Monday, 11 February 2013

The Editing Has Been Completed

The editing of my short stories has indeed been completed and now I need to just leave them be for a week before giving them a once over again. I'm going on the assumption that I won't find anything I need to change, so I hope to have them published soon. You'll know when they're released because I'll go in to 24/7 whoring mode. Seriously, every single post will mention the book, you have been warned. I've also got some other things to do with writing but that's going to have to wait. I'm also going to the dentist today, which is going to be nightmarish. You'll have to wait until Wednesday for information about that though. For now, have yourselves a pretty little round up.

Tuesday I wrote a post about the introduction to the story I posted the week before last. It's tentatively titled "Caspian Crenshaw And The..." He still has no grand treasure to seek to make up the rest of the title. Or, you know, I could give it a good title. I've still not written in it actually, what with devoting all my time to the short stories. As well as dedicating more time to Immortal Space this week I plan to write at least one update to Caspian.

Wednesday was about how I was feeling melancholic after completing a video game and about how I've just been more melancholic in general lately and not reacting how I normally would to things. My therapist says these reactions were actually normal, so I guess I actually wasn't normal before. Although Jessica is wondering what's causing all my mood swings lately.

Thursday wasn't a podcast, mostly caused by my ill health. My ill health is pretty much sorted now so I'm probably not as be-plagued anymore. Instead there were mostly announcements about my short stories and a very short review of Batman: The Dark Knight Rises, which I'm now about to make even shorter. Pretty good, don't get why it's getting so much hate. Because I was ill I decided to get around to watching it at long last. I actually watched Batman Begins again on Friday too.

Friday was a post on my latest therapy session which wasn't so grand due to my illness at the time but basically I don't have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and she seemed thoroughly pleased I would be releasing a book soon and informed me that was actually our second to last session and said that even if I didn't really see it (which I kind of did really) my social anxieties are way down. I still have some problems, but counseling would be a better fit for those and I don't think I'm too likely to take it if I'm honest.

Saturday I didn't have an Immortal Space update and made a very long post about that fact. I also challenged you guys to come up with the two plot holes that were in the story. No one did get them, but Fang brought at least one more to my attention on Twitter. The two I know of are this: ONE: We never did learn who shot Trent down at the start. They were just there then completely forgotten about. Though there is a reason to that I'll tell you some other time. TWO: Trent made a bet with Geoff where if he won, he would get a date with Geoff's sister. Geoff is an orphan without siblings, and has NO sister. This, again, can be fixed in editing. The space pirates will be dealt with and as for Geoff's sister, well, he was adopted by Doctor Osbourne and so Osbourne's children are his brothers and sisters. Two plot holes revealed, and there, they're fixed.

Sunday was an actual Immortal Space update in which we got a little more insight in to Trent's past. DWei asked me how far along in the story we were, and wanted some specifics like a percentage. I would say we're 85% in to the story now. There are 10-15 updates left, depending on how long I can drag things out. While I can say that what I have planned could never be done as short as that, I've managed to fit a lot in to the 40-ish posts there have been on it, so I'll have to see how it actually goes, but there is only one really big storyline left after some more reveals. Look forward to it.

And that's that. Enjoy your week folks.


  1. Instead of challenging you to live up to your prophecies of whoring, I'll challenge you to keep it down after two or three posts. Bet you can't do that, eh? ;D
    Seriously though, great, can't wait to see 'em published for reals!

  2. This is so exciting, that you are getting your stories published. Whore away. Best to get the news out

  3. You need to use this as your intro for one of these.
    "In case you missed last week... here ya go queers."
    If I was you I'd totally do that.

    And I can't wait to see your published!

  4. oo the dentist...that is a scary thought...smiles....very cool on the editing...will be cool to see them in print eh?

  5. We're no strangers to this particular whoring, so we know how it goes. We're excited for you, and bring on the shameless plugs!

  6. There's nothing wrong with whoring whenever it's championing a worthy product such as your book, can't wait to hear how well it goes.

  7. Yay, I can't wait to read the short stories. Seems you've put loads of time and effort into them so they're bound to be good. I'll definitely purchase it once it's for sale. Also, I've never really seen any issues with whoring. If I put that much time into any of my stuff, you bet your bum you're going to hear about it.

  8. I promise I will buy one of your books one day, so bear with me. Also, peoples, as much as we all like whores, this post is not a license to use the word "whoring" over and over again. This has been a public service announcement.

  9. Congratulations! There's absolutely nothing wrong with self-promotion, so you go right ahead.
    By the way, have I mentioned? 'Shag Carpet Toilet' is ranked in the top millionth of books on Amazon! It's now (and has been for almost a year) available as an E-Book (because I didn't have to pay anything) on Kindle and Nook. So, get what half a dozen readers with questionable taste already have! 'Shag Carpet Toilet.' Avoid the rush!
    Really. Whoring is cool.

  10. That's great, I can't wait to see them.

  11. Bluh, don't talk to me about editing. I got a paper assigned on Monday that's due on Wednesday...

  12. Awesome. So, do you want me to look them over again so you can second-guess yourself all over again lol?


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