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I Have Three Updates Left

I do have three updates left so if we want a double update next week I do need to do some writing next week. I managed to do some writing this week, but not in Immortal Space. So for now enjoy the first part of this weeks double update.

After a few minutes of searching around the ship Trent found Geoff crying quietly to himself in a corridor. Trent didn't say anything and instead just pulled him to his feet and wrapped him in a tight hug.
"I thought I'd lost you. Don't ever die on me again." Trent said, illiciting a small and welcome giggle from Geoff.
"I don't think I can, can I?" he replied.
"Let's not be in any hurry to see, eh?" Trent replied and let go of the hug. "So why did you run off just now?"
"How do you expect someone to react when they hear the person that they care about most says they fear them?"
"To be honest, I'd have reacted like you did. Why do you think I never told anyone I was immortal? I expected a similar reaction." Trent explained. "I'm sorry if I hurt you kid. I didn't mean for it to sound that bad."
"So why did you react like that? You're immortal, it should be fine for you to learn someone else might be."
"Well as I was explaining to Lena, it's just that I've never seen anything like it. I've seen life, death, creation, destruction, and a lot of great things. It's not really often I run in to something new you know?"
"So you don't hate me?" Geoff asked and Trent could see he was on the verge of tears.
"I could never hate you kid, you're like family to me now and family don't hate eachother. At least, mine never did."
"So now you want to be part of your family?" Geoff asked. There was still a little bit of hurt there from the reactions Trent had towards both him wondering if they could be related, and now this new revelation.
"I think there's a story I need to tell you. One I should have told you before. See there's a good reason that I can't be your dad..." Trent began and told Geoff the story about what had happened with Amanda and made sure to explain it had happened thirty years ago, well before Geoff was born. "So you see, the only time I could have had a kid was thirty years ago, and you're still young enough for me to call you 'kid'. I'm sorry I didn't tell you that back when we first fell out about it." Rather than reassuring Geoff though the story seemed to make him visibly uncomfortable. After a short silence when Trent was done Geoff started to speak softly, and Trent had to lean in close to hear him.
"I'm actually thirty years old..." Geoff said quietly. So quietly that Trent was sure he hadn't heard that right.
"It sounded like you said you were thirty, but that can't be right." Trent said. Geoff shifted uncomfortably again but this time when he spoke it was louder and clearer. There was no denying what he said.
"I mean it, I'm actually thirty years old. It's kind of a long story." Geoff said. Trent was shocked but tried to not let it show on his face. Geoff was clearly uncomfortable as far as the subject was concerned and he didn't want to scare him again, not when the two had just made up once more.
"Well I'll listen if you want to tell me about it. I'll be honest ki-" he went to say but stopped himself. "-Geoff, you've definitely got me curious." Geoff sighed, steeled himself, and prepared to tell Trent a story of his own.
"Well you remember how I told you that Osbourne cured the illness I had gotten from my mum?" Geoff asked slowly, drawing out the moment. Trent nodded in response and Geoff continued. "Well that's not the total story. See there's something I didn't say. The truth is that it actually took him fifteen years to cure me, it wasn't something he was able to do instantly."
"Well that explains how you can be thirty, but why haven't you aged or anything?"
"That's something neither me or Osbourne have been able to explain. When I was a kid and contracted the disease, I just went in to a coma one day. I woke up fifteen years later. Osbourne told me that my body was destroying and rebuilding itself at the same time and there was some kind of stalemate going on in my body. My body refused to die, and the virus refused to be beaten. Every time it would mutate, so would my immune system. I think I should have began suspecting I was immortal back then, huh?"
"Probably." Trent said with a chuckle to break the tension that had been forming in the room. "But that still doesn't explain the lack of aging. People in comas still age."
"I was getting to that." Geoff said as he playfully punched Trent on the shoulder. "For some reason I just didn't age. I still don't understand it but Osbourne came up with a working theory that my body shut down absolutely everything but my immune system to combat the virus. I wasn't even breathing, I was technically dead except for my immune system." Geoff said before drifting off in to thought. "If you think about it, it's kind of like the state you go in to when you get seriously hurt. You're basically dead when that happens aren't you?"
"Now you mention it, I am really. I've experienced something similar to that actually. Although I've never been in a coma."
"Oh? What happened?"
"Well my home is actually built in the middle of a nuclear fallout zone. When I lived there I would suffer from radiation sickness, and I'd lose my hair. Over time though my body seemed to adapt, and it stopped happening. I was never able to explain it."
"So you're saying that whatever it is that made you immortal, it adapts to what's happening to you?" Geoff asked. Trent nodded in response. "And we can assume that my body somehow did the same thing?" Trent nodded again, but it was slightly delayed. He was beginning to see what Geoff was getting at.
"You don't mean..." he began.
"I think I do mean that. It seems that somehow, you were born immortal like me, and the two of us have the same thing. Trent, I really do think you might be my dad after all."

By the way I'm aware of the massive logic hole here, and so is Trent. I just think this would make a good chapter ending because other people might not notice it and jump to the next chapter when the eagle eyed amongst you would remember that the woman had an abortion, so there's no way Trent could be his dad. As far as anyone is aware.


  1. well...the ending does plant a seed though...and the assumed relationship does conflict their own relationship a bit which can turn out really cool...

  2. I had to flip back and see where we left off,
    and then I had to have you remind me she had an abortion.
    The abortion wouldn't have made a difference though, since the kid's immortal, the fetus would adept to the "holy shit where's the womb" situation.


  3. I'm glad to hear that Geoff's still alive for his and Trent's sake, great post Mark.

  4. Ok had to go back and read the last bit in order for this to make sense to me and glad I what can I say other then bloody awesome........


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