Saturday, 2 March 2013

Last Double Update

This will indeed be the last double update of Immortal Space unless I can do a lot of writing in it. But fear not my friends because it means that we're so close to reality once again. Yay! Once again, things progress very quickly in this chapter, and I was actually forced to make a timeline because of it. Anyway, yeah, tons of timeskips, mostly related to advancing technology. THIS is the boring update.

At first mankind was not very eager to travel much further than they could but eventually their sense of entitlement set in and people were eager to see Mars quicker, and travel beyond it. Not everyone was capable of taking a year out of their lives to visit somewhere, not to mention the second year it would take to get back. By this time Trent had managed to build up quite a fortune for himself by living a few extra lucrative lives and he was able to help fund research in to several things including better hulls for the ships so they could fly faster, and a few more decades down the line, breaking the speed of light.

It took two decades for people to demand faster ships, and a further decade for hull integrity to be improved enough to allow people to fly at close to half light speed, making the trip to Mars akin to a car journey to a seaside resort. The next step for mankind was inevitable; they would travel further out, and then demand to get to the new places they were going faster. There were a few murmurings of people demanding a way to settle the new planets but at this point in time they were nothing major. After another decade all of the solar system had been explored and the demands to be able to settle on other planets was becoming louder. After two decades of research a solution was formed but with one fundamental flaw that no matter what, would never be worked out; an artificial atmosphere could be created, and sustained, but a planet needed to be close enough to a sun to support life for them to be able to give it one. The upside of this was that they could set to work fixing a severely crippled Earth atmosphere. People had adopted more environmentally means of living after the war all those years ago, and the Earth and the atmosphere were healing, but it was a very slow process and people were quick to jump at the chance to do it quickly.

It took a lot, lot, longer for hyperspace to be discovered. It was a complete accident that occurred while trying an experiment to break light speed that caused a poor scientist to be transported to the other dimension known now as hyperspace. Thankfully he was only trapped there for a minute or so or the experience would have shattered his mind and he would have been unable to tell anyone what he saw. With this help the scientists were able to recreate the experiment and carry out tests to confirm theories that the other universe was alongside our own and that it was without universal rules. They quickly set to work on making a way to create a localised field of it to create a hyperspace engine. It would take a while for the engine to pass in to common use but much like with the spacecraft, Trent felt that he owned the engine as most of the money that had gone in to making it was his. Him stealing the engine set back everyone else getting one by about a year as they had to build another one.

The rest of the world continued to expand without Trent as mankind began colonising the stars. Trent, on the other hand, was content to merely travel as much as his fuel would allow him to. The light speed engine was still a prototype, so this wasn’t very far at all. He made his way back home, and continued to wait impatiently for better engines between space jaunts when he had the money. Nearly all of his free money was going towards research.

After a decade or so of more research both a light speed engine, and the ability to terraform and colonise planets, were readily available to those who wanted it. Humanity truly set out in to the stars, and Trent was amongst them. He was free in more ways than one for as long as he was in space, he would rarely ever need any ID, and no one would question his lack of aging. He could be anyone, anywhere, and he loved it. He travelled a lot of the universe over the course of the next 170 years. He would still stop at home and add to his ever expanding collection of things he found during his adventures, but for the most part he enjoyed exploring as much as he could, and the freedoms that came with it. Occasionally he would get lonely and take someone with him, but their journeys together would never last very long. Trent had never been a very social creature, and so he didn’t find himself needing the company of others much. Despite how long it had been, he had never really forgotten the loss of Taliah, or the betrayal of the people he had trusted with his life. He was happy that he had gotten the chance to do and see everything he had, and if given the choice he would have taken it knowing what would happen, but the fact remained that he was given no choice in the matter. With the thoughts of Taliah still heavy in his mind he had never had another serious relationship until the last time he had returned to Earth, in the year 2480.
Now to wait for Fang to point out many logical fallacies with my work.


  1. cool. i like that hyperspace is discovered by accident...ha...i wonder how many things are? curious, why does trent steal the engine? because he put so much money into it?

  2. am I reading science book? hehe

  3. This is awesome Mark, absolutely love this as usual, the hyperspace thing is interesting.

  4. The hyperspace thing reminds me of the Millenium Falcon :)

  5. Okay, sorry for the wait, but here I am, pointing out all the flaws in this chapter.

    "At first mankind was not very eager to travel much further than they could"
    what no

    Hyperspace, what the what. How did that guy stay alive while in there? How would his mind not get blown until the second minute passed (or whatever)? If anything, the whole "experience" of being in hyperspace would instantly blow your mind. Literal mindblows like that don't happen gradually as far as I'm aware.
    Also, Trent stole the engine? What the- how? Those things are huge, heavily guarded, and people would notice if anyone took off with it or whatever. It's not easy to keep something like that hidden.

    That collections of things of his had better come back later on in the story, it sounds hella cool.

    Also, by counting the "decades" you mention, and roughly estimating the "lot, lot longer" time, it seems that approximately 160 years passed in this chapter. Doesn't seem to line up with where we left off and the 2480 we're at now.

    Haha, you asked for it. ;D

  6. You have been cranking right along and I haven't done jack squat. You put me to shame, Mark, you put me to shame! Seriously, though, I am proud of you for putting your nose to the grindstone and working so hard. Go You!!


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