Monday, 15 April 2013

The Front Cover

Well I said I would post it on Saturday and so I'm going to post it. In an effort to incorporate every resource at my disposal for the new book (with how much I've talked about it but not actually released it, you know I'm taking this seriously) I asked Jessica to draw the cover art for me. She's a brilliant artist and is especially good at visually striking pictures. The first idea she had was something that didn't quite sit well with me, and boy did I feel bad telling her that, but I quite liked the second one she made. So our friendship has not been ruined by asking her to do something for me.

Let that be another lesson learned, don't get friends to do things for you when you're doing a big project. She's not much for colours so I think I'm going to have to apply any and all colour to it myself but I don't know how much it really needs. I also need to work out where the hay to put the title of the book, but these things can be worried about in time. I also need to photoshop out the signature for the cover itself (or leave it in) but I can add signed copies of the artwork as a Kickstarter reward which is nice.

Well I've talked about it enough, or at least as much as I can without letting you guys see it, so here it is:
I think all I really need to do is colour in my hair. This is pretty much what I look like when writing. It's the middle of the night, I'm staring at my computer, and living in my own little world. This is a picture of the picture and the plan is for her to mail it me, and then I'll scan it. Since she moved down south it's not like we can just meet up anymore.

Which makes me pretty sad. But when I'm rich and famous I can hire people to drive me around and then I can go see her. I have some ideas for the video too and how to make it work so look forward to that.


  1. I agree. It needs color for sure. I have such a hard time telling what's what without color, it's my biggest downfall. Is that a butterfly in the corner? What a great idea for the cover, Mark!! You writing. Great idea!

  2. Signed copies of the artwork would be a great Kickstarter prize for sure.

    Can't wait to see that baby in full color!

  3. Ooo, that's a pretty cool drawing style! She's got some talent!

  4. That's a shame about your friend Mark, but on the flip side I really really dig this cover, think it could turn out looking quite spectacular with some work.

  5. That cover is really, really cool!

  6. Looks better than what I could do. Which is stick art and poorly done photoshop.

  7. She's very very talented! That's super cool!

  8. I guess it's the same kind of thing when they tell you, "don't let your girlfriend cut your hair." Odds are she'll do a bad job, but you can't tell her because it will hurt her feelings. Then she'll keep wanting to cut your hair and it will be an utter and complete catastrophe. But in this case it seemed to work out, as the second effort was well worth it. Good luck with everything, and I know you will indeed become famous if you put your mind to it. In the words of the immortal Casey Kasem, "Keep your feet on the ground, but keep reaching for the stars!"

  9. so what is it a picture of? a penguin on an iceberg?


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