Sunday, 31 March 2013

Well Bugger Me I Did It

Despite spending six hours at work (although I barely did any work as it was a very lazy day) and being incredibly tired I fired up the old orchestral playlist and did some writing. Originally I was going to make some sort of half update because I felt that was all I could handle, and I wanted to give you a bit of an Easter break (happy Easter by the way! I got one Easter egg today, and it was from my boss) but I just kept writing and it turned in to a very full update. So enjoy it, because I am tired and I have no idea how I did it.

A week passed without any word from Lisa. Geoff was getting worried and nervous but Trent was keeping him busy to keep him occupied and keep his mind away from thoughts about Lisa. The situation was out of Geoff’s control and Trent knew it would do him no good to spend so much time ruminating over something he had no control over. Geoff spent most of his time in combat training with Trent. The two of them would spar and Trent was also teaching Geoff how to properly shoot a gun. They were heading in to a warzone and Geoff needed to be ready. A few days in to the training Trent was already beginning to see a difference. At first Geoff had been slow to respond and wasn’t really getting in to the training but as the time passed he became more focused and he began to enjoy himself more. Trent had managed to make it a little more fun for Geoff although he was still keen to point out the very real dangers of an actual combat situation so Geoff didn’t get the wrong idea.

By the end of the week Geoff was in a much better place and thoughts of Lisa were relegated to the very back of his mind, only coming to the surface during the times he was left alone too long which was usually only when he was trying to sleep. The hard training through the day left his mind with no choice but to accept sleep at the end of the day so even those periods didn’t last long. Geoff and Trent were busy with a training exercise when the ship’s intercom informed them that they had a visitor who was stood by the entrance to the ship. Trent went to see who it was while Geoff hung back out of sight.
“Oh, hello there Lisa.” Trent said when he opened up the door and saw Lisa standing there in the same dress she had worn on her date with Geoff. She also had one of her arms through the handle of a basket.
“Hi there mister…Trent. I’m sorry I never learned your last name.” she said a little sheepishly.
“It’s Saxon but don’t worry about it. Just Trent is fine.” Trent replied. Lisa smiled as she nodded at him. “So what can I help you with? You here to see the boy?”
“If you aren’t busy or anything I’d like to.” Lisa replied.
“Nah we’re just doing some practicing. I’ll get him for-“ Trent was interrupted by a ball bearing hitting the back of his head followed shortly by a laugh coming from behind him.
“We have company ya idiot! That wasn’t fair.” Trent shouted, looking over his shoulder.
“Hey, all’s fair in love and war, right?” Geoff replied as he approached Trent. Trent had taught him the archaic phrase. Geoff let out another laugh but it died in his throat when he saw who was stood with Trent.
“Hey.” Geoff said simply, letting the crude ball bearing shooting weapon he had just used fall to his side.
“Hey…I was wondering if you wanted to go out? I made us some lunch.” Lisa replied, holding up the basket.
“Sure…I mean, if it’s okay with Trent, I guess.” Geoff replied.
“What do I have to do with it?” Trent said, looking between the two.
“Well we were training, so it’s up to you if I can skip training isn’t it?” Geoff replied.
“That it is, I guess. Sure, whatever, go on out with your little girlfriend. You might want to clean up a little bit first though. We’ve been running around all day.” Trent said. Geoff looked down at his clothes and saw that he was indeed covered in sweat.
“I’ll be back in about ten minutes or so, don’t go anywhere.” Geoff said to Lisa and quickly hurried deeper in to the ship.

About twenty minutes later Geoff reappeared in a cleaner set of clothes and with his still wet hair combed back. Trent had found a chair for Lisa to sit on while she waited and so Geoff found them with Lisa sat on a chair on one side of the corridor and Trent sat on the floor opposite her.
“Are you ready to go then?” Geoff asked Lisa.
“Ready if you are.” Lisa replied as she stood up. Geoff nodded and together the two of them walked out of the ship. They didn’t get far before Geoff let out an exclamation of pain and rubbed the back of his head as a ball bearing hit it. Even after all his years away from the service Trent was still a crack shot.
“Oh, come on!” Geoff shouted back to Trent, who was stood at the entrance to the ship. “We’re not even training anymore, that was a more unfair than what I did!”
“All’s fair in love an’ war kid.” Trent shouted back and let out a laugh. Lisa let out a giggle herself before locking her arm in Geoff’s and leading him away from the ship before he could run back and get revenge.
“You’ve had your war, now go get your love.” Trent said quietly to himself as he watched the two of them leave.

