Sunday, 24 March 2013

The Streak Lives

My streak of double updates lives on! Enjoy this one and know that I giggled as I wrote the end of it. I sure do seem to hate my characters sometimes. Or I just really love schadenfreude. I think both of those statements are accurate to a certain degree.


"I didn't realise 'You'll live to regret this' could have such literal connotations." Geoff said when the two of them returned to the ship.
    "Hey you should be happy this thing doesn't have wheels." Trent replied as he patted the shuttle. "It's much harder to crash one of these things."
    "You were trying to crash?" Geoff choked.
    "Some things are just way too safe if you ask me."
    "Safety is a good thing! You shouldn't be trying to crash!"
    "Hey you're pretty good at driving one of these things now ain't ya?" Trent retorted. Geoff was going to respond but he realised that Trent was right. Despite how dangerous the past few hours had been, he had grown quite good at driving as a result of it. By the time they had headed back to the ship he was driving safer than Trent was. Although as Trent was apparently trying to crash, it wasn't saying much that he had done better. "That's what I thought." Trent said and walked through the door in to the shipproper. "You want something to eat kid?" Trent asked.
    "Sure, why not?" Geoff replied as he walked through the door after Trent.
    "You better get cooking it then." Trent said before walking off laughing. "Oh and make me something while you're at it will you?" he shouted back at Geoff. Geoff made a rude gesture at Trent's back. "I saw that!" Trent shouted before laughing again, leaving Geoff confused for a few moments before he realised there was no way Trent would have been able to see what he did. Geoff sighed, shook his head, and went back in to the garage where the shuttle was.
    "I'll be back in a bit." Geoff called after Trent. "I'm going to just pick something up. I'll get you something while I'm out." Trent raised his hand to signify he had gotten the message. Geoff climbed in to the shuttle, started it up, and set out in to the desert in the direction of the town.

Geoff had a destination in mind before picking up some food and instead of heading immediately for somewhere to get something he went to the pub that had become quite familiar to the him and Trent. It was more familiar to Geoff as it was where Lisa lived and he was going to visit her before doing any favours for Trent. He drove the shuttle to the pub and left it parked outside before heading in. Lisa was standing behind the bar and she waved to Geoff when she saw him enter. Geoff waved back with a smile that disappeared quite quickly as he saw the large man standing behind Lisa, who was staring at him with a disapproving look on his face.
“Hey Lisa. Do you think we could go somewhere a little more private? There’s something I need to tell you.” Geoff said as he reached the bar. The look on the big man’s face became darker but he smiled as Lisa patted him on the arm. She nodded to Geoff and together the two of them sat together at an empty table. The man behind the bar never took his eyes off of Geoff.
“Did I do something wrong?” Geoff asked Lisa, looking at the man. Lisa followed his gaze and let out a giggle when she saw what was unnerving him.
“Don’t mind him.” She reassured Geoff. “He’s my adoptive dad and he gives that look to any boy who looks at me. You went and waved at me and asked me to sit somewhere private. How did you think he’d react?”
“It’s a good job I didn’t try and kiss you then isn’t it?”
“It would have probably been the last thing you did. So yeah, it’s probably a good job you didn’t.”
“Well I’d have died happy.” Geoff said, giving his best impression of the smile Trent gave a girl. Lisa giggled and a small blush formed on her cheeks.
“So what did you want?” Lisa asked after a few more moments of comfortable silence had passed.
“Right. I had something I wanted to tell you.” Geoff said as he snapped back to reality. He had gotten a little lost in the moment and totally forgotten what he wanted to say. “Trent and me are going to go offworld for a bit. I’m not sure how long we’ll be gone but I’ll definitely come back.” Geoff said. “I promise you that I’ll come back.” He added as he held her hands tight in his own.
“You’re going away again?” Lisa replied. The disappointment was evident in her voice. “You’re going to do something dangerous again aren’t you?” she asked. Geoff didn’t see the point of lying so he nodded. “What if you don’t come back? You said you were really hurt last time. What if it’s worse this time?”
“About that…There’s something else I need to tell you. I didn’t tell you the full story of what happened to me while we were gone.”
“Geoff, tell me what happened.” Lisa demanded. So Geoff told her. He explained the truth of what had happened and how he had been shot in the heart. She looked shocked but it soon changed to disbelief as he went on to explain what had happened in Lena’s ship and just how he had made it out of the mission unscathed. When he had done Lisa wasn’t sure how to react.
“You really expect me to believe that?” Lisa asked. “I’m willing to believe a lot, and I’m glad you’re alive, but how do you expect me to respond to something like that?” Geoff didn’t answer her and instead chose to do something reckless. He made sure that her dad was watching and kissed her square on the lips. Lisa was surprised at first but returned the kiss when she realised just what was happening. Lisa had been right about just how her dad would react. He came out from behind the bar and punched Geoff in the side of the head after pulling him off of Lisa. Lisa shrieked at her dad and slapped him on the arm. She leaned down to where Geoff was now laid on the ground.
“Totally worth it.” Geoff said shortly before he passed out.


  1. He's a street-tough immortal with nothing to lose. He's Geoff!
    Holy shit though, Lisa's adoptive dad seems like a bit of an ass. Who the hell even goes and punches dudes who kiss their daughter even though they see her reciprocating?
    The whole "slapping him on the arm" deal sounds rather weak though, thought Lisa was a bit less of a stupid teenager.

  2. Haha, love the ending of this! Geoff being invincible is such a good subtext, absolutely love the concept.

  3. That was some kiss!

    Take care

  4. haha....totally worth it for sure you fun ending on this chapter man...agree with fang, in the rewrite i would change up her reaction a bit to what happened...

  5. What a bloody awesome ending...............


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