Monday, 8 April 2013

Almost A Repost

This post is going to be almost a repost from Saturday but with enough differences for anyone who read Saturday to find something new and exciting. Well, something new at least. It's also going to be LOOOOOONNNGGGG. Just a warning. If you read on Saturday then feel free to skip to the second half.

To keep a short story short, I got a call from the publicist on Friday and they informed me of the cost of a four week promotional campaign. This will get me in to newspapers and on to the radio and potentially on the TV. This will also cost me about £1440, or about $2200. Rather than sit in a corner and cry like I normally would, I decided I would start a Kickstarter. I still haven't started one yet, and won't be for a few weeks. I'm waiting for Jessica to finish designing the cover art for me (assuming she doesn't magically get a job which would mean I'll probably never hear from her again...okay now I'm crying in a corner) before I begin. I also want this to go perfectly. I'll get one shot at a Kickstarter. If I fail then it's going to take me over a year to raise this money solo unless I open up a donations page and just sell the stuff I was going to offer as Kickstarter rewards. Well anyway, speaking of those rewards, this is what I decided on and now I'm going to run by you guys. By the way the Kickstarter itself will be for $2000, and I'll be investing the rest out of my own personal money.

$1 minimum pledge
$3 you get an electronic copy of the book before it's released
$5 you get an electronic copy of the book and a thank you on my blog
$8 you get all of the above and an electronic copy of my first book "Tulips And Other Stories"
$15 you get all of the above and, an acknowledgement in the book
$20 you get all of the above as well as a personal thank you from me in an email
$25 you get all of the above and a hand written thank you letter delivered in the post (add five dollars for non-UK users)
$50 you get all of the above and all the fiction I've written, including all original drafts, emailed to you. This is quite a few things and the drafts and early versions are NOT on my blog. Once again add five dollars for the hand written thank you for international users.
$60 you get all of the above and become the main villain in a book I'm writing. There's always someone who wants to be the bad guy.
$100 and you get all of the above (except being the bad guy) and you get to become a member of the crew of Caspian, a pirate hero in a novel I'm writing. You can either use yourself as the base or you can provide me with an entirely original character complete with description, personality, and traits.

I ran the last one by Fang and he said it was a good idea. He lamented that he might be unable to afford it though. I'm going to offer five of those, which provides me with a full crew as well as a good solid quarter of the project done. 

I'm now alerting you guys to things I'm going to do in the future. I may as well admit that I'm running low on ideas. Basically though I'm just looking for further input. Are the rewards good? Are they priced well? Should I just give up and cry? 

Also sorry to bother you some more but this is the written pitch for the Kickstarter and I could also do with some feedback on it as well. This is something else I want to get perfect.

Good morning, afternoon, evening, and possibly good night.

I'm an independent writer who writes a lot in my spare time, and I have a lot of spare time. I spend a lot of my days and weeks running my blog and through that place I've learned that I have quite a knack for writing and I've managed to have a lot of practice at it.

That leads me to this project. My blog is a rather personal place and I've shared an awful lot of my world views as well. I decided to compile what came out as about ninety of over six hundred (I'm very, very busy...or lonely) posts in to a book and tie it all together. The end result is something that is half memoirs and half me stood on a soapbox trying to change the world one word at a time. I'm not sure I can actually change the world but I'd love to give it a shot and that's where you come in.

The book is already in it's manuscript phase and I would like to get it to as many people as possible when it's released which will be a few weeks after the conclusion of this project (if it succeeds, if not then I'll go back to crying in a corner) and for that I need a good promotional campaign Thanks to being an unknown writer who is literally writing out of his bedroom this isn't going to be easy for me. I don't even write on a desk! I want to reintroduce myself in to a world that shunned me for years and show it what I was up to while I was gone. I was away being brilliant once I learned what I was brilliant at.

