Thursday, 4 April 2013

Best Laid Plans

I have another podcast for you today and it's a bit shorter than what I regularly do but in my defense I did record it at two in the morning. A short summary of the information contained herein for those who are too busy to listen or just can't for whatever reason:

My nonfiction book is progressing really quite well. I've done over two thirds of it now and it should be ready for release by the end of next week I hope. I want to finish putting it together by the end of this week (a plan that was hampered by Microsoft Office) and spend next week editing it. By "next week" I mean a few days next week. My fiction writing has taken a hit over this project but I don't mind so much.

I'm really going to give it absolutely everything I have with this book. In the podcast I discuss the idea of contacting a publicist and since recording I HAVE contacted a publicist and I'm going to have a chat with them tomorrow actually. I'll be sure to let you know how it goes. I really hope it's not too expensive. I think my limit is going to be about £200. I am no good with publicity so I feel it's best to leave it to the experts.

That's really all the important information you need to know I think. Book should be finished soon, hoping for a successful eight week promotional campaign if I can afford it. Lamenting the high cost of everything.

Also I need to design a bloody cover for the thing or get someone else to do it. In short I really want to go all out this time and get such a large ball rolling so fast that not even Indiana Jones could escape it.

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PS Sorry for having a post length post AND a podcast. Effectively though you either need to read, or listen, you don't need to do both. 

PPS I have an addendum. I stayed up until two in the morning again and was able to finish compiling all the posts in to an ordered document. There is still editing and formatting to be done but the main threshold has been crossed. Expect a release by the end of the month.


  1. You did 100 pages in a day? That's impressive and something to feel good about. I think you're putting too much emphasis on how the success of this book will effect your happiness. You're saying "if I don't sell a lot of copies, I will be miserable" That's not a good way to approach any creative endeavor. The act of creation must be the source of pleasure, to do otherwise is wrong. You have to look at how "success" has failed to bring happiness to so many artists, writers and musicians. Just look at the long list of early deaths in music. These were successful people who were miserable people.

    I do wish you the best on this endeavor and hope that the publicist is a good investment.

    1. When you consider that they were already organised really and all I did was tie them together with words and cut things out, it's not as impressive. When you consider how long I spent doing it though it does become a bit impressive.

      I'm not saying that failure to do well will drive me to suicide or anything but if this fails I will end up incredibly depressed. To be honest I've already been quite depressed over how Tulips is going and various other things in my life right now. It feels like no matter what I'll never get out of this place I'm in and for another book to fail? To effectively be told I'm no good at what it is I want to do? That would crush me.

  2. very cool on meeting with the publicist...and steel yourself for edits and changes...just being realistic...and it taking a while as well...a good friend of mine was recently published and it took about 18 months...

    and i agree you are setting yourself up...its a process....i know few if any writers that were over night successes

  3. Success doesn't come over night, and you can't call Tulips a failure just yet. You're assuming sales will never pick up. Like I said before, we sell more Missing Links now than we did when it first came out. Just keep with it and don't give up on it.

  4. Yay book!! That is my unoriginal anonymous comment. I usually read blogs at work so I can never listen to your podcasts or watch videos. And then I forget when I get home.

  5. It's really awesome to follow the progress and the journey on here. Congrats on being able to meet with the publicist!

  6. I'm not able to listen to the podcast right now but massive congrats to you on getting hold of the publicist mate, hopefully the meeting goes well. Like the BFTS boys say you can't call it a failure just yet, or ever even. Even when you die you can't die thinking of it as a failure, in a centuries time it could be considered as one of the greatest books written by one of last centuries minds, you never know buddy.

  7. Damn, I'm jealous of your ability to write so much and not lose focus. I've been toying with a fiction novel for almost a year, writing and rewriting the first chapter and intro over and over again.

    At the very least, you've made money off your writing, something that I've never been able to do.

  8. What else is there to say than good luck with the meeting Mark.

  9. The best laid plans generally involve...getting laid.

  10. A lot of blips and pops in this recording, did something happen?

    Sorry Mark, I could only listen to about a quarter of it before I gave up. :(


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