Friday, 19 April 2013

Can I Still Say That?

This post is inspired by a comment I left on a blog. Because really I can do things like that. I can make a post about anything, and still make it last a long time because it's just something I'm good at. Anyway, the comment was about how writing is an incredibly long process. If you know me then you know I say that I don't really have the patience to do long projects, and I still attest that I don't. If something is going to take more than a few hours for me to do then chances are I'm not going to do it, or even try. Unless it's a video game actually. I won't even watch long movies and even though I watch professional wrestling, I don't dedicate all my attention to it, as I just can't.

Like I said though writing is a very long process. Immortal Space is a project that has lasted over a year, this blog is a project that has lasted nearly two years. My short stories took months (although that was actually just because I had a breakdown or two) and my non-fiction book is taking a while because I don't have the drive to work on it right now. I need to work on it when I'm ready to work on it.

This is another thing about writing. It can take a long time to get good, and really you're always learning and you're always improving. As long as you have good criticism you can learn from. If you know you can do better then you may find yourself waiting until you know you're better in order to do something.

The downside of this? You find yourself not doing much while you try and improve. Yet you must keep writing so you can improve. If I don't feel like writing Immortal Space, or my collection, or my Sparity work then I need to be writing something else. I did actually have a pretty decent idea for a flash fiction, but I'm not too sure it counts as "flash fiction" when I don't start writing it as soon as I get the idea.

See what I mean? I can write about pretty much anything and go really in depth on it. This whole thing was spawned simply by me thinking "can I really say I don't have the patience for this, or that, when I've been writing as long as I have? and will always be writing?"

PS Someone tell me to get to work on my writing. I really need to. Although actually I DID write the flash fiction yesterday. It'll be posted on my secondary blog in a few weeks.


  1. Hopefully, this lack of motivation problem is something that you will grow out of as you get older. Are you really sure it's a lack of motivation, or perhaps you are more just afflicted with melancholia? To be the kind of writer you are aspiring to be, you will have to focus on your writing like a laser beam. At the same time, there is a such thing as working TOO hard. If you have hit a wall, perhaps you need to rest and revitalize. It is hard for an outsider to judge what is going on here. You are the only one who can truly get to the bottom of it. Good luck.

  2. Get to work on your writing! Nah, I can't say that. I'd have to be looking in the mirror. There are days I'm so motivated to write no one can stop me. Other days I can't seem to find the right groove so I do something else instead. I was recently told it's okay and to let it come naturally. Besides, you did write - you wrote this post!

  3. Get to work on your writing Mark! I mean I've been telling myself to get to work on writing song lyrics to no avail for weeks now but if I can help you then I've succeeded, stop reading and just get to work, great post buddy haha!

  4. get back to writing, dont let mass media fool you. even though ive got some great disinfo up on my blog, y'all should check it. imma need a beer

  5. I think I heard a writer speak one time who said that he does his best writing when he treats it like a job, regular hours, creating good habits.

    You write the way that is best for you though.
    Just keep writing

  6. Lake of motivation is something that needs to be given a good kick up the bum to get rid of it.....


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