Sunday, 3 March 2013

The Scar

Today's post features the origins of the scar over Trent's heart, oooooooohhhhhhh...


Trent was returning home from a successful venture in space and had a few more things for his vault. The vault had managed to become so vast he had purchased the land it was under privately. The land was cheap as the area was still too irradiated for people to live so he had taken the chance to actually own it. The vault had been made to withstand almost everything and so he had no worries about anything in there succumbing to the radiation. The vault itself was quite radiation free and he suspected if someone could survive the journey there, then they could probably live in there quite comfortable even if they weren't immortal like he was.

He landed his small spacecraft outside his vault home and set about unlocking it. The security had taken a real step up over time as well as the contents of the vault. Once everything was stored in place and he had changed out of his tattered clothes he returned to his ship and headed for the Texan spaceport. He was getting a little melancholic and beginning to miss Earth more and as it had been so long since he had lived out a life on the planet he had decided that he would do it once more. He had made all of the necessary preparations from a planet that came under the jurisdiction of the World Government so as far as anyone who ever saw his ID would be concerned, he was a twenty five year old man from Earth returning after a holiday off-planet. The security systems he had to bypass had changed over time, but so had his ability to bypass them. Given how long it had been since he had last been on Earth properly Trent hadn't even bothered to change up his appearance and was dressed in what he felt had become his trademark style; boots, jeans, a black shirt, and his leather overcoat, as well as a cowboy hat on his head. He would occasionally get people to refer to him as “Spike” and while no one got the joke that he was a space cowboy, he highly doubted that anyone would get what was now a five hundred year old joke.

He left the spaceport and set about trying to find work. It had been a while since he had a job too so he wasn't too bothered about what work he did. After a few hours he had managed to secure an interview at a news network, and headed back to his home in the desert.

It was exactly how he had left it, how it always was. Shelves upon shelves of old memorabilia of his favourite bands over the years, boxsets of his favourite TV shows, an assortment of books and magazines, and in the centre of it all was a large computer where he kept electronic backups of everything he was able to make an electronic version of. He whiled away the hours until it was time at last for him to go to sleep.

He woke up the next day and got ready for his interview before heading out in to the city when the time came. He flew to the spaceport and used a small car he kept in the back of his ship to go to the station itself. He had an impressive looking resume filled with qualifications related to the job, that while fake were not entirely false. He had earned nearly every qualification there was in his time, but he could hardly hand over a diploma that was older than he technically was. He charmed his way through the interview and soon enough he learned he had got the job. The work itself was easy enough for someone like him. At first he was just handling news tips and assisting other people as best as he could. He didn't mind it so much and did enjoy knowing just what was going on in the world. He would occasionally slip a few things in to the news from sources of his own that he had acquired over the years.

After a while at the office he had worked is way up the ladder and was sent to live in England to become a foreign correspondent. While in England he met a girl called Amanda Avery. He wasn't looking for anything serious but over the course of time Trent and Amanda got quite close and a few years in to their relationship Amanda announced to Trent that she was pregnant. He hadn't reacted very well. Amanda expected him to be happy but instead he had reacted by crying, and tears of despair at that, not happiness.

He ran out of the home they were sharing and to his ship and sat in hyperspace for a while. Not going anywhere, just away from reality, both literally and figuratively. His mind was fracturing at the reality he was refusing to confront. Part of him wanted to be happy and try and make something with Amanda, but another, much deeper part, felt like he had betrayed the memory of Taliah that still resided deep within his heart. Something in Trent’s mind snapped and he had an insane idea. He ran to the kitchen area of his ship and grabbed a knife. He plunged it deep in to his chest where his heart was. He cried out in pain and felt himself beginning to pass out, but he was determined to finish what he had set out to do. He kept cutting away at his chest until at last he could reach inside his own chest and rip out his heart. It was the most bizarre feeling in the world, not just to reach inside your own chest, but to hold your own heart. He held his heart in one hand and brought down the knife with the other, severing his veins and arteries. He used the last bit of his strength to crush his own heart before he passed out.

That was grim...

I'm afraid to say it actually gets worse. Though to tell you how the story changed he was always going to tear out his own heart, but he was supposed to do it back when he escaped from the military base. Originally he was going to return straight to Texas and have a breakdown, instead of dealing with his emotions. While I was writing it, I felt that this is closer to what Trent would have done, and closer to how an actual person would have reacted. That is, how he reacted back at the base by running away from his problems and refusing to deal with them.


  1. I think it's fair to say that Trent has a pretty crazy side haha, like you say it's pretty dark but well written as usual man.

  2. Oh my stars! He tore his heart out! Yikes!! Oh but he destroyed the wrong one! The other heart - the one that feels and holds all emotions to all of love's joys and sorrows, remains...

    p.s. I just noticed your book on your sidebar! Well done you and all the best with it!! Take care

  3. holy crap! that was vivid...and with your intro did not see that coming...will be interesting to see how that comes out...jesus...yeah insane thought or what?

  4. "closer to what Trent would have done"
    Looks like you're taking future-Trent as a reference point, which is wrong. He turned into the hardened tough guy (bad wording there, but okay) over time, because he experienced so much. He was a lot weaker back when he gained his immortality, so he would've snapped much easier, right?

    Really cool chapter though. You know I have a weak spot for the absolutely insane, so there you go.

  5. Too bad he isn't like Doctor Who. Could have ripped out his brain and he'd still be ok.


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