Sunday, 24 February 2013

To Mars And Back

Once again, I actually did some research on this to find out what Mars looks like. I had heard that even though its called The Red Planet this was only because of the atmosphere and the ground itself isn't very red. I also wasn't sure what the topography of the surface was like. So, I hope this chapter is actually quite accurate. If not you can....well, I dunno.

Complain, I guess?

Another flaw with the private spacecraft was that they still hadn’t broken the speed of light, at least not with engines. Even without breaking the speed of light, the craft couldn’t go anywhere near as fast as that as the hull wasn’t durable enough to last at such high speeds. Trent was so excited about the prospect of stealing the craft and going to another planet that he hadn’t really thought everything through and unfortunately had to turn the craft back around when he realised that he had no food, water, or even a space suit to put on once he managed to land. He couldn’t die, and he had managed to live without food and water for a while when in the desert, but he had no plans to live like that for nearly a year. He stayed in space long enough to get a good grasp of the controls, and look around, before heading back to his home in Texas. He figured that even if people did look for the ship, they wouldn’t look in what was still a very radioactive area. He set off for home, hoping that the radiation wouldn’t destroy the ship too much while he set about getting supplies.

A week later and he had pretty much everything he needed. He had even gone out of his way to find more fuel and pilfer a space suit. He set out in to space once more, hoping to not need to turn around this time until he got to Mars. He had the good sense to take a lot of books up with him in the craft and so spent most of his time reading and finding other ways to kill the time. The ship he had stolen had been a prototype that was only really capable of space flight and had no real amenities beyond a bedroom and a bathroom. While a full commercial model might have had electronic entertainment, this one didn’t, and Trent had to do his best to get by without it.

Eventually he managed to land on Mars and he proceeded to get out of the ship, and look around. In a way it reminded him of his desert home but it was also vastly different at the same time. The atmosphere gave the land a reddish appearance, even though the effect was lessened from the surface. He could see some rises in the difference, and set off towards them, hoping to have a much better view from the top of them.

When he reached them he was able to climb up them easier than he probably should have thanks to the lower gravity, and took a look down at the planet from a height. The view took his breath away as he could see a large amount of the planet. He saw dips in the ground that looked like they could have once been rivers, and other rises that looked like they could have been mountains. It was the most pure sight he had ever seen since his time in the desert. The desert was harsh, but part of him had admired how natural the place had been. It, much like Mars, was entirely untouched by man. He couldn’t help but imagine what the place had looked like before and he did the same with Mars. He imagined that at some point or another there may have been water flowing through those dips, and that maybe even the planet had supported life at one point. He thought back to the growing population problem on the Earth, and got the idea that maybe it would again one day if people had enough motivation to work out how to do it. He also knew enough about the world to know that motivation meant money. It would have been nice to him if the population problem had been enough of a motivation, but he knew that wasn’t likely to happen. The lack of fossil fuels hadn’t been enough of a motivation to get people to fully grasp alternate energies. While he wanted to help preserve the natural beauty of the land before him, he also wanted to help out his own planet, and helping people get off of it would have certainly helped there. There was less and less natural beauty in the world these days and it was getting depressing. It was one of the reasons he had been so keen to see the world from space, and see lands that humanity would never touch. He decided to take a look at how much air his suit had left and set off quickly towards the ship when he saw how low it was getting. He had been out on the surface for a lot longer than he intended to be. With his new goal in mind of advancing humanity towards the stars, he set off towards Earth once more.

I say the only thing you can complain about is the lack of formatting.


  1. I think your Mars depiction is fine Mark haha, great chapter as usual man, you say these updates are supposed to be boring?

    1. They felt a bit boring to write and seemed to have a large lack of characters. They felt necessary though. Things are going to pick up pretty soon!

  2. "He could see some rises in the difference"
    Is that a proper good sentence?

    >commercial spaceflight is a thing
    >mars untouched by man
    what the what
    Also, the fossil fuel thing was still a recent problem in that time?

    Dude please ask me to stop complaining. You know you want me to.

  3. ive never been to mars so i'll assume this is 100% accurate. good show chap

  4. nice...i enjoyed your trip to mars...and can make the assumption it is accurate...smiles...and i like how you blended in a bit of what we know of mars...once being water maybe...

    i think you meant distance instead of difference...

  5. I do like how trent took books with him! Well done tthat man!

    Take care

  6. I am going to add Mars to my bucket list :)

  7. As someone who knows absolutely nothing about Mars, this seems plausible to me. I didn't see anything that stood out.

    Also, as long as you aren't writing filler, it's not boring. It's just necessary to drive the story.

  8. I will go drop some acid and read this again.
    This is, strange, and delightful.


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