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Update One Of Who Knows

I say who knows because I haven't written a second update this week but last Saturday I actually wrote two updates so we'll see how I do. I kinda want to go in to work though because they're closed tomorrow which is when I'd normally go in. If I go in to work then I might end up too tired to go in to work. Unless I take my laptop. Well anyway, enjoy this update.

“Geoff…Geoff…wake up…” Geoff heard a voice say. It was light and soft and reminded him of Lisa’s voice. He was still hazy and couldn’t place that it was her voice.
“Wake up ya idiot!” a much gruffer and slightly accented voice said before Geoff felt someone smack him on the cheek.
“Do you really think that’s going to help?” The lighter voice admonished.
“Look at him, he’s waking up. I say I helped.” The other voice replied. Geoff’s eyes opened slowly before he shut them again as the bright light assaulted them. He risked opening them again a few seconds later and blinked as the world came in to focus. He saw two people leaning over him; one was Lisa, and the other was Trent. Lisa was looking at him with a worried expression and Trent looked neutral, if anything.
“What happened?” Geoff said as he sat up and rubbed the spot where Lisa’s dad had hit him.
“The little lady here tells me you did something stupid.” Trent replied.
“Well not entirely stupid. He provoked my dad by kissing me. It was nice sure, but it was still a quite stupid thing to do though.” Lisa giggled at the memory and Geoff blushed faintly.
“That’s just funny, so it’s not really what I was talking about. You went and told her you’re immortal. Boy are you insane?!” Trent said, shaking Geoff and taking his world out of focus once more.
“You mean he’s actually insane? I was beginning to suspect that.” Lisa said.
“I’m not insane. I was telling the truth wasn’t I?” Geoff said as Trent stopped shaking him and allowed him to answer.
“Was he telling the truth?” Lisa asked Trent.
“He was yeah, but he was still a damnable idiot for doin’ it. You don’t just go around saying things like that to people.” Trent replied. Lisa gasped in shock but neither Trent nor Geoff paid much attention to her.
“You told me! You’re the one telling other people this stuff!” Geoff retorted.
“I told you because you’d seen it happen. I never told Amanda nothin’ and you should be careful who you tell. I only told people who saw it happen. People who would be unable to deny it, and would be happy to have the answer to what they’d just seen happen, regardless of how insane it sounded.”
“Wait a minute; Amanda? I thought you were going out with a girl named Lena?” Lisa said, bringing herself back to the attention of Trent and Geoff.
“Amanda was a girl I dated about thirty years ago.” Trent replied.
“There’s no way you look old enough to have been dating thirty years ago.”
“Lisa I think you need to sit down, I need to explain some things to ya.” Trent said as he pulled Geoff to his feet.
“Not this again…” Lisa replied but she joined the two of them as they sat down at a table.
Trent explained to Lisa that what Geoff told her was true, that the two of them were immortal and that they would be going away for a while. Trent asked Lisa to look at Geoff’s face carefully and she let out a gasp when she realised what Trent had asked her to do. Geoff had been hit pretty hard by her dad. He had been knocked clean out. There wasn’t a scratch on his face to indicate that he had been hurt in any way. She had been too busy panicking to notice any damage but she accepted no one could have been hit like that and not had a mark left on them. Geoff explained this had been one of the reasons he had kissed her. It was partly because he wanted to, partly because he wanted to annoy her dad, partly because he wanted to show her his lack of fear, and partly so he would get hurt and she would see his healing as it happened. It had worked in a way as everything but Lisa seeing the healing as it happened had happened. Trent had also been quick to point out that they had only recently discovered the truth about Geoff and that he hadn’t been lying to her about anything. He himself hadn’t known so he couldn’t tell her sooner. Lisa said that even though she was shocked, and surprised, and she agreed it was a stupid thing Geoff did by telling her, she was glad he had. If everyone who learned the truth about Trent only did after seeing him die, or come back to life, she would rather not have to see Geoff die to know the truth. When everything had been explained, and all questions had been answered, Lisa was convinced of the truth, but she was unsure what to do about it.
“What do you mean you don’t know what to do now?” Geoff asked when Lisa had said as such.
“I mean you’ve just dropped something like this on me, and I need time to think about it.”
“Think about what?”
“Everything. When are you going?”
“We’ll be leaving in a few weeks.” Trent told Lisa.
“I’ll be done thinking by then. I’d hate for something like this to be on his mind when he goes.” Lisa replied. Trent nodded and stood up, dragging Geoff to his feet.
“Come on kid, this is probably the best you could have hoped for.”
“I thought she should know.” Geoff said quietly, dejectedly.
“And you were right. I’m glad I know, and for what it’s worth Geoff…I love you.” Lisa reassured him. Geoff smiled again and Trent lead him out of the pub and back to the shuttle.
“Let’s get you something to eat. It might help.” Trent said when the two of them were inside the shuttle.
“Yeah, it might.” Geoff replied.
“Hey don’t be so down. I think you’ve got good reason to hope there.”
“What makes you say that?”
“Well she clearly likes you. She’s just a little confused right now, but I think she’ll definitely think nothing of it in the end. You’ll be fine kid.”
“Yeah, maybe I will.” Geoff replied with a tone of hope in his voice.
“That’s the spirit kid.” Trent replied. He started up the shuttle and headed back to the ship.

