Monday, 4 March 2013

A Plea

Well I suppose before I get in to the whole meat of the round up, I have a bit of a plea. As you all should know by now, I have a book out (yay), as you also probably know, it's not selling too good (boo) so if anyone has any tips on how to get the word out, short of paid advertising (which I can't afford yet) then I will happily accept any and all tips on how to encourage sales. Seriously, I'm in need of help. I rarely actually ever ask people for help, so I think I've earned a favour or two to be called in. Also if anyone does know any good ways to do paid advertising, then also let me know that. I tried setting it up before and I failed, and I was considering using Google, but I don't like how they do business as far as advertising goes. Anyway, let's get on with this round up.

Tuesday was a public service announcement in which I encouraged all of you to brush your teeth regularly due to my trip to the dentist. In short, it hurt. It really, really hurt. I think some places count what I was subjected to as torture. Although really I am being overdramatic. I have to go back today and if he's going to scrape my teeth again I'm having the needle. I've been informed by everyone, including Jessica (who never lies to protect my feelings) that the needle doesn't hurt and it acts so quickly that you've lost all feeling before you really feel pain.If this is not the case, words will be had. They will mostly be four letters long.

Wednesday I shared an inspirational message I heard in a song by one Ira Glass. It was about how for the first few years of you doing something, you probably won't be able to produce something on par with your tastes, with your ideas. You should never stop creating, even if you aren't able to create something that you feel matches your brilliant ideas. Eventually you'll get there, and you can and will create something you're proud of.

Thursday was the latest podcast I made, this one mostly about a review I got on Amazon for my book, and the frankly positive manner in which I reacted to it. I have actually since continued to write, and I think I'm still doing good. Immortal Space is still coming on strong, and so is one of my short stories. The problem with writing four things at once is that something is going to get left by the wayside. There was also some other stuff on there, mostly about how I was cleaning, but the main stuff is the first ten to fifteen minutes.

Friday was also about writing as it was about how I still face writing challenges and have to stop work on something and work on something else because I'm unsure of how things are going to develop, or how to word them. One specific example is that I was writing in one of my short stories and an action scene came up. I stopped writing and left it for a day because I wasn't sure how to handle it, and now I have a pretty good scene. At least, I think I do. If you're not sure about what to do next, it's okay to take a break. I find it helpful to swap writing projects rather than just stop because that way, you're still doing something productive.

Saturday was potentially the beginning of the last Immortal Space double update but I can confirm that there will be another one this week. Fang pointed out some logical fallacies, one of which was proven wrong, and one that caused me to write another scene within the update (although within the document, not the post) wherein Trent steals an engine. I now realise I could have just turned it in to one or two sentences, rather than write a seperate bloody update within an update. Oh I forgot to say this to you Fang when we got debating, the collection of stuff is the same stuff from the beginning so it's already made an appearance and as it's on Earth, there's a good chance it won't be seen again.

Sunday was the other half of the double update where I got back to what I do best; grim and disturbing depictions of graphic violence. I get the feeling I would actually write a scene where someone gets tortured just because part of me would enjoy it. If you thought what Trent did was insane, wait until you see what Amanda does...

Ahh, good times. Although seriously, the next part was actually tough for even me, Lord of Death, to write.

Well anyway, there's your round up. Seeing as I write these the night before, here's hoping I woke up in time to go to the dentists. Lousy sleeping problems.


  1. Just keep telling people about it Mark, that's the best advice. Try to encourage more people to look at your blog, to follow your Twitter and to like you on Facebook. It's all about building yourself up slowly and eventually having a massive, not really a fanbase but a place that'll listen to you when you have something to sell. You can't expect your book to be selling widespread like the bible or something within its first month of release, it's all about slowly building yourself up, try to be patient and really think about this, sales will improve but you have to give it time.

  2. Do a Blog tour. A Blogger friend of mine, Marjie Myers, is doing a Blog tour where she's going round other people's blogs to promote the book. She'll be coming to Muppets For Justice on the 11th and we've prepared a mock interview around it. Perhaps you could contact a few Bloggers and ask to do something similar.

  3. Did you listen to my interview with Lord Throckmorton Fungusleaves? :P
    Just sayin'.

  4. Maybe you can get your friends to have your book posted on their sidebar of their blogs? Do guest posts, as Addman suggested but I will say when you do a blog tour just be careful you don't over due it. I know i grow tired of seeing the same person all week long making the rounds, so if possible, space it out a bit. Maybe use humor to do the guest post and then plug your book. I've seen that work well.

  5. yeamie is right....its a slow build...creating a community of the social media...

  6. You ready to hear something crazy? About 95% of our buyers have never even seen our blog. That's right, a surprising amount of people just randomly browse Amazon and buy books that appeal to them. Having a lot of reviews helps (as we always beg and plead) and of course just having an appealing looking cover helps too. So don't think of it as "I have to sell a ton of these myself." Think of it as "I have to get the ball rolling enough so that sales will come in consistently." Get some more sales here and there, get some more reviews, and then the sales will come. We released The Missing Link over a year ago and that's still our most consistent seller. We get at least one purchase a day, and it most definitely was not like that when we first released it.

  7. I'd keep hounding people to leave reviews. From what ABFTS says, that seems to be the best way to go. Plus, I think Addman's idea is also good. It would require a lot of extra writing on your part, but it could very well pay off. See if you can do a guest post on one of the high traffic blogs in the community.

  8. No idea really but I just bought it!

  9. I wish I had some suggestions for you, but I'm planning on buying it now!! Good luck!

  10. Whoa whoa whoa, I've missed way too much stuff in the last couple of months Mark! You have a book out??? I need to read it! :)

    I need to organize my time better so I don't miss cool news like these!

  11. Man if I bought every book that a fellow blogger had out, I would have a lot of unread books and a lot less money.

    Have you tried a sandwich board with the words "Buy my book,


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