Friday, 22 March 2013

Mission Somewhat Successful

Just a note: I'm writing this on Wednesday evening, so details are subject to change. I'll try and edit it before publication if information does actually change. I usually do that when I write something a little too far in advance.

So the mission of the week was to take two days off of blogging a week to focus on writing and recuperation. I'm pleased to report the mission was indeed somewhat successful. I mostly did a lot of reading on Tuesday but I was also able to do a fair bit of writing by starting a new short story that I should have started weeks ago. I think I should have finished it a few days ago.

Oh well.

On Wednesday I did get a lot more writing done. It was pretty much all in my other short story though based on one of my poems. That story is nearly finished and I'm trying to push through it and get it done so I can focus on other things. Despite what you might think, it's not really a good idea to have several works in progress at the same time. I think I'm going to try and limit myself to two or three stories at once. I'm going to fail, but I'm going to try.

The reason the mission is only somewhat successful to me is that I didn't write anything in Immortal Space but knowing me I'll have something else written so that we can once again enjoy a double update this weekend.

I think this new schedule is worth continuing, and will become a lot more productive and useful over time. For once I'm willing to be patient.

An update from Thursday evening:
The only writing I got done today is work on my non-fiction book. I think I copied maybe ninety or so updates in to a word document. It came to 45k words, and I think even though I'm going to be taking things out, I'll be adding them too. I'm estimating it's going to end up at about 60-70 thousand words. That's about two hundred pages I think.

Lastly I did an interview with the glorious Addman of Muppets For Justice. Go check it out. Now! 


  1. Erm, crossed wires. I've got you scheduled in for the 29th Mark, sorry if I forgot to update you. Expect the interview next Friday! Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause...

  2. Y U WRITE SO MUCH?! You make me sad.

  3. that is a very healthy length in your non fiction....very cool...and even though we carve out time we have to be diligent for sure to actually get the writing done...smiles.

  4. Dang, Mark! That's a hell of a lot of writing. I'm glad the new schedule is working well for you and I look forward to your interview next week.

  5. Good job with the writing Mark, personally I think that your reduced schedule is going to work wonders for your writing so keep it up buddy!

  6. It's good to know your limits as far as how many projects you can work on at once. I'm still learning mine. Currently working on 3 books at once, with over 12 on the "back burner"....

    Good luck with the new schedule.


  7. Damn I read this and nothing comes to mind in way of comment so I am just saying I was here and then I


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