Sunday, 17 March 2013

The Epic Journey

This is the second part of the double update. Things are kicking off now, as we're on a whole new journey that begins the end. Or something along those lines.

"Wait a minute Geoff. Weren't you listening to me?" Trent asked.
"What?" Geoff responded, his small celebrations momentarily cancelled. "You said that thirty years ago you got a girl pregnant, and I said I was born thirty years ago. Doesn't that add up?"
"The math works yes, and I have no problem with being your dad, but I said the girl had an abortion. While everything fits, that doesn't. If I had a kid, she robbed me of the chance."
"Oh. Right. Yeah I didn't catch that. Sorry Trent." Geoff said as he fidgeted nervously.
"Don't worry about it." Trent said as he tapped Geoff's upper arm. "I'm sure we'll find your dad yet."
"Maybe. I guess we'll see huh?"
"Never give up hope Geoff. Think of it this way, you have all the time in the world to find him now don't you?"
"Hey yeah, I suppose I do." Geoff said, smiling to himself.
"If you two are quite done making up..." Lena said as she walked in to the corridor and found the two of them. "I think you have to tell a certain little lady that you're fine." She said as she pointed at Geoff.
"That's right!" Geoff exclaimed when he realised who she meant. "I haven't spoken to Lisa since we said goodbye the day before we left. I gotta let her know that I'm okay!" With that he dashed down the corridor to the room he had been sleeping in while he was in the ship. The room had a communication terminal he needed to use.
"Trent, there's something I've been thinking about." Lena said when Geoff had left the two of them alone.
"What is it?" Trent replied as he leaned against the corridor wall and slid down it to sit on the floor.
"It's about my home planet." Lena began to explain as she sat down opposite him. "I was wondering if you and Geoff would be able to help me with something that's happening there. It's something that requires people of your unique...talents."
"Sounds dangerous, what's going on down there?"
"Well do you remember me saying that it was a pretty violent place I got out of as soon as I could?" Lena asked. Trent nodded and Lena began to explain about the violence there. While it had always been a violent place it had really escalated over the past ten years. There were various warring criminal gangs that had been fighting one another for territory and various other resources for decades until someone turned up and managed to unite them all under his banner. Any one person who could do that was certainly a dangerous man. While his uniting the gangs had caused less people to be killed in crossfire, it had still been a bad thing for the people as instead of fighting eachother they used their power and control to effictely seize the planet for themselves. Things had always been bad but in the last ten years they had descended in to true chaos. The streets were no longer safe and any kind of military or police force had long since either been destroyed, given up, or joined the recklessness.
"So you want me and the kid to go clean the place up?" Trent asked when she was done explaining.
"I think you two are probably the only ones who can do it, yes."
"Give me some time to think about it, and talk it over with the boy. I'm sure he'll want to help though. The kid has a great sense of right and wrong. Most of the time anyway."
"I understand if you don't want to help. I just thought I'd ask."
"If you don't ask you'll never know. I said I'll see what Geoff says and I meant that. We could easily afford the trip and it might do him some good to do something good for the sake of it, rather than some kind of reward."
"You really mean it?" Lena's face practically lit up with hope while she spoke.
"I mean it. We'll see what the kid says, but I don't see why not. It could be some fun."
"Oh thank you!" Lena exclaimed as she practically dove on Trent and wrapped him up in a hug.
"Easy there. I'm still hurt." Trent chuckled. Lena grinned sheepishly and detached herself from Trent, choosing instead to sit next to him. "It's weird to see you being so emotional."
"It's weird to see you being so nice." she retorted. Although her smile betrayed her true feelings.
"I'm always nice." Trent responded, trying his best to look offended.
"Sure you are Trent. Sure you are." Lena replied as she leaned against Trent. The two of them sat like that until Geoff returned.
"Am I interrupting something?" Geoff said when he walked in to the corridor and saw the two of them still sat together.
"Not at all kid." Trent replied. "Now take a seat, Lena has something she wants to ask you." Geoff sat down opposite the pair and Lena explained to him everything she had explained to Trent already about her world. She was nervous about asking him for help as she was unsure how he would respond. Trent could tell she was nervous so he asked the question for her.
"So, you wanna go kick some ass on a whole other planet and help?" Trent asked.
"Sure, why not. It could be fun." Geoff replied.
"You know, that's just what Trent said." Lena said and the three of them started laughing. Trent's mind was hard at work thinking about what he might need to get the job done. It had been a while since he had last taken on something on this grand a scale.
To the violent homeworld!


  1. Did we get information on her homeworld before? I don't entirely recall.
    But eh, decent chapter as usual. NOW TO WAIT ANOTHER FRICKIN' WEEK.

  2. nice...really cool scene...reminds me of a few gathering of the companions before that big adventure...and trent reminds me of han solo a bit...ha...never noticed it before...i think it is the use of kid...

  3. This is getting exciting dude, love how these guys are sort of preparing themselves, really dig the characters as they all have their own distinct personalities, well done as usual on another great one buddy.

  4. lol the word "Geoff" makes me cringe. every damn time. why cant you just spell it "Jeff" its like nails on a chalkboard type of cringe

  5. The calm before the kicking of ass storm!! LOL!!

    Take care

  6. A boody great chapter I am enjoying this story


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