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Enjoy The Long Update

I started writing this update and found that I just couldn't stop so it's a little longer than usual but only a little. To be perfectly honest my updates recently have been a little short so this is technically just the right length. Enjoy it! Also I suppose it's good I have a long update after not updating yesterday.

"What was that thing that Trent shouted at you when we were leaving?" Lisa asked. Her and Geoff had travelled through the town looking for one of the few places that had some nature. They had come across what was certainly the most beautiful piece of nature in the town when they found their way to an oasis. The journey there had been a very quiet one but when they arrived Lisa had started talking and explained that the town had been built around the oasis and it still served as the major water source for the area.
"All's fair in love and war?" Geoff replied, to which Lisa nodded. "It's an old phrase from back in his time. We haven't had a proper war on Earth in centuries so it kind of went out of use after a while. It basically means that anything goes when it comes to love, and when it comes to fighting other people."
"And do you believe that?" Lisa asked.
"I think I prefer the concepts of chivalry and honour myself but I couldn't resist hitting him when he made such an easy target of himself." Geoff explained.
"What about love?"
"I think if you love something enough then you should fight for it yeah, but I do think that you can go too far for your love. Trent learnt that lesson himself."
"What do you mean?"
"Someone once did something very stupid to try and keep him around and it backfired on them as he left them after that. I don't think I would lie for love or anything like that myself. I don't see the point in keeping someone in the dark about something. what about you?"
"What do I think about love?" Lisa asked. Geoff nodded and so Lisa continued. "Well I don't think I've ever really thought about it. I don't think I've ever really been in love before now. I suppose I can see your point but I think if you love someone you can do anything."
"Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should though." Geoff countered.
"I guess so but I'd be pretty disappointed if you of all people didn't take the chance to do something."
"What makes me so special?"
"Oh I don't know, perhaps being just a teensy bit immortal?" Lisa teased.
"Hey Trent is immortal too and he's lived longer. Go hold him up to impossible standards."
"I'm not interested in what Trent will do for love, I'm interested in what you would."
"I would do anything for love, but I wouldn't do that." Geoff replied letting out a gigle.
"Wouldn't do what? What's that even supposed to mean?" Lisa asked, perplexed.
"Don't worry about it. It's a really old song Trent made me listen to." Geoff said and started laughing again. Lisa joined in this time, even though she wasn't quite sure what she was laughing at.
"I think my brain hurts." Lisa said and began rubbing her temples.
"Mine always hurts. I think it's because it's so big." Geoff said, earning another giggle from Lisa. "So why did you ask me out anyway?"
"Well..." Lisa began, adopting a stern expression. "I invited you out here because I felt we needed to talk. About us that is."
"What about us?"
"We kind of had a bit of a falling out about a week ago remember?"
"Oh that? Yeah I've been wondering what you would say or do."
"Well wonder no more as that's the point of this little get together. Well that and I wanted to spend some time with you of course. It's been too long."
"It's only been a week."
"Like I said; too long. Unless you're saying you've not missed me at all." Lisa said and pouted, giving Geoff the puppy dog eyes.
"No I have. I really have. It's just that Trent has been keeping me so busy I've barely had any time to myself and when I do I'm just too tired to think really." Geoff quickly explained. "So what have you decided then?"
"I was getting to that. I just wanted to tease you a bit first." Lisa smirked. "I have decided..." she said before pausing to tease Geoff a little more, "that I will still be here if and when you come back in how many pieces you come back in."
"Oh don't worry about that. I'll regenerate any missing limbs."
"At which point...wait what?" Lisa said when she realised what Geoff had said.
"Yeah I'll regrow limbs. Or I should anyway. Trent did at least. He showed me back on Earth."
"As I was saying;" Lisa said to get off of that topic and back on the topic at hand. She was only just beginning to deal with immortality, she'd probably need another week or two to wrap her head around regeneration. "When you return I'll be here still, and I'll be waiting for you. If you come back to me then I will still be waiting for you when you do."
"You mean that?" Geoff said. It was the answer he had been hoping for, but not the one he expected. He was expecting her to call him a freak of nature and say she never wanted anything to do with him again.
"I mean it Gepff. Like I said the last time I saw you; I love you."
"I love you too Lisa, and I will definitely come back."
"Make sure you do because I'll know you've not died, so I will be driven insane with worry that you don't want me anymore if you don't come back."
"I mean it, I'll come back." Geoff reassured her.
"I know you will. Now let's have something to eat shall we? I don't know about you but I'm starving. I suppose you can't starve to death though can you?" Lisa asked. The two of them set about eating the picnic that Lisa had prepared while Geoff did his best to answer her questions about what he could and couldn't do. His knowledge was limited and if a question came up he didn't know the answer to he told her to ask Trent the next time she saw him.

After a few more hours together it was time for Lisa to go home. Geoff walked her back to the bar she lived in and bid her a goodbye. He would have gone in but he wasn't sure how her dad would treat him and she informed him it was probably for the best he stayed outside. There are few grudges stronger than the one a father holds towards the man who tries to take his little girl away. The two shared a quick kiss goodbye and Geoff headed home to the ship. Trent was probably wondering what had happened between the pair.

Fun fact: Openoffice says that IS is about 58k words long but when I updated Quabel with the rest of the story I had written offline, Quabel said it was about 60k. I find that a little weird.


  1. When you think about it Mark this is all good because it basically is the length of nearly two updates so it's still really a kind of double update. Great one too mate, I am hooked to Immortal Space right now.

  2. pretty interesting conversation about what love means there...establishing a foothold in the relationship...and will be interesting to see the relationship play out through the tension

  3. "I mean it Gepff." Oh wow.

    "I'll know you've not died" It's probably my lack of proper knowledge of the English language, but wouldn't "you haven't died" be better?

    The conversation doesn't really feel that natural here. May just be me, but maybe you could throw a little more description of body language in? Either that, or you should cut it down on the corny immortality jokes, haha.

    And yeah, different programs count words differently. Some say sky-blue is one word, others say two. Some even count special characters surrounded by spaces as a word.

  4. Getting a bit mushy on us now aren't we Mark? :P

    Strange though, 2k words out of nowhere. I know that when I worked with Wordpress I'd often have to refresh the page to get an accurate word count so maybe that's the same thing that's going on?


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