Thursday, 14 March 2013

No Podcast Today

First of all, there is indeed no podcast today. I was woken up after four hours sleep by my cat about to vomit in my face. Thankfully I was able to shake her off and she just made a mess of my floor instead of my face. I couldn't get back to sleep so I've been tired for most of the day and I was getting by mostly on energy drinks and coffee. Caffeine doesn't even really work for me so I'm not sure why I did it. At best it might help focus me and make me excitable but it doesn't really provide me with energy.

Well, anyway, let's continue on. Thank you again for the kind response to the post yesterday about cutting down my blogging. On that topic there was kind of proof blogging kills my creativity as I was doing some writing and got a nice chunk done and then read blogs because of the time. When I was doing reading blogs I didn't want to write anymore.

This counts as doing science
So hopefully there will be a productivity increase in my life. I did play around a bit more on my music creation and did come up with something a little decent although I still need actual lessons (or self teaching) and of course more practice. Thanks to using creation software though I need music theory/composition lessons, rather than instrument lessons. These are less fun, and also less common. Although I really need to focus on the writing.

I hope that really my productivity does increase no matter what it is I'm doing. I think I will. I'm just kind of sad I actually took music in school and did exams on it (including composing a song, which I did) and yet I can barely remember any of it.

It sucks. But I guess at least I know I can do it if I learn enough. I've done it before.

Heres the short thing I came up with. If you're interested, and it works. It ended up sounding freakier than I thought it would.
One last note before I let you go. I did a guest post over at Elsie's blog in case you missed it. It's part book promotion but I think it's still worth checking out, as is the rest of her blog. My thanks go out once more to her letting me stop by and stand on her street corner for a while.

I told you; coffee does wonderful things to my brain, not my body.


  1. It sounded like the kind of music played when the heroine is hiding just behind the villain's cape and she's just about to be found...dum de dum.
    You should try completing the song when you can.
    And put in a maniacal laugh in the end and a cape-swishing sound.BOOM!
    And I loved the insanity quote from your guest post.It works indeed.

  2. You've got a good melody line going there already. Mess around a bit with chord progressions, add some percussion and bingo bango-you've got a song.

  3. coffee is a gift of the gods....smiles...
    rather ominous start to your music as well....nice tension...
    ugh, glad you avoided vomit in your face, that would be brutal...

  4. That sounds pretty cool. A little bit horror movie-ish. Definitely very tense.

    And I think scaling back your blogging time is a great idea. We all reach that point, which is why we only put up posts and read blogs twice a week. It's just way too hard to have a life while blogging every single day. Plus, you won't run out of blogging ideas as quickly, and your readers who can't read every day (like us) won't have to catch up on 3-4 posts when they finally do get around to reading. It's a win win for everyone.

  5. Hey I know where the original of that image came from, Dresden Codak. It's a great webcomic.

  6. Ha goodness man I feel ya - my cats wakes me up in the middle of the night ALL the time!

  7. I'm kind of sad to hear you are trying to gradually move away from blogging. It depends what is most important and what is the most efficient use of your time. Lately, it has been extremely hard for me to keep up with things myself. You do a better job of staying positive and maintaining a decent energy level than I do actually. Again, it's all about coming up with a strategy to make the best use of your time.

  8. I hope that you find an increase in your productivity as well Mark, it's a good move in my opinion. It isn't a good move to fully leave blogging though, blogging is the main reason you have such a big platform, it's always a good idea to keep your options open.

  9. Well. I've been woken up by cats in the past, but not to such a disgusting situation. Good luck on the productivity boost, I've managed to find a way to boost mine in general over the last few months and while I feel like I'm constantly busy, I do get a lot done!

  10. Well I am glad to hear you woke up before the cat made you sick by being sick all over your face........that would make me want to murder the

    Now I don't get woken up by cats but I do get woken by grandchilred this morning it was by Little Leo as it was yesterday morning and both morning I was up earlier then I would have liked........


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