Saturday, 30 March 2013

Update One Of Who Knows

I say who knows because I haven't written a second update this week but last Saturday I actually wrote two updates so we'll see how I do. I kinda want to go in to work though because they're closed tomorrow which is when I'd normally go in. If I go in to work then I might end up too tired to go in to work. Unless I take my laptop. Well anyway, enjoy this update.

“Geoff…Geoff…wake up…” Geoff heard a voice say. It was light and soft and reminded him of Lisa’s voice. He was still hazy and couldn’t place that it was her voice.
“Wake up ya idiot!” a much gruffer and slightly accented voice said before Geoff felt someone smack him on the cheek.
“Do you really think that’s going to help?” The lighter voice admonished.
“Look at him, he’s waking up. I say I helped.” The other voice replied. Geoff’s eyes opened slowly before he shut them again as the bright light assaulted them. He risked opening them again a few seconds later and blinked as the world came in to focus. He saw two people leaning over him; one was Lisa, and the other was Trent. Lisa was looking at him with a worried expression and Trent looked neutral, if anything.
“What happened?” Geoff said as he sat up and rubbed the spot where Lisa’s dad had hit him.
“The little lady here tells me you did something stupid.” Trent replied.
“Well not entirely stupid. He provoked my dad by kissing me. It was nice sure, but it was still a quite stupid thing to do though.” Lisa giggled at the memory and Geoff blushed faintly.
“That’s just funny, so it’s not really what I was talking about. You went and told her you’re immortal. Boy are you insane?!” Trent said, shaking Geoff and taking his world out of focus once more.
“You mean he’s actually insane? I was beginning to suspect that.” Lisa said.
“I’m not insane. I was telling the truth wasn’t I?” Geoff said as Trent stopped shaking him and allowed him to answer.
“Was he telling the truth?” Lisa asked Trent.
“He was yeah, but he was still a damnable idiot for doin’ it. You don’t just go around saying things like that to people.” Trent replied. Lisa gasped in shock but neither Trent nor Geoff paid much attention to her.
“You told me! You’re the one telling other people this stuff!” Geoff retorted.
“I told you because you’d seen it happen. I never told Amanda nothin’ and you should be careful who you tell. I only told people who saw it happen. People who would be unable to deny it, and would be happy to have the answer to what they’d just seen happen, regardless of how insane it sounded.”
“Wait a minute; Amanda? I thought you were going out with a girl named Lena?” Lisa said, bringing herself back to the attention of Trent and Geoff.
“Amanda was a girl I dated about thirty years ago.” Trent replied.
“There’s no way you look old enough to have been dating thirty years ago.”
“Lisa I think you need to sit down, I need to explain some things to ya.” Trent said as he pulled Geoff to his feet.
“Not this again…” Lisa replied but she joined the two of them as they sat down at a table.
Trent explained to Lisa that what Geoff told her was true, that the two of them were immortal and that they would be going away for a while. Trent asked Lisa to look at Geoff’s face carefully and she let out a gasp when she realised what Trent had asked her to do. Geoff had been hit pretty hard by her dad. He had been knocked clean out. There wasn’t a scratch on his face to indicate that he had been hurt in any way. She had been too busy panicking to notice any damage but she accepted no one could have been hit like that and not had a mark left on them. Geoff explained this had been one of the reasons he had kissed her. It was partly because he wanted to, partly because he wanted to annoy her dad, partly because he wanted to show her his lack of fear, and partly so he would get hurt and she would see his healing as it happened. It had worked in a way as everything but Lisa seeing the healing as it happened had happened. Trent had also been quick to point out that they had only recently discovered the truth about Geoff and that he hadn’t been lying to her about anything. He himself hadn’t known so he couldn’t tell her sooner. Lisa said that even though she was shocked, and surprised, and she agreed it was a stupid thing Geoff did by telling her, she was glad he had. If everyone who learned the truth about Trent only did after seeing him die, or come back to life, she would rather not have to see Geoff die to know the truth. When everything had been explained, and all questions had been answered, Lisa was convinced of the truth, but she was unsure what to do about it.
“What do you mean you don’t know what to do now?” Geoff asked when Lisa had said as such.
“I mean you’ve just dropped something like this on me, and I need time to think about it.”
“Think about what?”
“Everything. When are you going?”
“We’ll be leaving in a few weeks.” Trent told Lisa.
“I’ll be done thinking by then. I’d hate for something like this to be on his mind when he goes.” Lisa replied. Trent nodded and stood up, dragging Geoff to his feet.
“Come on kid, this is probably the best you could have hoped for.”
“I thought she should know.” Geoff said quietly, dejectedly.
“And you were right. I’m glad I know, and for what it’s worth Geoff…I love you.” Lisa reassured him. Geoff smiled again and Trent lead him out of the pub and back to the shuttle.
“Let’s get you something to eat. It might help.” Trent said when the two of them were inside the shuttle.
“Yeah, it might.” Geoff replied.
“Hey don’t be so down. I think you’ve got good reason to hope there.”
“What makes you say that?”
“Well she clearly likes you. She’s just a little confused right now, but I think she’ll definitely think nothing of it in the end. You’ll be fine kid.”
“Yeah, maybe I will.” Geoff replied with a tone of hope in his voice.
“That’s the spirit kid.” Trent replied. He started up the shuttle and headed back to the ship.


  1. interesting update...i imagine there could be quite the tension when people learned you were immortal...could also set up others to want what you have whether that can happen or not...

  2. At first I was like, why is making Trent such a big deal out of it, but yeah, makes sense I guess.

  3. The concept of Immortals and love is really interesting. On both sides. Loving one means they will watch you age, while they don't. And on the other side an Immortal who loves must always learn to live to go on after that person dies. Explains Trents personality a bit more.

  4. Great update as usual, I think Trent's right to make a big deal about it personally!

  5. Somewhat unrelated, why does my computer ask me if I want to run an app by your blog? Just curious.

    1. 'Twas a bit of script that didn't work how I expected it to. It's gone now, so no need to worry about it.

  6. An interesting update hope your Easter Monday is great just like mine is


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