Saturday, 9 February 2013

Well I Said It Probably Wouldn't Happen

...And it didn't happen I'm afraid. There's no Immortal Space update, at least for today. I don't know if I can get one out for tomorrow I guess it depends on how I feel. But there is some good news to be taken away from this. If I do get my last short story edited by the end of the week then it means I can focus all my writing time next week to Immortal Space and hopefully churn out more than one update and maybe bring us back in to the real world, and the present.

I'm a little surprised no one has wondered in the comments, or asked me, just where Trent woke up.

I have no Caspian update or anything else either so there's no real writing to be displayed here right now beyond these words that you're reading right now. How did I know you were reading these words right at this second? Lucky guess.

Nah just kidding, I'm totally psychic.

Anyway, yes, no IS update, no update of any kind really, but hopefully there will be one tomorrow. If there isn't, then hopefully there will be two next week.

Cut me some slack, I'm ill, and trying to finalise a book. When the short stories are done the plan is to focus all my attention in to IS and get it finished within the next few months, and then I'll probably spend a month or so editing it and adding things and taking things out before publication of that too. If all goes well maybe I can release not one, but two books this year.

Instead of an update I have a little game for you. There are TWO plot holes in Immortal Space, that I have counted. See if you can remember them. They were fairly close to the start and are very easily written away. I just wonder if anyone has that good a memory.

Also my ability to make a post out of being unable to make a post never ceases to amaze me.


  1. Man this definitely was a long way for you to go about telling us you have no update but it's no problem at all! You spoil us with Immortal Space updates every week and you more than deserve a break from all the writing you do for us. Plus with Caspian in development there's even more awesome writings to come so I don't think that anybody at all is going to have any complaints!

  2. It takes a true talent to make an update about "no update" an interesting read :)

  3. Welp, guess I'll have to reluctantly give you a break, then. Honestly though, once your fans start demanding you throw out updated under impossible conditions, that's when you know you've made it.
    And maybe we didn't ask where he woke up because, as of right now, it's not important?

    Two plot holes, eh. Bet it has something to do with the whole deal of Trent being in that dead man's box or whatever, and how it took him way long to wake up from death. But we haven't seen him die since, so we can't say for sure whether it normally takes longer/shorter or whatever.
    Hmm, plot holes. This is a hard one, Mark. You sure they aren't hella obscure?
    Something to do with Geoff's family or something?

  4. having not read it all, i will admit i am not psychic and cant come up with them...i hope though you are feeling better...and good that even ill you can work on your short stories...maybe it is giving you the time to do that...

  5. Don't worry, we'll cut you your slack :p

  6. i will cut u some slack of bacon, go hellfish!

  7. hehe...making an update on no update is very creative thing to do I must say :D

  8. I can't provide any plot holes because I haven't been here from the beginning. I am very impressed with how dedicated you are about getting both of your books out, Mark. That's fantastic! Just be sure and take care of yourself too.

  9. First you must get yourself all better!!

    Take care


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