Monday, 18 March 2013

The Last Roundup

Unintentional MLP reference is unintentional. But also I guess that "the last roundup" is itself a bit of a cliche. Well anyway the point is that this will be my last roundup post. It almost feels like the end of an era really. As I'm going to be posting five times a week; two of which are story updates and one of which is a podcast, it seems a bit silly to have a round up. Essentially then I would only have one post a week that would actually be a "blog post" in the purest sense of the word(s). As it is, Monday will become a kind of normal post and Thursday will be the podcast still. Friday will be a regular post, and the weekend will be dedicated to Immortal Space. So that's the new schedule and now it's time to get in to it, the last round up post ever!

For now. As far as we can tell.

Just kidding! I'm going to talk some more. In preparation for this post I actually had a look at when my first round up was. I forgot I used to do the roundup on Saturdays. I moved it to Monday because the people who were reading on Saturday generally most of, if not all of, the week. So it was useless to them. My first ever round up post was written on the 1st of October 2011. That actually wasn't too far in to my blogging adventure.

Actual round up time this time. No, seriously, I mean it.

Tuesday was a nice look in to my descent in to madness. It was about how I was driving myself insane with overwork and wanting to do so much. It wasn't really received this way though, and people thought I was getting a lot done. I was actually barely getting anything done. But we're cool. I've even stopped throwing darts at your picture. Except yours.

You know who you are.

Wednesday was when I explained this whole deal and just why I'm lowering my blogging schedule and what I hope and expect to happen as a result of it. If my output doesn't actually increase, then I'll probably go back to posting every day. I suppose right now you can consider the lowering of blogging an experiment.

Thursday wasn't a podcast and was really more of the same stuff. Although I did share a short musical demo I had been working on. I think I've given up on music already though. I should focus on writing really and I'm too impatient to put several hours worth of work in to something like that. No one is quite sure how I've managed to write Immortal Space over the course of a year. NASA is working on it.
I missed the chance to post this on Thursday so I'm posting it now. I have a pony picture for every situation. It's just a matter of finding it.

Friday was about how I'm trying to build up a bit of a social network and reintroduce myself in to the world more. It's not going so well really. I was always a natural recluse and once again, impatience comes in to the matter. Plus I'm just not very good at things like that anyway. I've posted about this before. I think. It was a post about how I'm no good at making or keeping friends. I'm quite sure I made one on such a topic.

Saturday and Sunday were of course Immortal Space updates and discussing them would of course spoil them. I do however only have 1.1 (I wrote the beginning of one because I wanted it to start a certain way but couldn't write an entire update) IS updates left so if I want there to be two this week I need to write more of it.

Well there you have it. You may begin weeping as you see the last of the fabled Round Up Post. Sadly they don't breed very well in captivity and are dying out faster than they're breeding. Every time you read a round up post it means I went to bed quite late on a Sunday. Either way, enjoy your week folks, and make the best of your downtime like I plan to.


  1. I think I might just make a pony compilation of all the ponies you a flip-book or something.
    Anyway,back on track.
    I will miss these little news-bytes of yours but if it means that you'll have more time to spend on writing and things,it's good.:)

  2. Yes overwork can definitely drive a person insane!! We all need a breather.

  3. I'll miss the roundup, but honestly, it just gives me more incentive to dig through the posts I missed by myself instead of being lazy and making you do it for me.

  4. If you're throwing darts at my picture, it will just fall over into the sand. Unless it's lawn darts, then they may actually stick. Hmmm. Something to think about.

    I like your updates so I will certainly miss them but I understand your need for a newer, more refined schedule. It makes more sense so you can dedicate more time to your writing.

  5. It feels weird because you've been doing round-up posts ever since you started but honestly if you were only posting five a week and one of them was round-ups I guess it'd be a waste, honestly I still fully support your decision to scale down your posting a little, your writing will benefit mate, honestly this is a good step.

    1. I meant to say ever since I started following you haha, oops

  6. I keep threatening to lower my blogging, but it never seems to happen. Maybe when I...nope!

  7. I read this at first and was like "October 2011 wasn't that long ago!" Then I realized it's 2013.

  8. I'm glad I caught the last round-up!

  9. Heh, it's kind of like how I have a reaction picture for nearly everything, I just need to find it too.

    Never hurts to keep expanding my collection though.

  10. missed this yesterday, sorry..i am glad you came to your decision about your schedule...i think it will be healthy for you...and dont two negatives make a positive? so an unintentional unintentional makes it intentional? ha

  11. I hope you have a proper memorial for your round up post.

  12. Oh well such is life..................

  13. i dont get the pony picture.


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