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Third In A Series

This is the third update in the series of updates where we get back to the real world, and THINGS HAPPEN. That's all I'm saying on this one. Welcome back to reality my friends.


In the present, and in reality, Trent opened his eyes once more. The incident with Amanda had happened thirty years ago. That was another reason that he knew he couldn't be Geoff's father. He would have told Geoff when he asked, and it would have saved the boy a lot of hurt, but Trent didn't want to share that particular story with him and he hadn't realised how much of his past he had closed off and was now confronting. As his thoughts turned to Geoff once more he started to cry a little again. He wasn't ignorant, and he knew that how he had reacted to the thought he could be Geoff's father had upset him. He also knew that Geoff had come to be happy again, but it would have been better for the both of them if he had never upset Geoff in the first place.

Trent looked around and decided to try and take stock of his surroundings and see where he was. As he had previously supsected, he was in a bedroom. It was very sparsely decorated and there was nothing in the room besides the bed he was on, a wardrobe for clothes, and a desk in one corner. He was wondering where he might be when he heard someone walking down a corridor outside the room. When he heard the door open he tensed up but relaxed as he saw Lena walk in to the room.
“Trent? You’re awake?” she asked, running over to his bed. “What happened in there?” she asked. "Are you okay?" she asked softly when she noticed his cheeks were wet with tears.
"It's nothing really." Trent said, scrubbing his face to wipe away his tears. "I was just thinking about a lot of things. I haven't thought about the past in a long time. I was thinking about what happened to Geoff too."
"What do you mean what happened to Geoff?" Lena asked, confusion on her face.
"Didn't you see him when you found me?" Trent replied. He didn't want to have to explain what had happened to Geoff.
"Yeah of course I did, so what about him?" Lena replied, still confused. Trent couldn't believe her answer. How she could be so cold about Geoff's death. He knew she preferred himself over Geoff, but didn't realise how little she cared for Geoff. "What's wrong?" Lena asked him when she saw the look on his face. Geoff explained the mission the two of them were on from the beginning. How they had arrived to find the entire place deserted and had looked around. When he got to when they went in to the office he stalled for a few seconds before proceeding and when he got to when he had to tell her that Geoff was shot he couldn't do it. He settled instead for saying that Geoff had been hurt.
“Relax Trent, relax. He’s fine. If anything he’s in better shape than you were.” Lena replied. Trent let go of Lena and spaced out as he tried to piece together what Lena had said. He had seen Geoff get shot; he had looked down at his body.
“He’s…okay?” Trent asked, still not believing it.
“He’s fine, really.” Lena reassured him. “But tell me, what happened in there? I found you both covered in blood and piled on top of this guy who’s going to need surgery to correct his face. Geoff looks fine, but what happened to you? Why was he unconscious?” Trent looked at her more confused than ever.
“Geoff was by the door.” He explained. “Or he should have been.”
“Should have been?” Lena asked him, confused. “What do you mean, he ‘should have been’ by the door?” Trent hesitated before answering.
“…He was shot.” He said finally. “He was shot right in the heart. He was dead.”
“He can’t have been dead” Lena replied, matter of factly. “He also wasn’t by the door. I found him huddled up to you. There wasn’t a scratch on his body. Although now you mention it…” she trailed off, contemplating something. Trent looked at her inquisitively and she continued to think out loud. “It’s just that, while there wasn’t a scratch on him, there was a small hole in his shirt. Over his heart just like you said. But there’s no way he could have been dead. People don’t just get up from being dead you know.” Trent surprised both himself and Lena when he started chuckling. “What’s so funny?” Lena asked him.
“Nothing much really.” Trent replied. “It’s just that you’re a bit wrong there.”
“Oh? How so?” Lena asked.
“In your assumption people can’t just get up from being dead. I’ve done it many times in my life.”
“You know,” Lena replied, “just because I have brawn does not mean I lack brains. I’m not going to fall for that one.” Trent sighed and began to explain a few things. He explained what had happened in the office, and the result being that Geoff had been shot and that Trent had seen him die. Most of what happened after that was a bit of a blur to him as well but he remembered the intense pain, and hearing several more gunshots, and had come to the conclusion that he had been shot more than a few times himself. He also explained to her, briefly, about the circumstances in which he and Geoff had met. How he had been shot down over Earth and woken up in a morgue where Geoff was working. About his past and how old he really was. Also explained was, of course, his immortality. After a demonstration involving knives meeting skin she was starting to come around to the idea.
“Okay,” she conceded when he was done. “That explain why you’re still alive after you were shot several times in the head and chest” she said. “If you were, of course, actually shot that many times.” She added. “But it doesn’t really explain what happened to him now does it?”
“That’s the thing that gets me too.” Trent admitted. “I mean, I was made how I was, right?” Lena nodded at this, as Trent had said he was made immortal through experiments. “But, what if someone was like that, and like that naturally? Would you want to know someone like that? Ta be honest the thought of it scares me.” He said. They heard a sound from the corridor outside the room, as if someone had dropped something. Lena went to look and found a tray of food on the floor. Or what was left of it, as the food had been sent all over the place.
“Uhh, Trent.” She said, leaning in to the room. “I think he might have heard you.”
“Aww hell” Trent cursed, jumping out of bed and heading down the corridor to find Geoff.

Say it with me everyone; "ooooooohhhh". Who called Geoff being immortal? I know Fang did. Also I wanted this chapter to end with Trent finding out Geoff was alive, but I couldn't pad it out that much. Boooo.


  1. This has shocked me, I can't believe this, I wasn't expecting Geoff to come back! Out of interest is this a piece of author's saving throw where you realise you made a mistake and want to change it or was this planned all along? I'm glad to see him back regardless mate, great chapter.

  2. " Geoff explained the mission the two of "
    Think that should be Trent, pal.

    Haha, I told you Geoff would be immortal as well! I called it man, I totally called it! :D

  3. oh very those shocker moments....especially when looking back they make sense and you are left wondering how i did not get chapter man....

  4. Geoff lives! Hooorah! And oooooooooooooooooh!! :-) Take care


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