Friday, 8 March 2013

TRIPLE UPDATE?! What The What?

Yes folks, you read that right. There isn't going to be a double update of Immortal Space this week, there's going to be a TRIPLE update. In response to Fang's comment last week asking just how Trent stole the new light speed engine, I actually went and wrote another update within the update, and so first of all I have a bonus chapter for you that explains the heist. Then of course over the weekend I have your regular double update. So this update right here, it takes place during last Saturday's update.

Him stealing the engine set back everyone else getting one by about a year as they had to build another one.

The robbery wasn't easy but he had managed to pull it off. He contacted the team in charge of building it and they agreed to let him see it as he was the main investor. They didn't agree with his assumption that he owned it, but they did concede he deserved a look at what his money was going in to. While he was at the base it was being developed in he also kept an eye out for security and potential entrance points and exit points. This wasn't going to be as easy as the time he stole the spaceship by sneaking around and taking off with it before anyone could stop him. While he was at the base he asked if they planned to test it in an actual spacecraft and was delighted to hear that they had planned a test to take place the next week. They were quick to say he couldn't be the test pilot. Even eccentric billionaires occasionally get told "no". He was able to get when the test was out of them, as something so important was bound to be a public event complete with news teams and the media anyway so there was no real point in hiding it. He thanked them for the tour and everything else they had done, and headed back home to plot and plan for the next week.

After trying to figure out lots of theatric and intense plans that would have looked flashy but probably wouldn't have worked, he settled on on very simple plan; Some way or another, he would have to be the test pilot. With his plan in mind, he went out to the testing grounds.

This was a time when being the main investor in a project was a good thing and a bad thing at the same time. It was good for him because it guaranteed him access to the test, but bad because it meant it was hard for him to put his plan in to action. The plan itself was rather quite simple; he would find a way to get some alone time with the actual pilot and then take his place. It was simple, but that didn't make it easy. He excused himself from the press pit he was sat in and made his way to the room where the pilot was getting ready. Trent found him stood outside of the room and dealing with press interviews and reassuring everyone with a microphone that he felt the test would be a success and that he wasn't afraid about what might happen. Even if the engine failed, he could just turn the ship around and come back to Earth easily enough. It functioned as a regular engine as well as a light speed one, so there was no real danger other than a freak accident involving explosions. The pilot was quite sure nothing like that was going to happen, and eventually the press left him alone to finish getting ready. After they were gone Trent looked for cameras and slipped a glove on to his right hand when didn't see any. He was prepared to disable cameras if he had to, but it helped when they weren't there in the first place. The pilot opened the door and before he could really react Trent shook his hand. The glove was another private investment of his. It looked inconspicuous enough and at first sight was simply a black glove with grips on the palms and fingers. The grips were used to administer a small eloctronic current to attack the nerves of the person he touched, disabling them instantly. It came in very handy when he was trying to avoid making noise but it had a very limited number of charges. He dragged the unconscious body in to the room and got dressed in the spacesuit that was in the room, thanking whoever designed helmets that really hid the face of whoever was wearing it.

Trent left the room and headed out towards the testing ground. He was hoping people wouldn't be too suspicious about him putting his helmet on before he was already in the ship and made his way straight to the ship. He sat in the seat and after being talked through the take off process cut off the communications and took off, turning on the hyperspace engine before they could activate any kind of failsafes to protect the ship against theft or sabotage. He wasn't sure how hyperspace worked but he spent some time performing his own experiments and getting used to it.
Please refrain from pointing out logical fallacies that cause me to write an update within an update within an update. I want to escape the endless update hell. 


  1. "update within the update"

  2. Please refrain from telling us to refrain from pointing ut logical fallacies. We all know you have the hugest boner for constructive criticism.
    Good chapter, and f yeah, triple updates! As if my weekend wasn't going to be good enough already!

  3. I love that you took Fang's comment to heart and built upon it. I think I would have done the same thing with my story. No worries about getting any crit from me, I think you did a great job!

  4. I'm glad that you took Fang's constructive criticism and expanded upon it, that's why it's such a good idea to post your writings onto this blog, it allows everybody the chance to help edit things.

  5. nice...keep listening to fang if it gets us more updates...smiles. in all honesty he is helping you flesh out the story and when you go back to edit you may end up moving some of this back ground into other parts of the novel to give it better cohesion...




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