a sure thing in this world...even if you are immortal...get too comfortable and life will change...

  6. i want to be a space pirate


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