Thursday, 7 March 2013

Sales, Sales, And Jessica

You had better enjoy this podcast because it became nightmarish for me at times. First of all Audacity didn't work properly, and so I was left recording the first two minutes on the sound recorder included with Windows (protip: It's not very good) and then I had to convert that small file so I could use it in Audacity when it decided to start working. My cat was being more evil than ever, and I was staying up unitl one in the morning getting it all sorted.

I seriously need a sleeping pattern. Probably.

Well anyway, on to the content, and away from the behind the scenes. It's mostly about how I'm selling on Amazon (better than I thought because of how Amazon reports sales), a few things about my latest exploits at work, involving selling things, and how Jessica is going away for a month in a few days so I took an opportunity to spend a few hours at her house and was almost humped to death by a dog.

Now I would quite like to curl up, die, and leave a very beautiful corpse. Though once again, my thanks to everyone who has helped encourage sales of my book.

I have no idea how I do this stuff anymore.

Podcast Powered By Podbean

Podcast Powered By Podbean
The first player is HTML5, and I'm slotting the flash player in too because the last time I used the HTML5 one it didn't work, and I want to be safe. Use either one, you'll get the same podcast either way.

When you consider I do things like this, it's no wonder I'm really probably quite insane.

At least the rest of the week is scheduled and I can just sleep the week away because TRIPLE IMMORTAL SPACE UPDATE STARTING TOMORROW WITH A BONUS CHAPTER.


  1. kinda stinks you did not get to write at lunch, stay at it though...ha, enjoyed your singing...and pretty cool you have actually moved around 100 books...

  2. >HTML5 player
    YES. YES. YES. Flash is so deprecated, HTML5 audio player for the win!

    Oh shit there's a script again? ):
    Aww shit again with the songs. Stop listening to music while recording already.
    Stop lying you do take this seriously.
    Okay what the fuck, both players keep crashing on me for some reason. Let me see if I can patch this up...

  3. Amazon sales reports are weird until you get used to them, right? Not sure if you saw, but I left you a review under my pseudonym.

    Also, it sounds like someone needs to leave their cat in the other room while they record...

  4. Great podcast as usual Mark, it's cool that you have everything sorted out and scheduled too, enjoy your week relaxing!

  5. I think you are doing pretty good with the book. If it was me I estimate I would have sold at most 1 copy by now...and you have already sold 10. So that means you are doing 10 times better than I would be doing. Unless I would have sold 0 copies by now...and since zero times anything is zero... then technically you would be doing as zero times as good as me... I think. Unless you count the free download copies. I think if people enjoyed the free download, they will eventually feel obligated to compensate you in some way. Perhaps you should put a link up where people can donate.

  6. Mark, your raw sexual magnetism is becoming something of a burden. It's fine when some girl feels the need to say hi to you outside the shop, but when an old guy comes in and winks you, that's when your manly musk is running out of control!

    Doesn't sound like you're doing badly with your book sales. I intend to purchase it rather than download it for free (since it's cheap anyway), so that's one more customer.

  7. I actually was never able to get sound recorder to work, which is why I went to Audacity. It clearly has a bit more static and warble than Audacity.

    Also not pathetic. Don't most authors get a special edition/copy of their own book as a memento or something?

    Also, in retort, what about Jigsaw? I WANT TO PLAY A GAME MARK.


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