Friday, 29 March 2013

It's Been Two Months

Two things quickly before we begin: One, my interview with Addman SHOULD be up today. 
Two; My short story has been published on my other blog, for those who wish to read it.

I got curious on Tuesday and I found myself looking something up. I found out that it's been a little over two months now since I went vegetarian. It's actually not been that bad at all. My guess is that this is because I still eat tuna. Although the main reason I still eat tuna is because then I have a healthy option while going to the local sandwich place. The only thing they have there that isn't meat, or isn't cooked, is cheese. Cheese is not so healthy.

You could argue though that I've not exactly achieved my goals of what I set out to do by becoming one. Although really I didn't actually have any kind of goal in mind. I've just been telling people that one of the main reasons I went vegetarian was to be a bit healthier. If we take that as a goal then nah, I've failed miserably. It turns out you can be very unhealthy even when not eating meat. I have actually eaten more cheese lately for a start. My local supermarket doesn't really have much in the way of vegetarian options which I consider a bit of a shame and am also citing as a cause for the fact I'm an unhealthy vegetarian. I expected when I went vegetarian that I would be eating more fruit and, well, vegetables. I'm not though really. I should be, and I hope to be, but I'm not doing so good on that front right now. I mostly stick to cheese and meat substitutes which have varying degrees of fat content. The main thing I really need to do is not be so lazy in the kitchen and set aside more time to cook.

Another problem I have is that I don't like eating fruit straight to put it simply. I don't like just eating fruit. I find most fruit to be too sweet for my tastes and the ones that aren't so sweet, such as say pears, I find to taste bad. I am an enigma wrapped in complexity.

Still I'm not really about to moan because I know the answers and when I know the answers I refuse to moan. I need to be eating more actual fruit and vegetables, and I need to be more willing to cook and even expand my cooking abilities.

Still, two months, that's not bad at all. I actually barely miss or want meat at all. Which is good seeing how every time I eat dinner with my dad he orders a small breakfast which includes bacon and sausages and I used to love those.

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Script? What Script?

I did indeed do away with a script for this latest foray into podcasting. Instead I just made some notes for talking points and just spoke about them. I think it worked except for talking about things ahead of when I was supposed to. But in the end it ended up about 95% unscripted so yay. The main thing to take away from this podcast is that I HAVE A NEW BLOG. You can find it HERE. I'll only be posting once a month on there and the plan is to basically post my short stories there so you don't feel compelled to read a 7000 word blog post. I'm not going to make you follow that blog or read my stories but as you very well know feedback is important to a writer and to improve I need feedback. That is half of the purpose of that blog. The other half is of course to impose a deadline on myself and make sure I have something new written every month. The way I see it this means that every six months or so I have a whole new collection of short stories to release. I'll be a millionaire in no time. As long as people buy them. Anyway, the first story, The Beast, will be up later today. I finished writing it on Tuesday and so I'm going to put it up there. Anyway, enjoy the podcast, and go read my short stories on my other blog. If you don't my opinion of you really won't change too much. At least, in a way you'll recognise.

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PS Sorry to write so much on a podcast post it's just that not everyone gets to listen to the podcast and I consider this new blog sort of essential information people need to know.  

Monday, 25 March 2013

The Writing Task

So this is the writing task I told you about on Thursday. If you remember back that far. Basically the goal is to write a 750-ish word story based in the first person and based on your own life (I think that's just to make it easier) and essentially it was a blog post but I have some questions at the end for you all too. Do enjoy it and of course please answer the questions.

