Sunday, 28 April 2013

I Got This Written Nice And Early

Well it wasn't really as early as I would have liked because I got caught up with other things, but I did get an Immortal Space update written before I really did anything with my day. That way I wouldn't have to write it in the middle of the night. I did have some fun writing this one which is always good and I think it shows in the writing itself. Especially as I turn what was really a very short scene in to a very long update. 

Anyways, enjoy!

Trent and Geoff were having another training exercise together, similar to the one they had been doing when Lisa had turned up. Geoff was becoming a better shot but Trent would always be better at finding hiding places and sneaking around. As such Trent would almost always win any fight between the two as Geoff would simply be unable to find him. Trent was smart enough to realise that this was supposed to be a training exercise to improve Geoff's ability during a firefight so he would often come out of hiding and attack Geoff head on. Geoff racked up some points but as Trent insisted on a point based system in a time based game, Geoff never had a larger amount of points overall. Instead of getting mad after the fifth or sixth time this happened Geoff opted for a different route and began to use his brain. Instead of looking for Trent he decided that he would wait for him instead. He looked around the ship for a relatively closed off area and found a space where he could keep an eye on the only entrance points. The way he saw it, Trent could only attack him from the corridors on either side of him or the ventilation shaft above him. Geoff sat down, and waited patiently.

His patience was rewarded when a few minutes later a sound caught his ears. It was very faint, and he would have missed it had he not been listening for just such a sound. It was the sound of someone moving and it had come from above and behind him. It was the sound of Trent attempting to sneak up on him. He smirked but kept his head to the ground so his would be assaulter didn't have their suspicions raised. He was getting a little impatient but he was determined to not act too quickly. This was the first time he had ever gotten the drop on Trent and he wasn't about to waste it any time soon. He felt the air shift as something else entered it and he knew then it was the time to strike. He jumped forward, twisting his body, and fired at the first thing he saw. It was indeed Trent, who was half way out of the ventilation shaft and preparing to attack Geoff. Trent let out a dramatic scream as the suit he was wearing alerted him to the fact he had been shot, and then the two of them shared a laugh. Initially Geoff had wanted to use live rounds for their little game of tag and thought that being dead for a while would have been a good forfeit and would have given time for the victor to hide again. Trent admitted it wasn't a bad idea, but wanted to save any and all ammunition they had for the planet.
“Good work kid.” Trent said, crawling out of the shaft entirely and landing on the floor. He pulled Geoff to his feet and dusted him off.
“Thanks.” Geoff replied.
“So, how'd you do it? I've been tagging you all day and now you manage to get the jump on me.”
“Oh it's easy when you know how.” Geoff replied smugly. Trent arched an eyebrow questioningly and Geoff elaborated on how his plan had come together. He explained that when he realised that Trent was always going to get the jump on him he formulated a plan that depended on that happening. Instead of trying to get the jump on Trent he would simply manipulate the situation to his own advantage and wait for Trent to try and get the jump on him. Once that happened it was a simple matter to move out of the way and reverse the situation. It was a well thought out tactical plan and Trent was suitably impressed by it.

“Always knew you were good at thinking things through kid. You're just a little hot headed sometimes. Keep calm and you can plan your way out of anything.” Trent said.
“It can't be any worse than what you do.” Geoff quipped.
“Oh yeah? And what do I do that's so bad?” Trent asked, folding his arms in a manner that failed to be as intimidating as he hoped it would.
“Well for a start you're always getting angry, and then you try and shoot your way out of things. You could learn something from me you know.” Trent snorted at Geoff's response.
“Alright then, what could I have done differently.?” he asked.
“Well you could have tried to change your tactics. I wouldn't have been able to get you if you just tried something different. I was counting on you to do the same thing.” Geoff explained. Trent nodded his approval and then suddenly fired his gun at Geoff's chest. While Geoff had been talking the counter had reset and the game had restarted.
“You aren't the only one who can think tactics kid. Guess you still have some things to learn yourself.” Trent said with a laugh before taking off down the corridor. 

Geoff mentally slapped himself at his mistake as he realised that Trent had been keeping him talking while he waited for the outcome that had just happened. It seemed Trent was right; Geoff wasn't the only one who could take advantage of tactics. Not to mention Trent had several hundred years more worth of craftiness to draw upon. Geoff sighed and began to look for Trent again while he waited for the counter to reset, his mind racing with various plots and plans. 


  1. Highly enjoyable read to me Mark.

  2. Glad you got the update up in time mate, great job as usual buddy.

  3. Gotta keep Trent on his toes!! :-)

    Take care

  4. "what could I have done differently.?"
    There's a period there where it shouldn't be.

    Fun chapter, cool to see some combat tactics come into play. (Will their be tactical guerrilla warfare? Please?) Can't wait to see how this'll turn out in practice, as well. Keep it up, as usual!

  5. I can always tell a difference in my writing when I'm in the mood to write and when I'm not. Great job, Mark.

  6. nice...i like that you incorporated more narration in with your dialogue this is fun to see the interaction between them in a non-stress situation...

  7. Yes very enjoyable indeed...............but I have come to expect that from you........

  8. For some reason, I usually work a lot better at night, so I can't say that I'm surprised :)


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