Thursday, 14 February 2013

Reading And Writing

I have a fairly coherent podcast for once dedicated to the subjects of reading and writing. As per usual there is some impromptu singing involved, and once again I can only apologise profusely for it. Included is some stuff to do with...well, reading and writing. Including potential writing schedules and possible blogging schedules. I also perform a reading of a story at the end. The original, written version, of which can be found here and it's by Chiz so I thoroughly recommend you at least glance at it. Also I was able to finally turn my microphone up to normal levels so I'll warn you now, it may be a bit louder than you expect. You may want to turn your volume back down if you turn it up just to listen to my podcast. Last time I experimented with volume levels I hurt peoples ears and I don't want a repeat performance.

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Also I really overuse the word "father" just because I imagine it sounds awesome when I say it. I don't mean to brag or anything but all of this was written and recorded on Tuesday after I edited two Immortal Space updates (and turned them in to one large whole chapter) and wrote one, and I wrote a 3000 word script. I was very, very busy on Tuesday and I can only hope this level of "Getting things done" remains consistent.

Oh, and a note, my post for tomorrow is going to be late because it's going to be the final therapy post, about my final therapy session. Hence it being the final therapy post.

Lastly, I forgot to mention it any where in the podcast but happy V-Day I guess. That's Valentines Day. I think I had a nice long rant about it last year. Looking in my archives reveals that I planned to, but said I would save it for this year instead because I was posting a story.


Next year I will DEFINITELY rant about Valentines Day. I doubt my views will have changed. Maybe I should write it and schedule it a year in advance so I don't accidentally miss it again.


  1. smiles...not a huge valentines fan...the commercialization of love turns me off so i celebrate it every other day...smiles...sounds like you have been productive ont he writing back later to listen to the podcast once i can get it....

  2. Great podcast. We did the same thing with Slim. We left up all the chapters in our old posts, but we encouraged people to buy it to support us, and sales have been really strong. People appreciate that. I have no doubt Immortal Space will sell like hot cakes, and you've got 2 sales right here. Bring it on!

  3. The story about the arch-angel Michael and God sounds very intriguing. I will try to dig into my pockets to find the extra dough to buy something. Unless you become a millionaire super quickly, then you won't even need my help.

  4. I had to pause the portion of the podcast where you were reading "A Dragon's Tale" because I couldn't stop laughing. I love you for doing this! It was all I had dreamed and more!

    Also, the sound on the podcast is a lot better. My headphones are garbage so it's hard for me to hear much, but now it's all crystal clear!

    And, I don't think you're selling out in the least bit. If you're good at something, you enjoy doing it, and people enjoy it, why not make money off it? It's rare that people actually find a job doing something they love. So if you've got a shot at it, take it.

  5. You definitely had a constructive day on Tuesday man, all that writing and a podcast, you're on a role! Great podcast as usual mate, have a happy Valentine's Day as well, your idea that I should treat myself is a genius one.

  6. Sure sounds like you are keeping busy. It's almost as if I've fallen off the web. I'll be stopping by more often once I get the funds for internet. I hear you on the forgetting to do a V-day post. I should have finished my cupid story by now. Oh well, there's always next year or next week.

  7. Looking forward to next year's rant. I hope we're all still around.
    We probably will be.

  8. Oh fuck here we are again real late real tired but let's do this.
    Aww shit it's over half an hour long..

    "My Podcast". Best podcast title EU.
    Also you started that pretty happy, good.
    And you're reading a script again, aren't you? I liked the spontaneousnousses of the normal ones. This is just you reading a letter. ): Yeah sure there's some improv here and there, but eh.
    Your reaction to your own singing: cheerful Mark. That, or it's scripted joy.
    10 minutes? A little over 2, eh.
    Get your cats out when recording: THAT's professional.
    Same here on the piracy thing.
    (I'll pay for the scarce IS backstage notes you have)
    100% less plot holes: still like swiss cheese.
    Mark's hidden passive ability: getting worse with every sentence he writes. There is no hard cap on his skill-reduction. His skill level is so high, however, that he won't reach that point until he's written over a hundred complete full novel-length stories.
    "I'm a complete whore." <3
    Yeah, he could've spread the word and hyped up the world and then you'd get thousands of purchases early on (shitty "but refunds later" joke here)
    "ooh~" <3
    wow holy shit, low expectation British fother, much?
    That's right, stroke that pussy, Mark.
    Oh, money flow stops. Pff, sucks. Hope your book goes well. I know I'll be contributing, sharing, all that!
    Such a whore you. A mind-controlling, "buy this shit" robot whore.
    Yeah no shit, calculator-boy.
    Three posts a week? This is UNACCEPTABLE
    Yeah editing seems like the thing that sucks. That's why I'm trying to set most things in stone already, I don't want to have to shuffle everything around near the end.
    They're the guys from Beer in the Shower, right?
    Haha dude you're laying the buy my shit shtick on so thick. ;D
    Still kind of doubting the potency of amazon as a publishing platform, but eh. I assume you made that choice consciously and wisely
    He laughed! 8D
    Your jokes are getting staler than my mom's bread, if you get what I mean.
    Reading, bluh. I love writing (I think), but usually can't be bothered to read stuff.
    Oh that kind of reading.
    Stop playing music during podcasts. OR edit in a smooth bg music?
    Sorry pal, but I need nudges from others to notice deep meanings, or read deeper into matters.
    Okay you can stop singing now. ;D
    That's a very pretty lamp.
    Yeah, interpretation fucks communication up hard.
    Exactly, there's no deeper meanings, usually. Like hell if those abstract painters (the original ones) meant anything with their works. They just made easy money.
    Forming arguments is indeed more important than getting the conclusion correct. I always liked that schools judge some answers like that.
    I bet in your mind everything is always a penis, despite your apparent dislike of such "reading into things". More like feeling into things, ey?
    "Eccentric depiction of God" is it a giant holy penis?
    Suicide cults are for pussies. Genocide cults all the way. (don't do that at home, kids)
    /whisper, sweet.
    Yess it's over. Sweet sweet sleep here I come.

    (Cut into two pieces because it went 400 chars over the limit.)

  9. (Cut into two pieces because it went 400 chars over the limit.)

    Stop whoring it for now man, you make me want to push you into publishing it asap.
    Oh shit doggy treats gimme those
    Oh sweet, Scottish accent! I can sort of do those for short amounts of time?
    Where's the link to the piece? Dude do you even proof-listen these things, and then double-check 'em with your posts?
    Title sounds interesting as is. Dragons are cool. They'd better not be cliche though.
    Okay what the hell, haha, this is amazing.
    Could two striped dragons overlap their stripes and cancel each other out, making 'em invisible?
    What? What's that? They went to third base? õ_õ
    Bet they overcame the monster by not knowing it's real?
    Text message?
    Oh, so it's really the dragons after all. Okay.
    K, g'bye pal.
    Bonus points if you sing the Safety Dance next time.
    I'll totally enter you in The Voice of Britain if you don't cut it soon. ;D
    Oh God, that PS at the end. That very thing made you a comedy genius. So tempted to go and check, but I'm afraid I'll be disappointed.
    Happy (late) Valentine's, pal! <3

    It's late, I need to go to bed, and it shows in my commenting. But eh, you sounded like you had fun, which is good, great all those things.
    Holy shit this is the longest thing ever.

  10. Sounds like a productive day, I usually forgets it's valentine's day until someone reminds me


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