Saturday, 2 February 2013

Maybe Not Today, But Perhaps Tomorrow

Rather than beat about the bush I'm just going to come out and say it. I don't have an Immortal Space update for you today. BUT under the gentle prodding (read angry nagging) of Fang, I'm going to see if I can get one done today for publication tomorrow. See I was going to write one yesterday but instead I spent most of the day editing my short story collection. I have two short stories to go and then it should be looking pretty awesome. I asked Fang (woo, two mentions in one post) to give it a read through for me when it's done but now part of me is considering using my own actual money to pay someone to edit it further for me. The more I think about it though the less enthused I am about it. Maybe I can save that for after Fang has read it. To do that would be an investment in my future and should only be done when I have total faith in the stories.

Well, anyway, this doesn't mean I have no writing for you. Instead you can enjoy the prologue for a story I started that remains, right now, just a prologue actually. I'll have to tell you more about it some other time but the bare fact of the story is it's about a boy who wants to become a pirate. Look forward to more details some time next week!
Caspian Crenshaw was a capricious young boy. He was happy go lucky but he could never really decide on what he wanted to do or wanted to be. He would have worried a bit more about it but people don’t tend to worry about things like that when they’re eight years old and have more than enough time to work it all out. For now he was content to just walk through the streets of Cornwall during a fine summer evening. He was walking around the port when he suddenly heard someone blow a whistle. He ducked in to an alleyway and out of sight as he realised only one kind of person would blow a whistle where he was; one of the port's guards. While he was hardly committing an offence by walking around the port he didn’t think a guard would be too happy to find a young boy walking around such a dangerous area on his own. Caspian wasn’t afraid but adults will be adults, and want to take matters in to their own hands.

Caspian poked his head out of the alleyway when he heard the sound of at least two people running past where he was. He saw that a guard was indeed chasing someone. The man looked dishevelled from what Caspian could see; his clothes were tattered and stained red, likely with blood, and it looked like his hands were still bound in chains. Caspian presumed that the man had escaped custody and was now being chased for it. From his understanding someone couldn’t just run away from a guard without being chased, especially when they were still in chains. Thankfully his feet weren’t chained too so he was still able to run. Caspian came out of the alleyway and tried to keep up with the pair to see what happened. Cornwall was hardly the safest place in the world but it still wasn’t often that a chase could be watched. The dock was full of crates and sailors and Caspian watched as the prisoner jumped over and ducked under all the obstacles and he thought he saw the man talk to one of the sailors as he passed him. A few seconds later when the guard tried to get past the sailor, the sailor nonchalantly took a step forward and the guard crashed in to him. They fell to the ground together and the sailor started apologising and trying to dust off the guard, acting like he didn’t see him and clearly trying to stall him afterwards.

The distraction lasted no more than fifteen seconds but it was enough for the prisoner to get a good enough lead to almost guarantee his escape. Caspian couldn’t work out where he was trying to escape too however, as he was running towards the dock, and the ocean beyond. The prisoner was signalling to a boat that was docked at the harbour and was shouting instructions at them to get moving.
    “Thanks mate!” He shouted back at the sailor who had stopped the guard. “Better luck next time, eh?” he shouted back at the guard afterwards. The guard picked up his pace but it was already too late. The prisoner reached the end of the pier and leaped off, managing to land in the boat below. It was a small boat that barely fit the nine men now in it, but to the pirate it was freedom. Once he was safely in the boat the rest of the crew started rowing in earnest to get to a much larger ship anchored a little distance away. The prisoner was laughing along with the small crew, patting them on the back and thanking them for their work. With his prisoner gone the guard turned around to try and find the sailor who had stopped him, keen to not return empty handed. He couldn’t spot him however, and was left with little choice but to walk back to the station muttering under his breath about escaped prisoners and heightened security. One man may have escaped, but he would see to it that another didn’t.

The sailor in question had ran off as soon as the prisoner had acknowledged him. While it would have been fairly easy to talk his way out of what he had done, and pass it off as an accident, it would have been much harder to do so after the prisoner you helped escape thanked you for it. He was now hiding out in the same alley Caspian had returned to after seeing the prisoner make his daring escape. The sailor relaxed as he saw the guard walk off and it was then that he noticed the small boy stood on the other side of the alley, staring at him.
    “What are you doing here kid?” the sailor asked him.
     “Who was that?” Caspian asked, keen to find out what had just happened.
    “You didn’t recognise him?”
    “Should I have done?” Caspian was very curious now. If the man was famous for some reason then he was very keen to know.
    “If you’ve ever seen a wanted poster you’ve seen that face.” The sailor replied. “That right there was Dorian Conover, one of the most famous pirates there is.”
    “A pirate?”
    “Don’t you even know what a pirate is?”
    “Of course I know what a pirate is!” Caspian said, flustered. “I’ve just never really thought about them much.” This was the truth. Caspian had never really paid much attention to the world around him and his knowledge of the world wasn’t the best by anyone’s standards.
    “Wouldn’t you want that freedom, that sense of adventure?” The sailor asked. “To know you can do anything you want, and go anywhere you want?” Caspian thought about that before replying.
    “Yes, yes I do want that.” He said. “In fact, I’m going to do it.” He added, looking determined and with a sparkle in his eyes.

“I’m going to become a pirate!” 
Now to watch Fang bitch that I wrote the start of a new story instead of Immortal Space. He's already displeased I wrote a fanfic instead of it.


  1. needs a lil more arghhhhh, for pirate authenticity of course

  2. All that's missing here is a pop-up that appears on-load, saying in bright shiny letters, "THIS IS FANG. HE IS A COOL GUY. I TALK ABOUT HIM ABOUT. CHECK HIM OUT."
    ...I can code that for you if you want? ;D

    Despite it currently (and probably in the future as well) costing IS some writing-time, it seems pretty okay so far. Though a little boy, it's still a bit hasty how he came to the "I WANT THAT" conclusion though. You might want to add in a bit more day-dreaming of the sailor here, if you ever edit this. Yes, kids are easily persuaded and influenced, but this went a bit too easy.

  3. This is definitely something different Mark haha, looking forward to the next IS update though.

  4. “I’m going to become a pirate!” MY dream!!

  5. Hi!! Well I think you need to set the era! LOL! I was reading it with contemporary eyes thinking it was about a 21st century little boy dreaming of becoming a pirate because he saw Johnny Depp! So I was a little confused (this is easily done!) LOL!! Could I just also add lots of "walking" in the first paragraph too..? Sorry!

    Anyway!! Good luck with the edits and Fang sounds ferocious! Take care


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