Sunday, 31 March 2013

Well Bugger Me I Did It

Despite spending six hours at work (although I barely did any work as it was a very lazy day) and being incredibly tired I fired up the old orchestral playlist and did some writing. Originally I was going to make some sort of half update because I felt that was all I could handle, and I wanted to give you a bit of an Easter break (happy Easter by the way! I got one Easter egg today, and it was from my boss) but I just kept writing and it turned in to a very full update. So enjoy it, because I am tired and I have no idea how I did it.

A week passed without any word from Lisa. Geoff was getting worried and nervous but Trent was keeping him busy to keep him occupied and keep his mind away from thoughts about Lisa. The situation was out of Geoff’s control and Trent knew it would do him no good to spend so much time ruminating over something he had no control over. Geoff spent most of his time in combat training with Trent. The two of them would spar and Trent was also teaching Geoff how to properly shoot a gun. They were heading in to a warzone and Geoff needed to be ready. A few days in to the training Trent was already beginning to see a difference. At first Geoff had been slow to respond and wasn’t really getting in to the training but as the time passed he became more focused and he began to enjoy himself more. Trent had managed to make it a little more fun for Geoff although he was still keen to point out the very real dangers of an actual combat situation so Geoff didn’t get the wrong idea.

By the end of the week Geoff was in a much better place and thoughts of Lisa were relegated to the very back of his mind, only coming to the surface during the times he was left alone too long which was usually only when he was trying to sleep. The hard training through the day left his mind with no choice but to accept sleep at the end of the day so even those periods didn’t last long. Geoff and Trent were busy with a training exercise when the ship’s intercom informed them that they had a visitor who was stood by the entrance to the ship. Trent went to see who it was while Geoff hung back out of sight.
“Oh, hello there Lisa.” Trent said when he opened up the door and saw Lisa standing there in the same dress she had worn on her date with Geoff. She also had one of her arms through the handle of a basket.
“Hi there mister…Trent. I’m sorry I never learned your last name.” she said a little sheepishly.
“It’s Saxon but don’t worry about it. Just Trent is fine.” Trent replied. Lisa smiled as she nodded at him. “So what can I help you with? You here to see the boy?”
“If you aren’t busy or anything I’d like to.” Lisa replied.
“Nah we’re just doing some practicing. I’ll get him for-“ Trent was interrupted by a ball bearing hitting the back of his head followed shortly by a laugh coming from behind him.
“We have company ya idiot! That wasn’t fair.” Trent shouted, looking over his shoulder.
“Hey, all’s fair in love and war, right?” Geoff replied as he approached Trent. Trent had taught him the archaic phrase. Geoff let out another laugh but it died in his throat when he saw who was stood with Trent.
“Hey.” Geoff said simply, letting the crude ball bearing shooting weapon he had just used fall to his side.
“Hey…I was wondering if you wanted to go out? I made us some lunch.” Lisa replied, holding up the basket.
“Sure…I mean, if it’s okay with Trent, I guess.” Geoff replied.
“What do I have to do with it?” Trent said, looking between the two.
“Well we were training, so it’s up to you if I can skip training isn’t it?” Geoff replied.
“That it is, I guess. Sure, whatever, go on out with your little girlfriend. You might want to clean up a little bit first though. We’ve been running around all day.” Trent said. Geoff looked down at his clothes and saw that he was indeed covered in sweat.
“I’ll be back in about ten minutes or so, don’t go anywhere.” Geoff said to Lisa and quickly hurried deeper in to the ship.

About twenty minutes later Geoff reappeared in a cleaner set of clothes and with his still wet hair combed back. Trent had found a chair for Lisa to sit on while she waited and so Geoff found them with Lisa sat on a chair on one side of the corridor and Trent sat on the floor opposite her.
“Are you ready to go then?” Geoff asked Lisa.
“Ready if you are.” Lisa replied as she stood up. Geoff nodded and together the two of them walked out of the ship. They didn’t get far before Geoff let out an exclamation of pain and rubbed the back of his head as a ball bearing hit it. Even after all his years away from the service Trent was still a crack shot.
“Oh, come on!” Geoff shouted back to Trent, who was stood at the entrance to the ship. “We’re not even training anymore, that was a more unfair than what I did!”
“All’s fair in love an’ war kid.” Trent shouted back and let out a laugh. Lisa let out a giggle herself before locking her arm in Geoff’s and leading him away from the ship before he could run back and get revenge.
“You’ve had your war, now go get your love.” Trent said quietly to himself as he watched the two of them leave.


  1. Trent's kind of like a really cool dad, except he isn't.
    (But he is.)

  2. Well done for writing this whilst tired. If I tried writing whilst tired it would consist of utter gibberish! Happy Easter to you too, enjoy your egg!x

  3. Happy Easter buddy, hopefully you enjoy that egg, glad you got one, I got one too which was a nice change. Great chapter too!

  4. Awww sweet! Have a great Easter! Take care

  5. At least Trent didn't say, "You've had your love, now come get your war." That would have been scary.

  6. Awww, I loved the last bit of dialogue, nice way to end the chapter. Thanks for the advice as well, so far my dissertation idea is involving the effects of climate change on local garden birds. I'm heading towards a career in the environment, climate change, conservation sector I think. Happy Easter! xxx

  7. Well she brought a picnic lunch and she seemed happy. so maybe she's going to be alright with Geoff being an immortal. Unless you're misdirecting us :)

  8. ha. that last bit of dialogue is cool...and i wonder now that she knows what kind of danger that puts her in, you know...think something is still coming with that...smiles.

  9. I've written ten posts this weekend and I'm bushed. Thankfully, I didn't have to work.
    But, I'm still (what's the word you all use?) knackered.
    Time for bed.
    Tomorrow is another day.

  10. I hate that phrase so much, "All's fair in love and war". Makes me want to strangle the person who said it.


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