Saturday, 23 March 2013

Potentially One Update This Weekend

There is indeed potentially only one update this week. Instead of writing or anything yesterday I went on a four and a half mile walk instead. I blame temporary insanity for this. I was able to write half an update so it's not like I have a monumental task ahead of me finishing it off so we'll see. Right now I don't feel up to it but there's no telling how I'll feel over the course of the day.
"So why did you say yes anyway?" Trent asked Geoff. The two of them were back aboard their own ship now and preparing for the journey ahead of them. They had checked out of the hotel before their last mission as they had planned that to be their last job where they were. They were sat in the living area of the ship with Geoff reading one of his books while Trent was sending and recieving communications from his various sources and contacts acquired over the years. He was after information regarding Lena's homeworld and the mysterious stranger who had managed to unite the gangs. He was surprised and shocked to learn that the man they were after was supposedly thirty years old, meaning he was twenty when he showed up on the planet. Anyone who could unite gangs was dangerous, someone who could do it at such a young age was so far above dangerous Trent was beginning to understand why Lena got away, and why she thought only Geoff and Trent could get the job done. He had already arranged for several shipments of weapons and armour for the two of them that they would wait for before leaving. While they were immortal, a little protection never hurt and as Trent had explained to Geoff, it was better to not become incapacitated in a battlefield, even if you would wake up again.
    "Like I said, I thought it would be fun. Why did you say yes? Because it was your girlfriend that was asking?" Geoff retorted.
    "What can I say? I'm a helpful person. I said yes for you though because I wanted you to do something good for the sake of doing something good. That's the downside of bounty hunting really. You get paid for your good deeds, and don't really learn the merit of doing something good for the sake of it." Trent replied.
    "Hey I'm a good guy." Geoff replied.
    "Sure you are kid. That's why we're gonna go prove it."
    "Just how bad are things down there anyway?"
    "You'd know if you bothered to do some research."
    "I don't need to do research. That's your job. So tell me, how bad are things down there?"
    "I'll let that slide this time. Things are pretty bad really. We've got our work cut out for us this time. We're not just taking on one or two petty thieves. We're taking on several gangs that have some very large guns. I'm considering buying a small gunship but actually all it would do is explode on us when they blew it up."
    "Things really are bad there aren't they?"
    "That they are kid. That they are."
    "Do you reckon we can do it?" Geoff asked to break the uncomfortable silence that had formed between to the two of them when they learned just how big the task before them was.
    "I know we can do it. We just have to be careful is all. We heal fast but if we take too much damage then it's lights out, and God only knows what we'll wake up to find. No one is gonna be able to pull our asses out of the fire this time."
    "Yeah, I guess not. You've been a war though before haven't you?"
    "It's been a while since I took part in a battle on this scale kid. But we haven't come this far for nothing. We know how to handle ourselves, and as long as we don't get reckless we'll be fine."
    "Hey the last time I got reckless I got shot in the bloody heart. I'm all for being careful now."
    "Glad to hear it kid." Trent said as he turned off his computer. "Now come on, let's have some fun. We've had pretty depressing days all round. I think we've earned a little."
    "What did you have in mind?" Geoff asked as he saved his position in his book and set the electronic device down.
    "Do you have any idea how fast you can drive when you don't have to worry about dying and there's a vast wasteland that means you never have to brake?"
    "I don't know how to drive at all." Geoff admitted.
    "That just makes it more fun really. Go grab your coat kid, and I'll teach you how to drive."
    "I'm gonna regret this aren't I?" Geoff asked as he got up and the two of them walked towards the garage where they kept their car.
    "Probably yeah," Trent said. "But if you don't regret it, it probably wasn't as fun as you thought it was."
    "I suppose so." Geoff admitted as the two of them walked in to the garage. The "car" was more of a shuttle than anything else. It had the same basic design as a car but instead of wheels there were four small engines that propelled it above the ground and allowed for very sharp turns at speed. It was more like a small aircraft than any of the cars Trent had grown up with. They got in the shuttle and Geoff was about to strap himself in when Trent stopped him. He explained it would be more fun if he wasn't. Geoff wasn't sure danger necessarily equated to fun but he went along with Trent's plan. Trent opened the hatch of the garage leading to the planet outside and started the shuttle. He accelerated quickly out of the ship and the force threw Geoff back in to his seat and left him unable to even scream as they set out in to the desert surrounding the spaceport.
For some reason Quabel isn't letting me copy large pieces of text. By large I mean anything over two hundred words. I may have to switch back to Microsoft Word for now.


But I do have good news. After writing this post I was struck by inspiration and finished the second update. There shall indeed be two updates this week.


  1. ha. if you dont regret it, it probably was not as fun as you thought it logic in that, spoken like a true thrill seeker...nice dramatic closure on this section...

  2. "who could do it at such a young age was so far above dangerous Trent was beginning to understand"
    Missed a period there.

    "You've been a war though before haven't you?"
    He's been a war. A war he's been.

    Nice chapter, and yess there'll be another one tomorrow.

  3. I'm glad you went out and did some exercise although although four and a half hours does sound like one of those depression walks I've had before so hopefully you're all good in that respect. Love this chapter, I wouldn't have been too annoyed at you for not making a double update. I noticed the "you've been a war though," as well like Fang, made me laugh though, it's just a typo.

  4. 4.5 miles? That's quite the walk. I've been trying to get out and walk but it's still been cold here in Boston.

  5. Cool.........great chapter.........


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