At first I found it actually more difficult than I imagined to write this up. A short story, 750 words, in the first person. It doesn’t really sound like such a monumental task now does it? I suppose though the main reason it was so difficult for me is that I don’t really get up to much. I didn’t have too much trouble with the actual writing of the piece but rather deciding on what to write about. Something happened last week though so I do have a rather short tale to tell you all. It was last Thursday when I got my hair cut. The picture of it is all over Twitter and Facebook but I’ll be nice and attach a picture to my blog too for all of you normal people. It’s something I’d decided to do for a few weeks now and actually a few weeks back I almost cut my hair off myself in the throes of temporary insanity. I decided to let someone who claimed to be a professional hack away at it instead though and so formed a big plan in my head. I would go to work and stop in on the barber shop on the way there. Nothing actually went wrong amazingly, except for the haircut taking longer than expected. It was kind of fun what the barber did though as when I walked in to the hairdresser I took out my ponytail but when I sat in the chair the guy spent a few minutes putting it BACK in to a ponytail using an elastic band. He then cut the entire thing off and I’m surprised I didn’t cry. One of the barbers was bald and as a bit of a practical joke he actually put the severed hair on the guys chair while he was out of the shop. Apparently this bald barber always dreamed of having hair and so I found it a slightly cruel irony that there was a bald barber who always dreamed of having hair.

The poor guy has all the hair he could ever need but he can’t use it. When you think about it, that’s kind of sad really. A part of me still attests as well that with how much hair I left with them I should have been paid by them for my hair. I’m also slightly surprised I didn’t ask if I could keep the ponytail. I could have had locks of my hair to send to people who really wanted one. I think at least one person would be crazy enough to want some of my hair.

After that of course I went to work for a few hours and not a great deal of anything happened. This is why I have such trouble making personal updates and posts. Not a great deal of stuff happens in my life. Nothing that would be worth reporting on anyway. I want to entertain and amuse with my blog, not bore people in to submission. I have poetry for that, and books. I’m just kidding of course as my book is delightful and I really will take any and all opportunities to prostitute both it and myself.

As I think about it there was something that happened at work that day that I can probably squeeze a few hundred words out of if I try and a few hundred words is all I have left. Look at how well I’m squeezing them out here. I suppose that padding is actually something else I’m not bad at, despite what I might think. Anyway, I was going to tell you another work story that I should probably save for something else but I’ll put it here. I AM THE GOD OF PADDING! So anyway, the people at work were talking (I don’t actively engage people in conversation) and somehow the subject of birthdays came up. Specifically the year people were born. We have a guy working there who is actually slightly older than my dad. So this guy is asking everyone what year they were born and eventually he asks me. As you know I’m quite a private person with things like that and I think only a few people on Twitter, and those on Facebook, will know my age. I think I’ve mentioned it on Amazon too actually…bugger. So when he asks me what year I was born, I say 1985 without skipping a beat. I just proved that if you say something with enough conviction then you can make people believe it.

I am glad, however, that Barry (the assistant manager) didn’t hear me say that and that Paul (my big evil boss) wasn’t there, or they may have called me out on that. They know how old I really am of course.

Well this lasted a little longer than 750 words and it’s not over yet I’m afraid. Now I’ve done with my story I have a few questions for you, as per the rules of the writing exercise. Rather than ask you what you think, I have some very specific questions I would greatly appreciate the answer to.

What makes it unique? What makes this "me”?
What could I do more/less of? What can/should I change?
How can I improve? What could I do differently in general?
Thank you for your time today and I’m hoping for some feedback. Although feel free to post an inane comment I guess. I can’t force you to write and critique me. I’d just appreciate it. By Celestia’s beard this was long. 

Look! It's not a pony! It's me! And a cat. Also my webcam is terrible and this is the actual size of the picture
I told you, I have one for EVERYTHING.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

The Streak Lives

My streak of double updates lives on! Enjoy this one and know that I giggled as I wrote the end of it. I sure do seem to hate my characters sometimes. Or I just really love schadenfreude. I think both of those statements are accurate to a certain degree.


