Sunday, 3 February 2013

Speculation Abound!

I did indeed write an Immortal Space update yesterday, so I do have one for you right now. It's a little shorter than most of my usual updates but I think there's still plenty in it. Plus it causes a lot of speculation. I wrote it in the middle of a depressive time, so I'm not sure how well written it is, I personally hope "not too bad." Anyway, have your update.
As Trent continued to cry his mind continued to wander, opening mental blocks he didn’t even know he had placed. He thought about his days in the military and how he had proven to be a rather efficient soldier. His aim was spot on and with his determination he pushed himself further and harder than any of the other recruits. It was like he was born to be a soldier, and was just doing everything his body told him to do. While his prowess had attracted a lot of positive attention it had also garnered a lot of negative attention. He stuck out too much and soon enough he was made a part of a secret black ops section that focused on stealth and assassination. He was trained to expand upon his already existing abilities and taught how to use them more covertly. After a few years of successful operation after successful operation he was invited to the base by his superiors and asked to become part of the super soldier program. When he heard what they wanted to do to him he had initially disagreed and said he didn’t want to be a part of it. They were able to coax him in to doing it through a mixture of reassurance that if it succeeded the war would be over quicker, and he could return to Taliah, and threats that if he didn’t do it, something could happen to her before the end of the war ever came about. Because of his success he had been allowed to return home a few times but even when he was at home his superiors were still watching him. They were watching for weak spots; ways to manipulate him. They had found one in Taliah, who was always upset he was never home for good, but managed to be supportive eventually. She was still insisting she would never forgive him if he never returned for good, and they knew that had eaten away at him. Instead of agreeing he simply punched his commanding officer in the face and walked out, threatening that anyone who dared to hurt Taliah would suffer a similar fate. Being a member of a covert group meant that he wasn’t likely to be court martialled for anything he did, but he was surprised he received no punishment at all for his actions.

A few days after the incident he was asked to return to headquarters again, but he wasn’t worried something was going to happen. If they were going to punish him they would have already done it, so he thought it was time for another job, or another attempt at getting him to sign up. He didn’t realise how right he was, as well as how wrong he was at the same time.

This was when the trip in the elevator he had told Geoff about had happened. By the time he had smelled the gas in the elevator it was already too late to do anything about it and he could only struggle for a few seconds before he passed out. He remembered everything that had happened after that too. How he had learned that Taliah had died anyway, and what they had done to him. He hadn’t told Geoff but he also remembered some things from the few months the experiments were taking place. It was mostly waking up screaming in pain and wondering when his body would just give out on him and let him die. He remembered that at one point he had actually heard one of the scientists remarking how amazing it was that he still hadn’t died. He also remembered that at one point one of them had said that there was something wrong, something off, about him. He tried his hardest to remember that particular moment but all he could really remember is that this occurred shortly before the experiment had been declared a success and he had been woken up at long last and freed himself.

Thinking back he realised that even though he had found out a lot of information about the liquid he had been submerged in, and about the experiments themselves, all of his own personal records and any records involving him had been deleted from the system. He hadn’t thought about it much at the time but he couldn’t help thinking about it now with all of these thoughts swimming around in his head. If they had left the research notes then it meant that either they had just not kept any information about him, or someone had deleted it. He didn’t think they hadn’t been keeping any records on him or he wouldn’t have heard a scientist saying there was something wrong with him.

“Just what was in those files?” Trent thought to himself.

Also, I read up what happened earlier in the story so hopefully I've not opened up any plot holes. Feel free to tell me if I have.


  1. Great chapter as usual Mark, it was well worth waiting the extra day. I can feel Trent's pain as he tries to discover what else he can about Geoff, you can tell he misses Geoff a lot, great post man.

  2. Great writing as always Mark. You can definitely feel an added bit of emotion with this piece.

  3. So that "super soldier" thing is where he got his immortality? I know where this is heading. Trent's going to find out about that liquid thing or whatever that made him immortal, and revive Geoff using it, or something along those lines? Yeah, I still refuse to believe Geoff's dead for good (though it'd be pretty strong writing if he were).

    It's not too bad. There's some ever so slightly wonky sentences that, though correct, could be improved on a little bit, but that's stuff for when the heavy editing comes.

  4. i bet it was soome boobs in those files

  5. nice...pretty cool...and interesting too that he remembers...and intriguing as well at the something off...i enjoy looking in on the back story a gives depth to the characters...


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