So let us all come together to show that no matter what the world does to a person they can persevere and make something of themselves. I've battled depression and confidence issues and now I'm about to throw myself in to a full blown four week promotional campaign as that is what the money will pay for. If I can raise more than expected and double my money I can do an eight week campaign and reach even further. Any spare money raised will be put towards as much extra promoting as possible, as well as expenses such as travel, and none will go towards personal purchases. I would also like to pay my friend Gabriel for the excellent cover art. It was done as a favour for a friend but everyone should be paid for their labours. There you go, a free opinion.

Know the man. Know the madness. Know the method.

Now for your viewing pleasure, an extract from the first section of the book. Remember though that this is a rough draft and the finished product may be different:

I realise that it's difficult to read about and become invested in someone you don't even know. This book is mostly a collection of my personal experiences and my personal thoughts and feelings about different things. As such it borders on very difficult for you to really get in to it. It's no good to ask you to read the thoughts of someone you neither know nor care about. At the very least you'll probably find it hard to connect with them and not really allow yourself to see why I am the way I am. So we're going to begin at the very, very beginning. We're going to begin by getting to know all about me. This isn't every personal experience in the book by far, but I think it's going to be enough for you to really know and understand who I am and what makes me tick. This is essentially the first part of the tag line, as this is where you will come to “know the man” and then we can move on to everything else when we're suitably acquainted.

This really is something I think you’ll enjoy and something that will really help you connect with just who I am, and it will probably even make you feel for me actually. I will hold nothing back when dealing with not just the good in my life, but also the bad. This is a section devoted to me. What makes me who I am, my role models and regrets, my goals, and a few other things for fun. I have a few questions to get us going that I’m hopefully going to be able to answer in a good amount of detail. Consider this some kind of personal interview if you will, where I ask and answer the questions by myself. The questions were actually asked to me on my blog.

Why are you, you?
Everything that has ever happened to me, the good and the bad, has influenced me and helped create the person I became today. I believe though that at the end of the day though I made me, me. I created who I am because I allowed the things to influence me. If I had chosen what influenced me differently, what I cared about and didn't care about, I would have ended up differently. You can’t control what happens to you but you can control how you react to it. You can control how you allow it to influence you and change who you are. Never forget who you are and never let anyone compromise your core beliefs and values. They define you as a person and they should be upheld. Stand up for who you are and what you believe in.


  1. First and foremost, read that over again a couple of times. There's some sentence structure errors here and there you may want to patch up.

    On the one hand, I'd tell you to stop it with the "cry in a corner" thing you throw in every now and again. On the other, that's what the collection's going to be all about.

    Other than that, no real comments (yet). I'm still a bit skeptical about the "let's publish my blog as a book" thing, but you know more about that than I do, so yeah.

  2. A Kickstarter is a great way to go about things. We'll actually be starting one soon for our current post's topic, and no, that doesn't mean we can't pledge to yours. Also, just keep in mind that a written pitch is fine, but you're going to want to do a video. I can't remember the exact statistics, but a Kickstarter with a video will always be more successful than one without.

  3. have you checked out an ROI statement on the advertising...what are typical response numbers for the advertising...not best case scenario but real numbers...

    the plan on the kick starter sounds like a cool idea...i would just hate for you to pay that much and not get a good return on your investment...

  4. This was an interesting read as per usual.........

  5. The book seems great from the extract Mark, really think I should check it out and soon. Good idea to repost this on Monday man, so many people miss weekend posts and it's vital you get word on this out!

  6. Sounds like a plan Mark. Hopefully word will spread throughout the Blogosphere and you'll get this funded.

  7. Glad I caught this, Mark. You know I'll help you any way I can.

  8. I don't know a ton about Kickstarter, but it seems like a good idea to me. I would definitely research successful Kickstarter pitches.

  9. this isn't almost a repost. It is just a tribute to almost a repost.

  10. Sounds like you're going to busy! I hope it all works out for you, Mark. You deserve it.


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