Thursday, 21 February 2013

Live Reading

The podcast is mostly for people who didn't catch the video on Tuesday but there is still more for people who did catch it, as I do a live reading of the first story of my book and I spoke a bit more about the book itself. It was recorded on Tuesday so it's mildly out of date. I can inform you that at the point of writing, I have sold five copies. I'd prefer more, and I'm quite impatient, but oh well. This really is something that takes a little time to build up. I'd also like to thank Chiz, who left a review, and ask anyone else who has bought it to leave me a review. They really do help a lot. Oh and a thanks to my sister, who has insisted I mention her in a post, and has finally earned one. She posted a link to the story on her Facebook and she's a very nice and well connected lady who can hopefully help drum up some sales.

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A quick summary of something mentioned in the podcast that's kind of important is I would love you guys to help spread the word, say by making a post about the book, but there's not much I can actually do. I would do a giveaway, but I can't really think of anything to give away. If you have an idea for one, then let me know. If you want to just be nice and help me out anyway, I'll love you and should a giveaway eventually come about, you'll still get a place in it.

Because I would love you so much with the small black hole in my chest where my heart was.

Oh, and my sister said the first story (the one I read in the podcast) made her cry. So I even evoked emotional responses in people.

Go me.

Once again, if you haven't purchased the book, then you should, and if you have, you should leave a review. Sometimes I think I should stop asking, and start demanding. Ah well, I guess I'm not that selfish. 


  1. I'll do my bit (post). I can't buy the book itself, sadly, because my laptop is archaic as fuck, and my phone can't run them either.
    I've downloaded the podcast and take my time to listen comfortably (homework FTL).

  2. hey its a start...first book out the gate...not bad....and if you never ask you may not receive...ha...ok, ready to listen to the podcast while i read...have a good day man...

  3. Dramatic much?!
    I liked the story and as I haven't ventured into the Amazon world of online shopping,I'll havta do with publicizing your book!
    As for the giveaway,all I could come up with was linking people's blogs on one of your posts...small incentive but it is something.And something nice and sweet at that.
    Hopefully,you'll have some better suggestions in the comments soon!

  4. new look huh? O_O nice! ^_^, guess it's not that late for me to congratulate you and your book..

    good job!!!

  5. I regret to say that I cannot "Like" your book. "Like" is only available on, which I'm not eligible for. It's not available on, of which I'm a member. What the hell, Amazon?

    I'll give it a read and review it soon! Stay tuned!

  6. I will put the video on my next post if that is alright with you. Let me know as soon as possible if that's fine. Well, maybe it will help a little bit get the word out.

  7. You're most certainly welcome!

    But, I'll try to find a way to incorporate the book link in my next post, whenever that may be.

  8. Great podcast as usual Mark, still excited by what's happened with you and this book, keep it up buddy

  9. I'm jealous.
    I usually make people cry when I threaten to read anything written by me to them.

  10. Congratulations on the book. And how rewarding that it sparked such an emotional response.


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