Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Pancake Day

The fact that today is pancake day is the reason you have to wait until tomorrow before you learn what happened when I took a trip to the dentist. Huh, that almost sounds like a good idea for a children's book about the dangers of not going to a dentist for ten years. Depends on how it goes I guess. Anyway yes, today is pancake day. Now I'm no longer sure of the history any more, so I can't really go in to that. I'd love to educate you, but I can't. The way I understand it is that Shrove Tuesday indicates the beginning of Lent and people would use up all their eggs, milk, and flour so that it wouldn't go to waste. Now I've said that I'm actually going to have to look it up.

A quick look at Wikipedia reveals I am correct. Go me.

Well anyway this pancake day is special because it's the first time I ever made pancakes myself. I was always put off by the flippy thing you see, and felt I wouldn't be able to do it. I still feel that way, as I did no flipping. I went to the library and there was a nice woman there with some recipe cards with recipes to help you use up food so it doesn't go to waste and one such recipe was a recipe for banana pancakes. It seemed pretty simple and best of all the recipe called for you to use a knife to flip the pancakes, rather than just flipping them. Last Saturday I gave it a go. It didn't go quite so well as the pancakes didn't keep their shape at all, and stuck to the pan (so I wouldn't be able to flip them anyway) and would fall apart. A joke I made on Twitter is that they were more like Pancake Bites than Pancakes. But the main thing is that they were edible, and delicious at that. So that was good.

This was the first pancake I made, and actually the only one to remain in such a large piece
So I still feel pretty good about the whole thing. Although I did make a mess, so I don't imagine pancakes will make their way in to my regular diet any time soon. Unless I buy some premade pancake batter but let's face it, I wouldn't be too surprised if they contained some degree of horsemeat too. You might not get that if you don't live in the UK but basically it turns out a surprisingly large amount of food in our supermarkets contain horse meat. Someone made the rather excellent joke that Burger King burgers had so much horse in them the Fillet-o-Fish sandwiches had sea horse in them.


  1. smiles....my son used to only eat pancakes for breakfast...he is now branching out but still loves his pancakes...and i have def jacked up pancakes in my day as well...ha...as long as they were edible you are good...smiles.

  2. The whole hidden horse meat ordeal was about this company 'Findus'. Now let that company be known for their 'crispy pancakes'

  3. I used to make pancakes all the time when the kids were little. The they decided they liked French toast instead and now my daughter got a waffle maker for Christmas so that's our newest breakfast treat. Yours looks really good and now I need to eat some breakfast myself - Eggos it is!

  4. IHOP in the US served free pancakes on National Pancake Day!! Twas awesome.

  5. Great job with the pancake Mark, I only realised last night it was pancake and honestly it's not my favourite of sweets but I think that tonight I'll have some in honour of the day, it's certainly no worse than Valentine's Day anyway haha.

  6. They don't have microwaveable pancakes in the UK? Well, microwaveable pancakes are gross anyways. Go with toaster waffles. Though I am Catholic and should know about Lent related things, I had never heard of Pancake Day until today. I still am contemplating how that is even possible.

  7. its pancake day here too. and usually i'll have pancakes but this year it seemed like no one else remembered oh well


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