"I didn't realise 'You'll live to regret this' could have such literal connotations." Geoff said when the two of them returned to the ship.
    "Hey you should be happy this thing doesn't have wheels." Trent replied as he patted the shuttle. "It's much harder to crash one of these things."
    "You were trying to crash?" Geoff choked.
    "Some things are just way too safe if you ask me."
    "Safety is a good thing! You shouldn't be trying to crash!"
    "Hey you're pretty good at driving one of these things now ain't ya?" Trent retorted. Geoff was going to respond but he realised that Trent was right. Despite how dangerous the past few hours had been, he had grown quite good at driving as a result of it. By the time they had headed back to the ship he was driving safer than Trent was. Although as Trent was apparently trying to crash, it wasn't saying much that he had done better. "That's what I thought." Trent said and walked through the door in to the shipproper. "You want something to eat kid?" Trent asked.
    "Sure, why not?" Geoff replied as he walked through the door after Trent.
    "You better get cooking it then." Trent said before walking off laughing. "Oh and make me something while you're at it will you?" he shouted back at Geoff. Geoff made a rude gesture at Trent's back. "I saw that!" Trent shouted before laughing again, leaving Geoff confused for a few moments before he realised there was no way Trent would have been able to see what he did. Geoff sighed, shook his head, and went back in to the garage where the shuttle was.
    "I'll be back in a bit." Geoff called after Trent. "I'm going to just pick something up. I'll get you something while I'm out." Trent raised his hand to signify he had gotten the message. Geoff climbed in to the shuttle, started it up, and set out in to the desert in the direction of the town.

Geoff had a destination in mind before picking up some food and instead of heading immediately for somewhere to get something he went to the pub that had become quite familiar to the him and Trent. It was more familiar to Geoff as it was where Lisa lived and he was going to visit her before doing any favours for Trent. He drove the shuttle to the pub and left it parked outside before heading in. Lisa was standing behind the bar and she waved to Geoff when she saw him enter. Geoff waved back with a smile that disappeared quite quickly as he saw the large man standing behind Lisa, who was staring at him with a disapproving look on his face.
“Hey Lisa. Do you think we could go somewhere a little more private? There’s something I need to tell you.” Geoff said as he reached the bar. The look on the big man’s face became darker but he smiled as Lisa patted him on the arm. She nodded to Geoff and together the two of them sat together at an empty table. The man behind the bar never took his eyes off of Geoff.
“Did I do something wrong?” Geoff asked Lisa, looking at the man. Lisa followed his gaze and let out a giggle when she saw what was unnerving him.
“Don’t mind him.” She reassured Geoff. “He’s my adoptive dad and he gives that look to any boy who looks at me. You went and waved at me and asked me to sit somewhere private. How did you think he’d react?”
“It’s a good job I didn’t try and kiss you then isn’t it?”
“It would have probably been the last thing you did. So yeah, it’s probably a good job you didn’t.”
“Well I’d have died happy.” Geoff said, giving his best impression of the smile Trent gave a girl. Lisa giggled and a small blush formed on her cheeks.
“So what did you want?” Lisa asked after a few more moments of comfortable silence had passed.
“Right. I had something I wanted to tell you.” Geoff said as he snapped back to reality. He had gotten a little lost in the moment and totally forgotten what he wanted to say. “Trent and me are going to go offworld for a bit. I’m not sure how long we’ll be gone but I’ll definitely come back.” Geoff said. “I promise you that I’ll come back.” He added as he held her hands tight in his own.
“You’re going away again?” Lisa replied. The disappointment was evident in her voice. “You’re going to do something dangerous again aren’t you?” she asked. Geoff didn’t see the point of lying so he nodded. “What if you don’t come back? You said you were really hurt last time. What if it’s worse this time?”
“About that…There’s something else I need to tell you. I didn’t tell you the full story of what happened to me while we were gone.”
“Geoff, tell me what happened.” Lisa demanded. So Geoff told her. He explained the truth of what had happened and how he had been shot in the heart. She looked shocked but it soon changed to disbelief as he went on to explain what had happened in Lena’s ship and just how he had made it out of the mission unscathed. When he had done Lisa wasn’t sure how to react.
“You really expect me to believe that?” Lisa asked. “I’m willing to believe a lot, and I’m glad you’re alive, but how do you expect me to respond to something like that?” Geoff didn’t answer her and instead chose to do something reckless. He made sure that her dad was watching and kissed her square on the lips. Lisa was surprised at first but returned the kiss when she realised just what was happening. Lisa had been right about just how her dad would react. He came out from behind the bar and punched Geoff in the side of the head after pulling him off of Lisa. Lisa shrieked at her dad and slapped him on the arm. She leaned down to where Geoff was now laid on the ground.
“Totally worth it.” Geoff said shortly before he passed out.


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