Monday, 18 February 2013

Let The Madness Begin!

I plan to let today be the beginning of my crazy writing schedule. This is the plan; I'll write three times a week, once in Immortal Space, once in Caspian, and then have a session of editing Immortal Space. Generally 2000 words in each go, so basically instead of working out 3000 words a week I plan to work out a minimum of 4000. If I can actually retain a good mood it should be more than easy, I think I wrote about 8-10k last week. When you take blogging in to account there's about another 3-5k words (counting podcast scripts), so...yeah...I'm going to kill myself with writing. I haven't heard anything back yet from my proofreader/editor but when I do I'll let you guys know. So for now enjoy a round up.

Tuesday was a post about pancake day and the mixed results I had when I made pancakes as well as a bit about the history of the day itself which I made the smart choice of fact checking. I was right, and didn't really need to fact check, but it's always good to check.

Wednesday was a post about my trip to the dentist. I believe I have another appointment to day I need to double check, so if I do you can look forward to hearing about that tomorrow. The appointment went pretty well really. I traded some banter with the surprisingly awesome dentist and he told me that my teeth were in relatively good shape, but my gums would need a good cleaning, which is what I'm in there for today. If you're wondering why he put a camera in my mouth, it was to take an x-ray of my teeth.

Thursday was a podcast on the subjects of reading and writing and there was really quite a bit crammed in there. The main things I guess are reading too much in to things, how much I plan on writing, and in the end I read a little story. While it may not sound like much, it really was.

Friday was my final therapy post as I had my final therapy session. Based on questionnaires and things it seems like I have come quite a long way and really I do think I have. If you're wondering why there were only ten sessions, it's not that I'm miraculously better it's just that ten is all you get on the NHS. If more were necessary, I could have gotten them, but I didn't feel they were THAT necessary, and so didn't ask for them. I would need counselling more than I would need more therapy. I don't plan to get counselling any time soon though. I just plan to keep up with my plans, and continue the good work I've done these past four months.

Saturday was the first of two Immortal Space updates I posted over the weekend. We're almost done with the flashbacks now. Or, at least, I am. You guys have about a month of them left unless I continue double updating. Sucks to be you, I guess. The writing style felt different to me, because, well, it was. It was written in my actual writing style which is very fluid, and prose. I actually write in a very dignified manner. The only downside I've noticed with this is that there is almost no conversation. Rather than write out an actual conversation, I just write what was said, and the results of it.

Sunday was the second of the Immortal Space updates. A few things to respond to here; Brian brought up about how difficult it actually is to join a police force, so my apologies for that. To be honest the only source of reference I have for that is the Police Academy movies. Seriously. So when it comes time to edit that, I'll keep that in mind. Fang also said it was a bit...I'm not sure what the word is, that Trent was suddenly a master hacker and all he used it for was coming back from the dead on an official level. As I said to Fang on Twitter that's all he really needed it for anyway. I'll admit it's really quite convenient, and it's bordering on deus ex machina, but at the same time it's a solution to a problem he had. I guess if I had included some hacking before then it might not be such a big deal, and some might find it's way in to the edits and Super Bonus Retail Only Bonus Chapter(s). I guess if I had just included the line "hacking was a skill he had picked up many years ago, and even though he rarely needed to use it anymore, it still had it's uses" then there wouldn't be a problem.

Anyway, that was my week.

Oh, saying it right now, there WILL be another Immortal Space double update this weekend.

No guarantee on there being a book release this week.

EDIT: There won't be a dentist post tomorrow as I'm not even at the dentist tomorrow. I need to learn to read my own posts and find out that my dentist trip is next week, not this week.


  1. Just do double IS updates man.
    IS on Wednesday and Saturday, Caspian on any old day you want?
    We need more man. We need more. And you can provide us with that.

  2. You are a writing machine. Seriously, I need to write that much. I have no excuse not to.

    Also, I had no idea joining a police force was hard, either. You see all of these morbidly obese police officers who can barely waddle out of their car, and you just think, "It can't be that hard to get this job."

  3. This sounds like a whole lot of writing Mark but in my opinion it's good. The more that you write the better you'll get at it and as we can all see you most certainly are improving at that. With that said do not feel pressure to churn out a chapter of both every week mate, do what's natural and don't worry too much about deadlines and stuff.

  4. Ooooh! A new look over here! I like it!

    Good luck with all that writing you plan to do. I could use some of your ambition...I haven't written anything in over a month!

  5. I don't know. I hope your arduous writing schedule doesn't make you turn to a life of alcoholism and excessive cigar smoking, like it did to the late Christopher Hitchens. I just don't know about this.

  6. wow way to step it up man...catch it while it is flowing you know...hope you get a good word from the editor...

  7. Whoo! You and I will be writing tons this week hopefully. Good luck to us!

  8. This is completely new to me!
    A literal writing machine you seem to be.
    Go ahead. That's something really cool you know!
    So looking forward to all of it!

    Following you! :D


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