Thursday, 21 March 2013

Another Writing Podcast

Yes I once again mostly talk about writing but there is a point to this one. Most of it is me rambling and talking about my "voice" as a writer. The parts of my writing that are mine and set me apart from other people who write. I'd love to tell you what I talked about after that but I went and deleted the script accidentally.

Oh, I remember now. A plan I had for a non-fiction book that I could compile. I'm not sure if I can or will actually do it but I was thinking that I could compile a lot of my blog posts and make a bit of a humour/serious book about my opinions on a lot of things. A lot of my posts are opinion pieces, and I could probably make a few books out of them really.

Well anyway enjoy the podcast, and the video I'm going to attach is also a part of the podcast. As in, I explain it. I say it's worth watching if you're writing. It's about finding your voice and getting better as a writer.

It seems I can't embed it so I'll just link to it.

How To Find Your Voice

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  1. finding your voice is a process but it is there...and not to be confused with style as i think your voice is much more than just your style...but it is as unique as someones handwriting...

    right now, having only read you for a couple months...i would say i enjoy your creativity...your stories remind me a bit of the stories i grew up on...and it is compelling to me...

  2. In Immortal Space what I like about your writers voice is the rhythm and cadence. It just seems to flow and draw me in.

    When it comes to your blogging voice it's your honesty that I like.

    It would take a deft hand to do the book on your opinion pieces and using wit to tie it all together and keep people interested. Ricky does have an excellent, understated humour and it's sophisticated as well. The best British humour is intelligent. You can do that.

  3. I agree with Anne about your blogging voice. It's honest. A lot of bloggers can't be honest with themselves, and their entries come across as a little "fake." I've never once thought any of your posts sounded fake. That's a huge compliment, btw, and I guess my way of saying that you'd be great at non-fiction.

  4. I actually think a compilation of blog posts as a book is a great idea myself! I've never thought of that before.

  5. Interesting video Mark, I absolutely love the idea you have though when it comes to your blog and writing, decent idea for sure man.

  6. Blah, I'll have to remind myself to listen to this when I get home and am not on campus.

  7. How would you publish the book? E-reader on Amazon?

  8. B'd like to write a non-fiction book one day. But, I probably won't be able to finish it because I'll end up going off on some goofy tangent (a lot like I'll do for the A-Z Challenge).

  9. I think people who write are amazing me I am no writer but I am a reader and all writers need us readers............


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