Saturday, 13 April 2013

I Don't Have An Update

I'd like to say I did something productive instead but I probably didn't. I'm almost quite sure I didn't. If you read my post yesterday you know I've not been feeling too good lately with all this pressure and fear of the unknown that's found its way on to my shoulders lately. Hardly a good mood to be writing in. As such it will come as a shock to no one but the people who read the post yesterday that I do indeed not have an update for you today for Immortal Space.

Damn that's a long sentence.

I'll try and get one up for tomorrow and I do have less distractions now so we'll see how I do. I need to put some happy and vibrant music on and go for it or something. In other random news I do now have a sketch by Jessica for the cover of my new book but I'm saving that for Monday.

Because, well, I'm like that. Have a good day folks and whatever it is you get up to, I hope it's something you'll enjoy.
Enjoy a random cat picture.


  1. Well fuck.
    I no longer have any idea what to do with my life on this silly Saturday.
    Guess I'll just go sit in the park and cry.

  2. oh what a tease on the cover...ha....
    its cool...enjoy your saturday man...turn that music up

  3. good job feeling good, time to get drunk ! :D

  4. The random cat photo really made me laugh, have a great Saturday Mark.

  5. My dog DID get neutered.
    Yep, he didn't look quite that happy.
    But he still licks phantom balls.
    Just to piss me off because I'm not that limber.

  6. It's hard to force the creative process. And perhaps you shouldn't. I think a writer does better work when his heart is in it.

  7. No update...........what the

  8. Did you just write an update...that was not an update?

    Wait, now I'm confused.

    Lol. I hope you get to feeling better. I know exactly how it feels to not feel up to pursuing your writing or personal goals. Especially when faced with what looks like an overwhelming leap into the unknown. Best advice ever for that? Take it one step at a time.

    Sounds so simple, right? And yet so hard in practice. I recommend sitting down and writing down just one tiny baby step you can take to start this process into the unknown. Research maybe? Whatever it is, you probably can come up with the first tiny step no problem. After that, just go with what comes naturally. Once you can't think of anymore steps, sit back and read what you wrote.

    I actually found this helps me with major projects, especially writing a series. Because the sheer amount of all the things that MUST get done looks so overwhelming, you're terrified to even get started. You're not even sure if you CAN get started. But this process helps make it seem more possible, because it puts that big picture into small, doable parts.

    Hope you get out of this soon, Mark, and get to feeling better! Good luck!


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