Friday, 5 April 2013

"Show Them No Mercy, For They Shall Show You None"

A friend of mine who plays hockey told me that she feels bad whenever she hurts people in hockey, even though she's hurting them before they have a chance to hurt her. At first I was going to say to her that she shouldn't show them any mercy if they weren't going to show her mercy. Then I realised something; that's terrible advice. I began to realise how terrible a phrase that was. I used to agree with it really but I don't anymore.

If you're a compassionate person who no matter what would never inflict vengeance upon another person then you should never compromise who you are for anything, especially not the actions of others. As you may know I am a huge opponent of any form of physical punishment, especially the death sentence. You can't justify killing. If you kill someone because they killed someone, congratulations; you are a murderer. Well done you! Now please report to the electric chair. It's a never ending cycle of death and violence and the only way for someone to stop it is to say "Not me. I won't do that."

We should reduce ourselves to the level of others? We should kill because they kill? That's devolution, not evolution. We should stand tall, proud, and let people know that no matter what they do to us, we shall never be like them.

I hate to bring fiction in to it but look at people like Batman. He never kills, no matter what. One of the points of the Joker is that he does anything and everything in his power to make Batman kill him. To take away the one thing Batman has that makes him different. I'm not saying that I would be able to forgive someone who killed my best friend. Chances are if you did that I would strike you down in a heartbeat, but the point is I shouldn't.

Even if they won't show you mercy, you should show it to them. It is not a weakness, it is a strength.


  1. This is a great bit of thought congruent to my current pacifist ideals. I think if we find ways to shield everybody, nobody will fear guns. Kinda got off track, but I'm still with you.

  2. Holy heavy subject today Mark! For the most part I do agree with you...however, some individual circumstances need to be judged on their own - I mean, I can't say for sure that if someone hurt one of my children I would be very forgiving. You know?

    And that is just one more reason to love Batman.

  3. This just reminded me of when Jesus told Peter to turn the other cheek when he was getting beaten. Very thought provoking post, Mark.

  4. Respond to evil with good, hate with love, meanness with kindness.

    Good post.

  5. I agree to a certain point. But not completely.

    From the perspective of an individual person, it's wrong to kill. I agree completely. BUT when you look at the species as a whole, it's a bigger picture. People who have the need to kill cannot be cured. It isn't really possible, at least, not at the level of science we're at. In history, many of them were converted to things like Christianity and killed FOR religion, but they still had the urge to kill.

    And, if you look at the big picture, these people can be likened to a parasite resting on the side of the human species as a whole. As long as they are maintained to a reasonable level, they'll kill off a few people, like a parasite would kill off a few cells. But if you allow them to propagate and continue to grow out of control, you could destroy the entire species, just as a parasite could kill its host.

    That's why I'm not against the death penalty per say, BUT I do object to someone being killed without due process. Because one person is always biased by individual beliefs and feelings, and therefore it isn't necessarily best for the species as a whole.

    Sorry! I couldn't help but voice my opinion on this loaded topic. Hope you don't think less of me, Mark! And thanks for the thought-provoking topic.

  6. Though I'm for the death penalty in some cases (Mass murder/Genocide), I can see where you're coming from. Granted that can be taken as an entirely different issue.

    I saw a video of a man who murdered someone, was given a second chance, and now dedicates all his time to helping troubled youths. So, there are people who can change and make a difference in the world if given the proper guidance.

    Well, in any case, this post is perfect for that Gandhi quote, "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind."

    1. I agree. My example was more in the case of serial killers and terrorists (those that most often face the death penalty). But people who kill as an aberration from their normal character, rather than a normal urge, is a different matter entirely. If they want to, they can change their life for the better.

      And vengeance killing is wrong. THAT is murder.

  7. I disagree because I have worked in industries where I was thought differently, I'm biblical with an eye for an eye as well.......

  8. i think it is a slippery slope when we start to lower ourselves to the level of others...there may be great personal satisfaction but...there is also no evidence to suggest that the death penalty is effective in the reduction of crime....

  9. I agree with your point Mark although I think there's differences to be made when it comes to mercy in a sport and mercy in real life. Really good post that shows just how good a person you are mate.

  10. Amen, man. Amen.

    (Also, having been AWOL from your blog in weeks, I have to say that seeing Fluttershy at the top brought a genuine smile to my face. She's probably my favorite of the "My Little Pony" gang." :D

  11. Yeah, mercy is definitely a good thing. Also I could never play hockey. Way to dangerous for my tastes. ><

  12. Didn't Batman kill the Muffin Man?

  13. I would never be able to play a sport like hockey because I am not one who likes to hurt other people and showing no mercy for me is just so bloody wrong.........

  14. hockey. im in. as a hockey player i look at it differently. Its like signing up for a boxing match. yeah you think youll win and if u do good job but its still going to hurt both of you. so what i mean is that when you play a physical sport and ppl get hurt then they know what they are getting themselves into. make sense? ps hook me up with this female hockey player :P

  15. Don't worry about bringing fiction into it. Especially when it makes a great point. Speaking of Batman, I liked what he told Ras Al Ghul in 'Batman Begins' just before the monorail went sliding off the track (I'll paraphrase), "I don't have to kill you, but I don't have to save you either."

  16. I'm a bit on the pacifist side, but people who can do very cruel and completely sadistic things to another human, don't deserve mercy either. Like the child rapists, they shouldn't be put in a special cell and instead just get thrown in with the regular prison population and whatever happens to them from there would be from their own doing.

    I usually have a lot of thoughts about this sort of thing, and I'm still trying to figure out on my own what I feel is right or wrong in specific situations, but overall I just believe that you should just leave people alone and try not hurt another.


    I'm not sure what to think. Because the only reason why I don't support the death penalty is because I believe they should be turned into human guinea pigs or harvested for organs.

    Which is probably in your eyes worse than the death penalty.


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