Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Something Had To Give

This is potentially the most difficult post I've ever had to write. It's a direct follow up from yesterday's post, and one that is basically a last ditch effort to do something, to try and fix something. Also in an attempt to be totally honest, I'm not sure anyone got the point of yesterdays post. I wrote it while on the edge and just before I snapped and wrote this post. It was a cry for help, not me bragging about how much I get done. I get NOTHING done. I don't do anything because there's too much for me to do. That's why I had to take a stand and make the choice outlined in this post. I don't need congratulations, I don't need praise, I need support. I need someone to tell me it's okay to stop. I'm driving myself to insanity. That was the point of the post.

It is with deepest regret that I must inform you I have to change my blogging schedule. I still have a lot of fun with reading (some) blog posts, and getting to know you all. Blogging helped get me where I am today, and I will never totally turn my back on it, but things are not going so easy for me right now with everything I'm trying to take on. I can't write a blog every day, and read blogs every day, and hope to continue on with what I'm trying to do as a profession and as a way of life. It feels odd to commit myself to something because I've avoided committment all my life. I've never been able to commit to something long enough to make something of it. Yet here I stand after running a blog for nearly two years, and writing a book. I've come a long way, and none of it would have been possible without you guys. As you know I read a lot of blogs, and it's quite a hectic schedule for me. I do it so much it may as well be considered a part time job. Not just reading them, but writing them too.

When I stopped blogging for a whole week and dedicated myself just to my writing, I wrote an entire book. Fair enough, it was a short book, made up of eight stories, and it needed serious editing, but it was a book nonetheless.

Therefore this is the last post of mine you will be reading on a Wednesday, as the days I will be taking off from reading and writing blogs, are Wednesdays and Tuesdays. I would take Thursdays off as Wednesday and Thursday are the busiest days for me, but there are things that happen on Thursday I don't want to leave behind. I could never drop Thursdays.

I know what you're thinking, all this emotional and sentimental stuff when I'm dropping two days from my schedule (I'm well aware it sounds like I'm stopping entirely, I'm NOT, as evidenced in the second paragraph) but to me even dropping one day would feel like a major deal, and like I was letting someone down by not keeping up the harsh schedule.

As remarkable as it is to believe, I do hold myself up to very high standards. If my writing output doesn't increase, and I find myself just dicking those two days away, I will leave myself with no choice but to come back. But I want to commit, I want to make something of myself, and to do that, I need to sort out my life, and better manage my time. Which is something I'm not very good at really, and a skill I guess I need to pick up.

Once again, I'll shut up now.
This song was playing while I wrote, I found it really fit the theme.


  1. Your blog didn't update in my Google Reader Mark. I was wondering where you were so I clicked on your avi to get here.

    Yes, it's okay to slow down and blog less and to comment less. As bloggers we all have to find the right place in our lives for this. And as we go on, the right place for that can change.

    I've had to be tough with myself. Because of the hardships in my life, I've had to set strict limits on blogging. I won't allow myself to post more than six blogs in a month. Ideally I'd like to keep it at four a month.

    Do what you have to do and we'll all be supportive.

  2. Pleased to hear that you've made this choice Mark in all honesty. There comes a point where you have to slow down and blog less to be able to do anything in your life so this is a good choice in my opinion.

  3. actually it makes perfect sense to me...i used to post every day when i first started...and then i found a 5 day rhythm works best for me and gives me time to get everything else done....which is why i usually dont post on mondays or fridays....they are the lowest hit days for me anyway so...good for you

  4. If you're finding yourself busy with other thing, then this is absolutely the place you should cut back. If Blogging is becoming a chore or eating into your other time, then you're making the right decision. I couldn't post on a daily basis, so I think it's remarkable that you've kept it up for this long.

    Don't worry, we won't be offended if you take a couple of days off a week.

  5. I can relate with this 100%! I got to a point a while ago, even before my Migraines escalated, that I felt obligated to blog and it was getting in the way of life. I was running around reading and commenting, writing posts and before I knew it, my day was gone and nothing had gotten done. I made the choice to stop and found people understood because they had all run into the same thing. I have no set schedule on when I will post, I just do it when I have a post I feel worthy of sharing.

  6. I did it myself over a year ago and I intend to cut back even more for my own reasons, this is blogger but it's not real life, it only feels like it!

  7. Aw I hope you get things in order soon. :)
    I understand your stress. I deleted my Muse tumblr (which I'm regretting so much now) a few weeks back because I couldn't handle all the stuff going on in my life.

    Sometimes you just really need to take a break.

    Also, you sound really overwhelmed. I do hope you're doing alright. :(

    Take care, mm? :)

  8. Ok, I don't think my last comment got posted but yeah, sorry, I think I was one of those that congratulated you. ._.

    Regardless, modify your posting schedule as you see fit. I only post once every 3 days because I know my limits and I guess you found yours now.

  9. I think it's awesome you're altering your schedule do to do something you're passionate about. If you need to take a day from blogging, both reading them and writing, in order to write for your novels, by all means, DO IT!!

    Keeping balance is so hard. I truly don't know how some people do it, and yet at the same time people have said the exact same thing to me. Like I said in yesterday's post. Remember to take time out for yourself - even if it is doing NOTHING. It will help recharge.

  10. I think it's important to take time for yourself and not put so much pressure on yourself. I think it's a good idea to take a day out and just relax. Enjoy some time for yourself!

  11. Hello Mark a Mock Turtle sent me here and I am so glad I did as I was told and came......I am sure you would like to thank Elsie for me coming to visit and stalk no not stalk follow via email not via me being behind you at every turn because that would be wrong and freaky and difficult since I have no idea where you live which is properly a good thing.......damn I am rambling and haven't got to the point I wonder if that tells you anything about

    Oh yeah balance in blogging not an easy thing to do well not for me as I love to read blogs and leave comments that are either short and sweet and to the point or long winded like this one and take forever to get to the

    Did you get the well it was I think your blog is great and I will be back.......

  12. i dont understand this pony trend...

  13. See you did figure it out.
    And it's a good decision.You'll see.
    And we'll all be cheering you on!
    Go Mark!:)

  14. You said it yourself. Something had to give.
    No problem buddy. The world gets it. The blog once a day is a really tough schedule to keep, and you should be proud of keeping it for two whole years. Quality > quantity as you said yourself on my blog. :D

  15. I used to blog every day and read every post everyday.
    In the end, I was tying myself up in knots because you just can't do it all.
    Now I blog when I get the urge and set aside a couple of nights a week to catch up on my reading.
    You do what works for you sweet
    Otherwise, you will just end up hating what you once loved

  16. I have times when I blog all the bloody time like every day and then I go through times when I may only post a few times a week..........but when you post I will come and read because I am amazing............truly I am.......ok maybe not amazing but I am a nice woman........which is better then


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