Thursday, 28 March 2013

Script? What Script?

I did indeed do away with a script for this latest foray into podcasting. Instead I just made some notes for talking points and just spoke about them. I think it worked except for talking about things ahead of when I was supposed to. But in the end it ended up about 95% unscripted so yay. The main thing to take away from this podcast is that I HAVE A NEW BLOG. You can find it HERE. I'll only be posting once a month on there and the plan is to basically post my short stories there so you don't feel compelled to read a 7000 word blog post. I'm not going to make you follow that blog or read my stories but as you very well know feedback is important to a writer and to improve I need feedback. That is half of the purpose of that blog. The other half is of course to impose a deadline on myself and make sure I have something new written every month. The way I see it this means that every six months or so I have a whole new collection of short stories to release. I'll be a millionaire in no time. As long as people buy them. Anyway, the first story, The Beast, will be up later today. I finished writing it on Tuesday and so I'm going to put it up there. Anyway, enjoy the podcast, and go read my short stories on my other blog. If you don't my opinion of you really won't change too much. At least, in a way you'll recognise.

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PS Sorry to write so much on a podcast post it's just that not everyone gets to listen to the podcast and I consider this new blog sort of essential information people need to know.  


  1. the player is not loading for the podcast....usually i can get it to load from the house, so you might want to check on your new site...noticed it last night...good you have somewhere to play with your stories...

  2. I'm not getting the podcast either Mark. I will click on the link for your new blog.

  3. So unlike the others my player's actually loading... however, after about a minute it just stops. So if I skip around, it'll play for another minute... and then stop. I'm not sure why. But, as I'm sure you saw, I joined the other blog and am ready for short stories.

  4. Great idea with the new blog Mark, I like the idea of using it to post on a casual basis the other stories that you write, sounds like a good venture buddy!

  5. Bah, I accidentally X'ed out of the blog whilst writing a comment, so I'll make this quite.

    Fortunately for me, the player is running smoother than usual.

    Also, I've never written much nonfiction, so I'm probably not the best person for giving out advice in that department. But, I really dig the new blog. Unfortunately I'll have to read the short story at a later time since it looks like quite a doozy.

  6. You're doing a great job of keeping up with the writing. That is my personal theory.... just produce as much material as possible and something good is sure to come from it. It would be of awesome benefit to me, if you did readings of at least some of your writing on the new site. When I come home from my job as slave for the most evil corporation on earth, it is a challenge for me to do lots of reading without passing out.

  7. I am going to go over and check out the new blog now because that is how I am, I found this interesting listening to you for a change.


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