Thursday, 28 February 2013

Reviewing Reviews And Cleaning

I do have a podcast for you this week. Still no theme tune (it's something I was sort of working on, but never really got around to, I'd hate for people to consider I was remotely professional about this stuff) and it's in two parts, or three, or something.

Well the first major part is a review that was posted about my book, and my reaction to it. Don't worry the review is mostly positive and so is my reaction. After that I moved on to a few other things including cleaning as I was recording it after cleaning up in preparation for a visit by my dear mother. Sadly my mother never did turn up, so you can safely ignore the parts about how she was going to visit the house. Something came up and she couldn't make it.

Anyway, enjoy the podcast. Now with a very small amount of random breaking out in to song. I think I should do it more, it provides some good padding for the show.


  1. I wish I could enjoy the podcast...instead I shall pout.

  2. nice...i am glad that the crit encouraged you to try harder...that is def the attitude to take man....

  3. I imagine that it'd be easier to swim in cash as more oxygen would be able to waft between the notes and you wouldn't drown.

    Glad to hear that you are taking criticisms well. Just remember that everything is subjective, including people's opinions.

  4. The review you got is one of the best kind of reviews you can get... because it's honest. We've said it before, that we'd rather get reviews like this a hundred times over than an empty calorie 5 star "I LOVE THIS BOOK IT WAS GOOD!" review. That kind of review won't help you become a better writer. The one you got will. And it also reinforces that you're doing your job well.

    We'll be putting up a review fairly soon. Stay tuned. :)

  5. I hadn't heard about your book before. I'll have to check it out.

  6. Glad to hear you got such a good response to your book man, the book most likely deserves good reviews I'm sure.

  7. Bah, for some reason the podcast isn't loading beyond 10% on my work computer, so I'll listen to it tonight, but from the comments I've read, it's on that new review on your book. I truly did enjoy your book so don't think I was writing a BS review. I was just trying to help out.

    But, from what you wrote, you do well with criticism which is likely a strong characteristic for an author as you'll likely be seeing a lot of it the more literature you release.

  8. I still haven't read your book yet. And dang I paid! =P

    Well crap, now the blasted podcast won't reload because I went and read the review and came back. *sigh* As you were saying when I left....I agree with your own reflection on it and I think you are doing way better than I'll ever do when someone crits me. Look how I handled that guy on that pay site - I was devastated for days!! It's probably why it's taking me so damn long to publish anything, I'm scared to death!

  9. I think any review titled "Moments of Brilliance" you should be pleased to get. The fact that someone takes the time to write a review shows your writing has affected them, so you are doing your job.

  10. I'd take a review called "Moments of Brilliance." Hell, I'd take a review called "Syllable of Brilliance." Nice work.

  11. When someone says you can write but it's not worth paying for, it's a nice way of saying "I don't think your writing is good enough for my money". But good for you for not getting downtrodden by the criticism! You're improving!

    And if you're being starved for creativity, change your environment. I'm correct, you're cooped up at home most of the time so make an effort to go out and experience different and new things.

    And I watched Game Grumps play Shenmue, and it didn't seem that appealing to me. :(


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