Monday, 11 March 2013

It Happened Again

So, it did indeed happen again. What happened you ask? Someone was overly negative of my writing work. Although it is something that I really did bring on to myself. The work was done in about an hour and I was so excited at having written something and so keen to post it that I forgot to proof read or edit it. I'm excitable and forgetful, it's not something you want to be when you're a writer. The response hurt, and even though it was one tiny drop in a veritable sea of praise and compliments, it struck me deep. I am proud to report though that I responded the same way I did to that Amazon review. I didn't let it keep me down. I watched something to cheer myself up, listened to the song I'm going to link to to pump myself up, and then started writing. After I made a playlist of epic orchestral and instrumental music that is. It's brilliant for writing to. I wrote two Immortal Space updates and I'm pleased with how things are going there too. So that means that this weekend there will definitely be a double update still. I think it'll be easier for me to say when they aren't happening now. I'm sad to report though that tomorrow's post was written during a moment of utter despair, and Wednesday's is a sad announcement. Though don't worry, it's NOT that I'm quitting blogging. It's just something minor really in the grand scheme of things.

Anyway, have a round up, and a song to listen to while you read.

I find this song to be perfect when someone puts you down and you intend to come back better than before.

Tuesday was just a random mishmash I came up with on the spot when I realised that I got my dentist appointment wrong. If I remember rightly there are a few work stories in there involving my surprisingly nice boss. I wonder if he read my blog and saw the nasty things I said about him. I hope not, because then I would have to apologise for them.

Wednesday was about the dentist appointment that happened on Tuesday and my feelings of sentimentality about the whole thing as I'm actually going to miss my dentist. He's also not going to be too pleased with me though because I lost the teeny tiny brush he gave me for between my teeth. Also as I've been a bit depressed this past week (more on that tomorrow) I haven't really been keeping up with brushing my teeth.

Thursday was my latest podcast. This one was about how I'm doing not as bad as previously thought on Amazon, more work stories and some things about the trip Jessica is currently on. She's going to spend a month living with her girlfriend to see how they mesh together, and there's a chance she might not move back over here. I initially reacted quite badly but after talking to her about it, came to some realisations. Mostly about how we'll still talk a lot during the week as her girlfriend has a full time job, and so Jessica is still going to be home alone a lot.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were all Immortal Space updates. Friday was a bonus chapter inspired by a comment from Fang basically saying something lacked detail. I responded with so much detail it could only be safely contained in an update of it's own. Saturday and Sunday brought us out of the flashback chapters and in to the real world. Today I set up the final arc and in a few months the journey will be over, and the journey of editing can begin.

Have a good week guys. I intend to do the best I can with mine. Yes, this basically equates to sitting on my chair playing video games, but sometimes that is the best I have to offer this world.


  1. Well I guess playing video games is better than raging out and killing everybody. There's worse things you could be doing to other people.
    I'm happy you didn't the negative criticism badly. I take negative criticism and analyze it. If I feel it was a troll attempt, I let it slide, but if it seems like it's legit, I don't ignore it. Ever. Take it and grow with it.

  2. I try to see it from their point of view first and then respond, it's the same before I have to restrain or physically attack somebody.

  3. have to learn to take those lumps when you are a writer...they will def come...its not a very forgiving field...ha....and you know what you need to do as well, make sure you proof....its nice to have a release as well when you get those frustrations because you def down want to lash out...

  4. That's good that you can take criticism well. I like to think I'm good at taking criticism, but I suck at giving it. Only in my classes where I was required to do so would I feel comfortable doing it.

  5. We once got a review that said The Missing Link was the most disgusting, vile, childish, brainless thing she'd ever read and was utterly offended by it. I printed it out and framed it. It's all in how you take it, and remember, it doesn't matter if you're Stephen King or Neil Gaiman, there are always going to be people who just can't stand your work.

  6. I'm sorry you got a negative comment. I think you are taking it very well and I also think you are reacting perfectly. You didn't let it sink in and you moved forward and did positive things. That's great, Mark.

  7. I like that you are taking it so well my friend.

  8. There is going to be a lot of negativity out there in the peanut gallery. You should see all the hateful comments I get on my youtube channel. There's nothing that can be done about it really. If it is constructive criticism you can learn from it, but if it is just someone being mean, just ignore them.

  9. What was the comment mate? In all honesty don't be upset, like don't even give it another thought. You've said yourself that the criticism might have been partially justified because of how quickly you churned the chapter out, just take the criticism and move on from it, if it's constructive then it's constructive and if it's unjustified then the person's an idiot, either way you win.

  10. Okay, so you didn't proofread. So what? Last time I checked, you're human (you ARE human, aren't you? :-) ) No big deal.
    Smoteimes I dont' profread as muuch as i shold too, you konw.

  11. One of the first reviews I received for my book was horrible. The guy basically called me a fraud. After the initial shock, it was actually a great lesson for me. We can't please everyone.

  12. Goof for you for not letting this stop you or bring you down. Some things aren't for everyone. But if the majority was priase, focus there. Proofreading is important, sure. I'm huge on it, but to trash someone's work over it? Never.


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